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“Calm down, just calm down! “Slow down, girl, do not worry, we will help”, persuades the deer like a small child, the inspector-hunter of the Krasnoyarsk Stolby National Park. The animal’s hooves parted in the ice of the river, it can not get up and reach the shore. It is necessary to save artichokes trapped in an ice trap every year. What was the operation to free the female from the ice trap, the correspondent of “AiF-Krasnoyarsk” learned.

In ice captivity

Bazaikha is a rather insidious river, it does not freeze completely even in severe frosts, leaving many. It is necessary to warm up to -10 ° C during the day, the water appears on the surface of the ice, then freezes, forming a smooth mirror. Such an icy surface becomes a real trap for the fingers. Their legs are open and the animals can not reach the snowy shore.

Photo: From the personal file / Vyacheslav Sergienko

Such was the fate of the deer, whose savior he was Inspector-hunter of the National Park “Krasnoyarsk Stolby” Vyacheslav Sergienko. Following the instructions of the scientific department, he went to the space assigned to him, located near the Marble Quarry, to examine the casters’ wintering grounds. I heard strange sounds, after a few steps I saw a deer sliding on the ice, trying to get up, but the hooves parted and the animal fell to the side.

“I opened the DVR, I started to approach it slowly, convincing and reassuring, because the animals understand everything. “It became clear that they had to push her to the shore, placing some kind of support under her hooves,” he says. Vyacheslav. “Because an animal in a panic could inadvertently injure me, such cases happened more than once, I cut a branch from a tree and, putting it under my hind hooves, I started pushing towards the shore.”

An accomplice came to the rescue, put his branch under the second hoof. The rescue operation plans, which were filmed and posted on the Vyacheslav National Park website, left no one indifferent.

It was clear that the red deer was tired, resting periodically, turning her head, looking carefully at her rescuers. When her front hooves were already lying on the shore, Vyacheslav ordered: “Come, girl, come, beauty! Pull up your front legs! ” As if understanding his words, the woman jerked, freed herself from the ice, and rushed into the woods.

“Total Soldier”

On the other side of the river, three people were waiting for her, of whom the deer was obviously behind. Probably, the relatives chose a location covered with snow and passed freely through the river. The latter could be frightened by stray dogs, which became a real punishment for the Pylons, but, most likely, he chose the wrong place to pass.

According to Vyacheslav, such cases with artichokes occur every year. Sometimes the animal manages to escape the ice trap, but often it falls prey to predators or just freezes.

The 30-year-old inspector, who has been working in the national park since 2016, came shortly after graduating from the Agricultural University of Krasnoyarsk, where he received his degree in game biology.

“I love the forest and nature. From a young age my father taught me to fish, to hunt and generally my forest life started at six. After all, after school, I entered the Non-Ferrous Metal Institute, but I did not graduate and went to the army. “I came back and firmly decided to enter the agricultural school, from which I graduated successfully, and now I am working in my specialty”, the inspector shares.

Many of you probably remember rescuing a small calf during the rising water in Mana last year. It turns out that one of the rescuers was Vyacheslav.

“My partner and I were just patrolling the area. A moose with a small one was swimming across the river, they took him to a pit and he started to sink. We approached him in a boat, dragged him inside and took him to his mother on the shore. They themselves sailed away from this place, so as not to cause unnecessary panic to the female, and watched the shore from afar. “After a while, the tracks followed and made sure that the female and the little one went safely to the forest,” Sergienko recalls.

The duties of the inspector-hunter include patrolling the territory of the national park, detecting violations, escorting tourist teams, emergency assistance, extinguishing fires in the park as part of forest firefighting.

“We have many additional specialties: we manage different types of transport, we have a license to transport service weapons, we cooperate with offenders, we draw up administrative protocols. In a word, in the territory of national parks, the state inspector is a “universal soldier”, he is the police, the doctor and the rescuer. “People enter this profession intentionally, well aware of the risks associated with it.”

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