Do I have to buy a used smartphone now?

It has been more than two weeks since the dollar’s exchange rate in Russia exceeded one hundred rubles. Of course, this primarily affected smartphone prices. Some of last year’s flagships are now more expensive than they were in 2021 at the time of release. It seems like now is the time to tighten your belts and buy a used device instead of a new phone. However, not everything is so clear here, because in addition to the already existing risks from the market of used smartphones, there is a great demand for such products. In this article, we will analyze all the pros and cons of buying a smartphone by hand and answer the question – which smartphone to buy now: used or new.

Now many are thinking of buying a used smartphone, but there are many nuances.


Because smartphones have become more expensive

The main reason why Smartphones have risen in price in Russia – high dollar exchange rate. Add to this the complexity of logistics and the consequent lack of mobile equipment. Smartphones have not only become more expensive, but also more difficult to market. Wherever you go, the “Out of stock” sign is displayed everywhere.

After the disappearance of the Gakaxy S22 from the official website, many began to panic.

In addition, some time ago, Apple completely stopped selling in its online store, which many took as the first bell. A little later, the pre-order for the Galaxy S22 disappeared, there were rumors that Samsung leaves Russia and rushed.

It may seem to many that now it makes no sense to run to the shops and look for the right model, because you can buy a smartphone in the secondary market. But I would not believe it if I were you, because now there are a lot of offers on the same Avito.

How to buy a smartphone cheaper

Just the other day, I thought about buying the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, which I had been dreaming of for several months. Running to the shops, I realized that their price has increased significantly. If at first the 12/256 GB version cost 114,990 rubles, now it was found in Svyaznoy for 124,990 rubles. I have a lot of experience in the used equipment market, so I immediately went to Avito to compare prices and started to stumble upon such ads.

The price for last year’s flagship is slightly too high. Can’t find it?

Obviously, due to the high demand for used smartphones, the market has also changed a lot. Every second ad states this Samsung has left Russiaand you will no longer be able to buy these smartphones, although that is a pure lie.

If you think this only applies to Samsung smartphones, then it does not. As an example, I will give the well-known Xiaomi Mi 11T Pro series. MVideo offers 62,990 rubles for the 12/256 GB version. In Avito, the price is the same one by one and in some ads it is even higher.

This is how much the Xiaomi 11T Pro costs on MVideo. The device is available.

But the same smartphone in Avito. It’s fun, right?

I also saw enough ads, but, again, not without shades. Some refused to sell me a smartphone at the reported price, increasing it by ten thousand, others said the smartphone had already been sold. They may have changed their minds.

First of all, this is not at all strange. Think for yourself: those who have a good device in their hands just will not sell it now, it will stay with it. And those who had a faulty smartphone will quickly repair it in a basement and push it expensive. As a result, it turns out that buy a good used smartphone now it is not at all easy.

Which smartphone to buy in 2022

Buying a used smartphone now, I would only advise connoisseurs. If you have a lot of experience buy phones in Avitoyou can always find good deals. In the end, many may need money urgently. Another thing is that the search will take 2 times longer.

If you have never had such an experience, you can turn to professional friends. I have personally agreed with my partners more than once and helped them choose, but now I am very afraid to take such a responsibility. There is a very high risk of getting a low quality product.

If I were you, I would take a closer look at Honor smartphones.

I advise all my friends to let go of the idea of ​​buying a used device and take a closer look at Chinese smartphones. Huawei itself already has extensive experience in sanctions, though Google services in Russia will continue to be disabled, without problems will cope without them. Some time ago, we already told you 5 reasons to buy smartphones from this brand and we offered to buy them at delicious prices. Note that only a few models are left.

It seems to me that now it is necessary to completely disengage from the situation with the high exchange rate of the dollar and to think with a cold head. If your previous smartphone is about to be 5 years old and you are cultivating the idea of ​​buying a new one for a few months, go to the store and buy it. If you want to jump on the last car, I’m in a hurry to upset you, the train is gone.

Какие смартфоны точно не стоит покупать в 2022 году.

Do you think it is worthwhile to buy used phones now? Share your opinion in our Telegram chat or in the comments below, it will be interesting to read it.

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