Russian national football team – who to play with, there is hope for the World Cup: Valery Karpin’s words for Poland and Dziuba

Why did the Russian team not gather at all and who will it play with? Answers Valery Karpin

Because the Russian team did not gather at all

The coach spoke about the team’s goals for the week and the attitude towards the Polish national team.

The Russian national team has been training for several days in Novogorsk under the leadership of Valery Karpin. Many fans ask a simple and logical question: “Why did the players go to the training camp if Russia does not play in the playoffs of the 2022 World Cup?” The answer to this, but also to many other questions, was given by the coach of the national team.

“Hope dies last”

The Russian team came to Novogorsk with a specific purpose and hope. “The task at this training camp is to remember the requirements that were for the qualifiers,” says Karpin. “We have to remember everything periodically. As for the last day of the training camp, we are thinking about how to do it. Sarveli and Safonov were not in training. Matvey’s elbow was bruised, Sarveli’s back was slightly outstretched. “Ionov left early – after a bruise, his knee hurts,” Valery Karpin began.

Photo: Dmitry Golubovic, Championship

As for the upcoming matches in the training camp, the coach of the national team of Russia did not reveal the secrets of who he will be with and in what form he will be held. Previously, there was information about a possible joint training with the youth team (which will be closed by the media). Today Karpin said that maybe the first team will have a two-way game with the youth team and the decision on the confidentiality of the match has not been made yet.

On March 21, the CAS refused to comply with RFU’s request for a postponement of the World Cup joints at a later date. Nevertheless, the Russian national team coach believes in a meager opportunity to play against Poland: “Hope for the World Cup? There is hope, he dies last. The players are in good shape. Of course, they were upset by the cancellation of the joints. But we did not find out yesterday. Nobody rejoices, but neither does he cry.

“How honest is it that the Poles left immediately? Not fair”

Following Russia’s withdrawal from international competitions, the Polish team automatically reached the final of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers. expelled Poland if it had such a situation. Just so we do not play with them, their position is clear. It will be interesting to see how Poland will play in the playoffs. Will I wish you failure? Do not care. The other teams did not really support us either. How honest is it that the Poles left immediately? “It’s not fair,” said the coach.

“It’s not the end of a career, but I feel like a veteran.” Are we sure we did not praise Zinkowski too much?

Rubric: National of Russia and Artyom Dzyuba

Valery Karpin wanted to invite new players to this gathering and focus on the players who had already played for the Russian national team. In addition to the request were representatives of foreign clubs, who would find it difficult to get to Moscow due to logistical support, and the former head of the national team Artyom Dzyuba, who missed training due to family circumstances. And the debate on this issue has once again turned out to be bright.

“I do not connect my interest in the national team even without games with my man. If someone else was here, they would not come, would they? Sergeev must reduce fat. Piniaev? Now I will watch it in my youth. It’s true that Dzyuba’s explanation is just a cover, but did we actually agree that he would no longer be on the team? Are you now I’m shocked. Have you escaped completely? “

Photo: Dmitry Golubovic, Championship

Karpin – on the new frontier for legionnaires

Also today a new limit was adopted for the legionnaires (it will enter into force from the 2022/2023 season). New conditions – mandatory requirement for the simultaneous inclusion of no more than 13 foreign players on the application list, of which a maximum of eight foreign players can be on the court at the same time in a league match for a club. According to Karpin, this problem is no longer relevant.

Who fell from Karpin's list?  Losses of the Russian team
Who fell from Karpin’s list? Losses of the Russian team

“Did the top five clubs vote against? The decision has not been made yet. Everyone knows that everyone takes care of their own. The problem of legionnaires no longer worries anyone. In 2008, I returned to Russia and talked about the limit, by 2018 everyone was on the drum.

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