this week sleet, avalanches and blizzard. Meteorological forecast. Weather forecast for the week. Weather forecast for 7 days

Meteorologists warn of failure in winter. The forecast for this week promises blizzards, black ice, avalanches. A difficult climate will develop in central Russia.

Weather forecast for the week in the northwest

Winter will launch a decisive attack. The Arctic winds will break in the north and northwest of Russia. The weather changes will be accompanied by storms with sleet, stormy winds and icy rain.

According to the forecast, the week in Karelia will start with a sharp rise in temperature to plus 2. On Tuesday, November 30, heavy snowfall will occur in Petrozavodsk. Half of the monthly rainfall is expected in one day. During the night there will be icy rain. In the middle of the day, the visibility on the roads is expected to decrease to 400 m!

Meteorologists warn of strong winds that will continue to blow from November 30 to December 2. The air gusts will reach 15-17 m / s. By the end of the week, the temperature in Petrozavodsk will drop to minus 9. The rainfall will turn into snow.

The Leningrad region will have less humidity, but there is little joy in this news: it will be muddy and wet in the northern capital. On November 30, the temperature in St. Petersburg during the day will rise to plus 1, it will rain. On December 1, light snowfall is forecast at minus 3.

The winter weather will start to develop in St. Petersburg: by the end of the week the temperatures will not exceed zero. Meteorologists note a cooling trend towards the end of the week. According to the forecast, Sunday afternoon will not be more than minus 4.

Despite the strengthening of the winds up to 16-17 m / s, the Leningrad region will remain under continuous cloudy cover until the end of the week. On December 2-3, the rainfall in St. Petersburg will intensify. The blizzard will turn into wet snow which will lead to a worsening of the climate and the situation on the roads.

To the south, in Veliky Novgorod, in Pskov, will come an icy calm. The weather will improve in the middle of the week. On Saturday, December 4, meteorologists forecast frosts in the Pskov region at minus 11.

The weather in Moscow for a week

Failure in the winter in the Moscow region will be on December 1. The center of European Russia will be in the cloudy, wet part of the cyclone by the end of autumn. In the last two days of autumn, meteorologists promise a temperature anomaly: the atmospheric background will heat up to 6 degrees.

Heavy rain will close the thaw in Moscow, which will turn into a blizzard with sleet on the morning of November 30. The wind gusts will reach 15-17 m / s. Atmospheric pressure will drop to 721 mmHg. In the afternoon there will be a change in the weather: the rain will stop. Cold air will fall in the capital.

According to forecasts, on December 1 the weather in Moscow will drop to minus 4-5 degrees, in the Moscow region it is forecasted up to 8-10 degrees, without rain. It will snow on December 2, but the rainfall will be light. The intervention of the west wind will ensure heating to zero. The frosts will return on Friday night.

In Moscow on December 3, the weather will be clear and icy, down to minus 3-6 degrees. On the eve of the wind will weaken to calm. A brief calm will be a harbinger of climate change.

On Saturday the 4th the weather will surprise with thawing up to 1 and heavy snowfall. At positive temperatures, rainfall will turn into icy rain. Meteorologists warn of icy road. At the end of the week, Moscow and the Moscow region will be submerged in icy clouds again. The room will cool to minus 7.

The weather in the Volga region for a week

In the Nizhny Novgorod region, it will be unusually hot until November 30, up to +5. Meteorologists warn of dangerous bad weather on the last day of autumn. The downpour will be accompanied by strong winds with gusts up to 17-18 m / s. On December 1, there will be a turning point in the weather: in Nizhny Novgorod it will light up and it will get colder at minus 2-3. The winter will last 3 days, until Friday 3. The weekend will warm up again to plus 3, there will be heavy rainfall.

In Kazan the snow that started at the weekend will continue to fall until the end of the week. According to the forecast, from November 30 and December 1, the rainfall will turn into icy rain. A storm with snowstorm and gusts of up to 19 m / s is expected on Tuesday. On Thursday, the Volga region will be covered by a snowstorm. The temperature in Kazan will drop to minus 8. By the weekend the temperature will fluctuate at plus 2 degrees. Large volumes of snow will fall in Tatarstan on Saturday. The height of the avalanches will exceed 24 cm.

In the middle Volga, the peak of rainfall will fall on December 1. The weather in Samara, Ulyanovsk, Tolyatti will be dominated by warm wet winds. The temperature during the day will reach plus 2. Frosts of 3-6 degrees are expected at night. Meteorologists warn of heavy snowfall on Wednesday-Thursday. Abnormal rainfall will lead to avalanches. Through the snow will pass icy rain that will worsen the already unpleasant situation on the roads.

The weather forecast is based on material published on the websites Gismeteo, Hydrometeorological Center, Phobos and Meteoinfo

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