5 best smartphones after another devaluation of the ruble

In recent days, the ruble has taken a sharp dive, which the unfortunate Broiler 747 would have envied if it had not been banned from flying over the European Union. Although, if in the end everything ended well with Broiler and in the 110th episode it landed safely, then in the case of the ruble, I would like to remember the meme about the ruble fuel rocket.

Perhaps the most striking feature of the next wave of devaluation was that, first, no one was surprised by this and did not rush to buy coins, because everyone was already sitting on dollars or euros (right? You keep all your foreign currency savings for a long time, or not? Say in the comments). Second, not all retailers were harmed, but they closed quickly for a revaluation so that even the most agile would have no time to steal anything.

The new prices are causing rejection, but unfortunately, they will not be any better further, so let’s see what you can buy here and now for the most profitable. And most importantly, where to buy.

Samsung smartphones

I do not know what will happen on Monday, but on Sunday afternoon – Samsung bunnies! Despite the fall of the ruble, prices for smartphones have not changed. Maybe the company is using the momentum to increase market share or maybe it is just delaying the decision. However, the fact remains that the price of smartphones is stable.

For example, the Samsung Galaxy A52 with juicy AMOLED screen, water protection and good camera can be purchased at the official price of 27,490 in 4/128 GB configuration.

But now you can find the best price directly from Yandex.Market. The Rostest 4/128 GB model sells for 25,990 rubles. And this is a great price, as in many retail stores (both white and gray) a smartphone sells for 30-32 thousand rubles.

Another lucrative option is the Samsung Galaxy S21FE. More recently, I would say it is a plastic waste with a strangulation processor, because they saved on the cooling system. But those were my thoughts in early January. Now I believe that the Samsung Galaxy S21FE is an undervalued diamond that can be purchased for 54,990 rubles at M.Video.

The smartphone has a good set: Snapdragon 888 5G, 6/128 GB RAM, Corning Gorilla Glass Victus on the front, Wi-Fi 6, wireless charging, IP68 protection and a great set of cameras. But the main advantage of the smartphone is that it is a member of Samsung’s new policy – 4 years of Android updates (from Android 11 to Android 15) and 5 years of security patches. Therefore, the device will be relevant for at least 5-6 years. The user only needs to go to the service center from time to time and change the battery. In the current reality, when the supply of equipment can be completely banned, to the delight of the West, it is necessary to choose devices, as they say, for centuries.

Read the chef’s review on this smartphone:

By the way, officially the list of smartphones that will receive 4 Android version updates and 5 years of security patches looks like this:

Galaxy S22 Series:

  • Galaxy S22
  • Galaxy S22 +
  • Galaxy S22 Ultra

Tablet Galaxy Tab S8

  • Galaxy Tab S8
  • Galaxy Tab S8 +
  • Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

Galaxy Z3 case:

  • Galaxy Z Fold3
  • Galaxy Z Flip3

Galaxy S21 Series:

  • Galaxy S21
  • Galaxy S21 +
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra
  • Galaxy S21FE

I guess it would be a bit arrogant to buy only a smartphone with a flexible screen for a long time. Those who buy the Fold for 150 thousand may be less at risk (they will just go and buy a new one for 200 thousand), but users of Z Flip3 should be careful, as the screen is constantly discussed on the Internet.

By the way, let me remind you that the new Galaxy S22 series is still on sale at the prices announced at the beginning.


Realme is another smartphone brand that keeps prices low. But it depends on the seller. For example, you can get the realme 8i – a great device for 15,990 in the 4/64 GB version (you can pay a thousand more and get 128 GB, but you can also insert a microSD card, there is nothing to waste money! ). If you can still buy a device at the right prices on M.Video, then all kinds of commercial networks like DNS (let the FAS rage fall on their heads!) A long time ago they re-evaluated and sold the 4/128 GB version for atheist 22 thousand rubles.

Probably the realme 8 series devices will be the most profitable. I see them as the best value for money. As a user of realme 6 (the device was introduced in March 2020) and this is my second device for couriers and experiments, in which I put various test applications and mess as best I can, I will say that the smartphone survives the test well enough. And he did not become an idiot and a month ago Android 11 arrived on the smartphone. It is unlikely that the device will receive Android 12, but for this price range, even 1 Android update is not, in principle, bad.

review realme 8:

What about Xiaomi?

This question worries many buyers who are accustomed to the fact that Xiaomi is always cheaper. NO this time. See how the price of at least the POCO X3 Pro has gone up.

On the other hand, the same POCO X3 Pro is still one of the most affordable smartphones with almost top performance (Snapdragon 860). For Xiaomi, the advice is simple. Some stores still have devices sold at the old price. For example, the Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE for 26,990 rubles seems to be an extremely profitable market in the current situation. A powerful chipset, a very nice design with frosted glass, a great screen (better than Samsung for the money, and, perhaps, in general, this is the best screen under 30 tr.) And high quality cameras.

They will probably call me a fan of the 11th series, so, in addition to the link for my review, I will leave the operating experience by Roma Belykh.

Well, in some places you can still find the Xiaomi 11T Pro 8/128 GB at old prices. The smartphone does not have a memory card, otherwise the device is excellent. Snapdragon 888 5G, AMOLED screen 120 Hz with HDR10 +, Corning Gorilla Glass Victus, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.2. And, of course, very decent cameras. The Rostest device can be found for 48 thousand rubles. I have bought something in self-picup at “kotofoto” several times. Like, good guys with a nice shop.


Perhaps the main message of the article can be summed up as follows: if you want to buy something, then buy it right away. You can still find those who have not reviewed the prices. Of course, I would not advise anyone to take out loans, but watch out for interest-free installments. They can help you buy here and now.

Beware of Samsung flagship smartphones, while maintaining the old price. Long-term support for Android updates will allow you to make the most of your smartphone. Realme devices will help save money for those who just need a reliable Android smartphone. Well, in the case of Xiaomi, you have to wipe, looking for options.

Is it worth it to chase the iPhone? If you can buy at the old price, then yes. In a beautiful new reality, the iPhone will become prohibitively expensive. Apple in times of prosperity (and, as it turns out, before that we had prosperous times!) Is calculated at the rate of one dollar for 100 rubles. And what will it be…

Now there is a comment on the site that the delivery time is 6-8 weeks for the iPhone at the original price. On the Internet, the price of 13 Pro Max 128 GB starts at 128 thousand rubles. It is obvious that the official website will be edited soon.

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