5 reasons to buy a smartphone from Huawei right now

A few days ago it became known that Apple is completely suspending sales at its store in Russia. After that, Visa and Mastercard refused to work with foreign stores and Google Pay will soon be completely replaced by SberPay and MirPay. Add to that the strong dollar exchange rate and ask yourself: what smartphone to buy in 2022? In fact, there are two options: either Huawei or Honor. Yes, there is another option to get a Samsung, but I would not recommend doing so and now I will explain why.

Now is the time to get your Huawei, and now I’ll explain why.

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Which smartphone to buy in 2022

Just a few months ago, I hit my chest and said that buying Huawei at the end of 2021 is a very bad idea. Do not think, no one denies his words, then it really was not the best idea, but now everything has changed a lot.

Huawei experience can be very useful for us.

I think many of you have already heard about US sanctions against Huawei and Honor. In 2018, a Chinese company was accused of industrial espionage and besieged on all sides. Except block Google services, the Chinese also had limited access to many items. However, they did not give up. So far, the company is making quite good smartphones that will give performance to many flagships.

What do sanctions against Huawei have to do with Russia? The most immediate! For several years without Google, the company managed to adapt well. Created a separate App Gallery, Huawei Mobile Service and more. And although there are no data on the blocking of Google services in Russia, the experience of our Chinese colleagues will now not be clearly unnecessary.

Some time ago, Huawei took drastic measures. The Chinese have sold their subsidiary Honor so that users can access Google services and other goodies. But if suddenly Google services will be blocked in Russia, I’m sure Huawei will quickly close the gap and open access for its subsidiary. As a result, Honor looks a little more attractive: the services are in place and if turned off, everything will work like clockwork.

Where to buy a smartphone cheaper

We used Huawei. Great devices!

The second undisputed advantage of Huawei and Honor smartphones was their cost. Prices for Huawei and Honor smartphones in Russia hardly changed with the rise of the dollar. You can still find these smartphones at very tasty prices.

If you look at the same Xiaomi, not everything is so rosy there. For example, one of the popular Xiaomi 11T models now costs about 57 thousand on the official Xiaomi page on AliExpress. In stores the situation is obviously not better.

Huawei is much better. Even the top models are much cheaper than the competitors:

The best Android smartphone

Recently, we have become accustomed to the fact that the top for our money is Xiaomi. I think we will get rid of this wording in the near future. Huawei and Honor smartphones are no worse than their counterparts. At the same time they offer very impressive features.

From the list of all available Huawei smartphones, I would choose the Honor 50.

At the end of 2021 The author of AndroidInsider.ru Artem Sutyagin has already tested the first (since 2018) Honor smartphone, which received support from Google services. To be more objective, I will quote it verbatim:

This phone has a Snapdragon 778G chipset. It will not have the perfect performance, but it works great and even pulls serious games. A more powerful processor is not so necessary, but with what is available, it was possible to keep the price low.

You see, modern smartphones are literally overwhelmed in their minds. The majority top android games pulls even a smartphone for 20 thousand rubles, to say nothing of the coldest models.

Therefore, when choosing a smartphone, I suggest you do not look at the chipset, but other features: camera, battery, fast charge, etc. Do not hesitate to choose the dopas you need in the models from the above list and buy devices at great prices.

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How is HarmonyOS different from EMUI?

The company is actively developing its operating system – Harmony OS. Yes, it’s actually built into the Android platform, but the Chinese are trying to get away from Google and bring something new here. For you and me, this alignment is only available. Something new is emerging in the market, which means competition, which means benefits for the end user.

The differences between HarmonyOS and EMUI are minimal. Both are good.

It is impossible not to note the proprietary shell – EMUI. Apparently, Huawei left it specifically for Honor smartphones that still run Android. It has also been actively developed and offers a host of unique features. The new EMUI 12 will be available on new devices as early as 2022. With everyone new brands and a list of supported models you can see this article.

Which smartphone to buy instead of iPhone

Huawei smartphones are great IPhone replacement. When you talk to Yabloko’s people about go to Android, often shake their heads negatively saying “You do not understand, this is different”. When you try to reach the depths of the truth, almost every one of them is proud of their ecosystem. Say, look, I started working on a Mac, I finished on an iPad and vice versa. Can you do that?

What will Apple fans say about that, eh?

Friends, Huawei really has something to offer in this regard. With each update, they claim to be working on new ecosystem features. Yes, they still have something to offer. Want a smartphone on a laptop screen? Please. Use your iPad as a second screen – Huawei can do that too. In addition, some Huawei smartphones can be connected to a screen and get almost full analog Windows.

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Tell me, how do you feel about Huawei right now? Do you think it is worth buying these smartphones now? Leave a comment in the comments below our post or in our Telegram chat, it will be interesting to read them.

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