Apartments in Kumysnaya Polyana, sewage treatment plants in Bagaevka, hydroelectric park on the island and bike lanes around. What else was included in the settlement of Saratov

Big Saratov, which has been developed throughout the former Saratov region, was included in the settlement.

For the annexed territories, in the framework of the strategic priority “Attractive Environment”, the project “Saratov on one floor” was proposed. They are promised “the preservation of the rural way of life with accessibility in the center of the settlement”. And new forms of real estate outside this center.

Koumis meadow will be covered with apartments

It also became clear why by refusing to give Kumysnaya Polyana to Saratov, the regional government categorically does not want to return the selected status of a natural park to a specially protected area. As environmentalists feared, the area is going to develop the natural park on its own, which has become a natural monument.

IN The strategy includes a separate “Tourist and Entertainment Association”. IN Within this complex, two “attractions” are marked on the map of Saratov in the area Kumysnaya Polyana, explaining that some “apartments” will appear inside the nature park and the existing ski complex on the 5th Dachnaya will be developed.

There are no details, only vaguely marked drawings. Including: the creation of a resort in Kumysnaya Polyana. The nature park has ruled out such amateur shows, but unfortunately the natural monument allows it.

Some details about what they want to do with Kumysnaya Polyana as part of the strategy are revealed in the Medical Cluster section. They want to turn the former protected area into a “forest park with free access and paid services with sports bias in the territory – ecological trails, a developed network of bike paths, equipped recreation areas”.

The cost of such an improvement for the Moscow PA, which is not deprived of a protected status, has already been estimated – and terrified – by the ecologists of the capital. When laying paths and arranging kiosks, trees are cut down, the landscape is disturbed. A natural object becomes an ordinary town square, where there is nothing that can be protected. It seems that such a sad fate awaits Kumysnaya Polyana now, of course – if funds are available.

Regarding the “conceptual representation of design solutions”, Kumysnaya Polyana seems to be fully constructed.

The tourism cluster also includes camping on the Volga Islands near Engels, bike lanes near Krasny Tekstilshchik, Shumeyka, Ust-Kurdyum and Space Conquerors Park, where there is already such a cultural mark, if not gone again this spring.

Also, for the development of tourism, the Strategy includes the construction of a hotel with a conference room (the Saratov Chamber of Commerce and Industry once hoped to build it on the Ust-Kurdyum motorway). For the same purpose, it is proposed the reconstruction of the Saratov river station, the development of the river tram routes, the creation of a new sanatorium and the renovation of old ones. The result is an increase in the tourist flow to 2 million people per year.

The “Medical Cluster” includes some “medical collaborations”, in the sulfur springs in the Engels area, which are currently public and known to tourists, it is proposed to create a bath center and a thermal water park and on the island of Zeleny – a water park with equipped areas for sea sport. Each object will take from 10 to 15 thousand square meters. meters.

For these innovations, even the approximate amount of funding is given, which is not suitable for the tourism cluster. In general, the cost of the medical complex is 1.8 billion rubles, without specifying which object how much of this amount is required. In the previous version of the Strategy, all major medical centers built and designed within the city were included in the number of medical projects – oncology, a new infectious disease hospital and a tuberculosis clinic. They disappeared from the new Strategy.

It was green on paper, but they forgot the ravine. Glebuchev

The strategic project “Green Complex” envisages the creation of infrastructure that the city has needed for a long time – sewage treatment facilities and a place for treatment, disposal and disposal of waste, which is called a homestead park.

The same project includes useful things like air quality control, the expansion of green spaces in the city. It also offers a digital settlement management platform and services for residents and businesses.

In the map attached to the project, the processing plant was moved to Bagaevka, as in the Glebuchev ravine (and the developers also have extensive plans for this), no cleaning required. In the ravine, according to the same Strategy, a new park should appear. It is no coincidence that an entire international competition was held for the development of this region.

But the Strategy indicates the cost of treatment facilities – 12 billion rubles. The result of this work should be 100% treated wastewater. But in this case, what about the ravine?

Ecotechnopark is estimated at 4 billion rubles. The funding is planned at the expense of investments by the Russian Environment Agency PIC. There are two accommodation options, both in the Dubki village area, in areas of 32 or 34 acres. But somewhere in the same area there should be the new micro-district “Gate to the City” announced by DOM.RF. Do developers know this?

The Ecotechnopark includes the creation of a complex all year round that will treat construction waste in crushed stone, biogas fuel, for which it includes a biogas plant. There will be a high temperature disposal unit and a laboratory.

Landscaping goes through the forest

The project to create a green frame for Saratov again concerns Kumysnaya Polyana, envisaging the expansion of its borders. Interestingly, here the area is again called a protected area. The Ministry of Natural Resources rushed to take care of this expansion last year, when SSU experts studied the composition of the surrounding forest species just before winter.

At the same time, the protection of the borders of Kumysnaya Polyana and other forests – Burkinsky, Gubarevsky, Korsakov, Vyazovsky and Stavsky forests from growth is part of the creation of a green framework. The goals are definitely good, only with the “apartments” that the developers of the Strategy in Kumysk have entered, this is a little different.

The creation of the urban forestry is also included here, in the green box, although if Kumysnaya Polyana is not given to the city, a ravine near the Combine state farm will remain in its composition. It seems that at the time of the creation of the Strategy the natural park was considered as a potentially urban area with all the consequences.

The landscaping program is also surprising – it only includes planting forests in abandoned areas and inactive arable land. A reasonable question: what about the trees in the streets of Saratov? Due to which the indicators mentioned in the project will be achieved to increase the share of green spaces per inhabitant of Saratov from 274 square meters in 2022 (such figures are given taking into account the entire Saratov region) to 296 square meters in 2030. True is it only due to the addition of forests?

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