From March 4 to April 3, IX Primordial Russia takes place at the New Tretyakov Gallery

The IX Pan-Russian Nature Festival “Pristine Russia” opened its doors in Moscow. The event, which has already become a tradition, brings together connoisseurs of the beauty of nature, who will be able to become spectators and participants in the most interesting events in the field of environmental protection and nature photography. This year, most of the exhibition will be devoted to the topic of ecology and conservation of natural resources of the Russian Federation.

The Festival is based on bright literary and collective photographic works. Despite the Covid epidemic, the best domestic photographers managed to go on missions to remote corners of Russia. More than 450 unique photos of the wildlife of the Russian Federation will make the exhibition truly unforgettable.

Passing through the exhibition spaces, spectators will be able to see the nature of the Russian Federation in all its diversity and grandeur. The photos will tell amazing stories about the world of wildlife, take you to places where humans rarely set foot, show the secret lives of known animals and representatives of rare species mentioned in the Red Book of Russia, and the human impact on environment. An indelible impression on the soul of every person who is not indifferent to beauty will leave the landscapes of remote, hard, unsuitable for life, but extremely picturesque places of our country – Chukotka, Far East, Sea of ​​Japan and the White Sea, Baikal – interpret the best photographers in the country.

The main exhibition of the All-Russian Nature Festival “Pristine Russia” entitled “The World of Natural Photography” this year is dedicated to landscapes and how to capture them.

Visitors will be able to feel the flow of time, follow the course of the annual life cycle of the virgin nature of Russia and visit many parts of our country thanks to the photographic work “The Seasons”, taken by the Association of Wildlife Photographers more from two years to create.

A special photo exhibition will talk about the new video project Igor And Dmitry Spilenkov “Kamchatka. A story in foxes “, which became a kind of experiment in long-term film observation. The filmmakers have already spent 16 months away from civilization and a new mission is ahead. The aim of the project is to show the real life of free animals, which is more interesting than our imagination can draw.

The harsh nature of Yakutia and the Khabarovsk region is reflected in the stunningly beautiful landscapes created by renowned landscape photography teachers – Andrei Gratchev And Sergei Karpukhin. The inhabitants of the colorful underwater world of the two seas located at different ends of the country will be presented in exhibitions Andrey Shpatak And Andrei Nosik.

The new large-scale special project of the festival “Wild Nature of Moscow Parks” will surprise the lovers of walks in the city, will allow you to see the diversity of wildlife in the parks of Moscow from a new perspective and to discover the rich possibilities of ecotourism of.

The connection of nature photography with other types of art will be shown by the exhibitions “Colors of the Wild” and “Revived World of Colors”.

Even the sophisticated spectators will be surprised by the unexpected angles and the fantastic images of the “Pareidolia” section, created with the homonymous creative technique.

Bright exhibition works will be presented by strategic partners of the All-Russian Nature Festival “Original Russia”.

The photo project Preserving Nature by PJSC Gazprom shows how, by implementing large-scale projects and solving current problems, the company puts respect for nature at the forefront. Gazprom operates the only corporate Environmental Inspectorate in Russia, which solves the problem of improving the efficiency of environmental protection activities. The company’s companies are located all over the country and the natural photos of the employees from these places always attract the attention of the Festival visitors.

The many faces of Lake Baikal are transported by photographs included in the exhibition “Brilliant of Pure Water”, presented by JSC “Russian Railways”. Extensive ice fields and autumnal gold of the coast, quiet summer sunrises and beautiful sunsets, hard coastal rocks and a blue-green surface that looks like a mirror. The images captured in the photos will transport visitors to the shores of the “Holy Sea”, located between the Trans-Siberian and Baikal-Amour highways.

Rosatom State Corporation will present at the Festival the exhibition project “Restoration of Disturbed Ecosystems”, which shows the direction of the activity related to the elimination of large objects of accumulated environmental damage and anthropogenic impact on the environment. Rosatom considers it its mission to participate in the implementation of the most complex environmental projects in the country. As part of the national Ecology project, the State Corporation is creating a national system for the management of hazardous waste from industrial enterprises, ensuring their safe disposal and recycling, as well as the recovery of contaminated areas. Two such rehabilitation projects are being carried out in the Irkutsk region: in the industrial area of ​​the former Usolekhimprom in the town of Usolye-Sibirskoye and in the territory of the Baikal pulp and paper factory in the town of Baikalsk.

The long-time partner of the festival, the oldest Russian public organization, the Russian Geographical Society, will once again present its exhibition with the finalists of the “The Most Beautiful Country” competition.

This year, festival visitors will find even more interesting photos from promising young photographers. In a special exhibition, you can see the best works of the finalists of the traditional photography competition of the Russian Students’ Union, held in collaboration with the All-Russian Nature Festival “Pristine Russia”.

Traditionally, in 2022, an exhibition of foreign photographers will be presented at the festival – this year our colleagues from Mongolia will be invited to the Festival. Mongolian photographers will show visitors to the festival authentic Mongolian landscapes and photographs of animals living in the vastness of this beautiful country.

All of the above are just a small part of the photo exhibitions that the guests of the Festival will see.

“Our festival, every detail of which – photos and their descriptions, meetings, master classes and film screenings – we make informative, is many times more interesting than the usual science lessons. That’s why it’s so popular with families with kids from time to time, – HE SPEAKS Tamara Sergeevna Panteleeva, head of the All-Russian nature festival “Pristine Russia”. – This year the exhibition and the program of the festival proved to be very complete and varied. Anyone who wants to rediscover Russia and see it from unusual angles must visit it..

In addition, we would like to inform you that the Festival space will be divided into many sections, where every visitor, regardless of age, will find interesting activities for themselves. We are confident that the program of the event will give visitors an inexhaustible source of learning: hundreds of popular science lectures, meetings with travelers and researchers, screenings of the latest nature documentaries, master classes and excursions for children and adults, presentations of major domestic works, in nature protection.

The film program of the Festival in 2022 will become even more interesting and rich, the audience will be able to watch the best Russian documentaries and cartoons about nature, which will reveal the secrets of nature and help to take a fresh look at the relationship. between man and nature. Meetings and discussions with filmmakers are planned within the framework of the Festival.

Each weekend will be dedicated to a specific topic: environmental protection, science, animals, travel, ethnography, documentaries. The festival will feature themed days by its partners: Roszapovedcenter of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation, Mospriroda, Union of Wildlife Photographers, Zoological Museum of Moscow State University, Darrynov Can . VIVernadsky, Birds and People Partnership, Mir TV Company, Perspektiva magazine and others.

The children at the festival will be able to see the best domestic cartoons, engage in creativity in the field of master classes led by artists, writers, craftsmen and craftsmen, watch amazing science shows, listen to interactive lectures, take part in quizzes.

The All-Russian Nature Festival “Print Russia” is supported by the Federal Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation, the Federal Tourism Organization of the Russian Federation. of the Russian Federation for UNESCO, with the support of the UN Information Center in Moscow.

Location: Moscow, Krymsky Val, 10, New Tretyakov Gallery, west wing, rooms of the Union of Artists of Russia.

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