How to prepare the skin and hair for the hot season: making a home remedy from coffee and not only

After winter, skin and hair should be prepared for the warm season. During cold weather, the skin thins and becomes flabby due to the dry air. Hair also loses its attractive and healthy appearance due to the scalp. To look beautiful with the onset of heat, you need to devote some time to your appearance. In this article we will talk about skin and hair care after winter.

Exfoliate your skin

During the winter, many dead scales accumulate on the skin. They need exfoliation. To do this, you can use dregs or coffee beans.

Prepare a gentle coffee scrub with the following ingredients:

coffee beans or leftovers – 5 tsp. olive oil and honey – 1 teaspoon each.

Mix the products. Apply the composition on the skin and hold for half an hour. Then wash your face in a circular motion. This will help exfoliate the old skin and rejuvenate the skin.

Eat right

In winter, many people eat high-calorie foods and exercise little. As a result, in the spring they gain weight. In addition, such a lifestyle negatively affects the condition of the skin. Rash, wrinkles and flaky areas appear on the face.

To improve the condition of the skin and normalize the weight, start eating right. Include as many vegetables and fruits as possible in your menu. Plant foods should be the basis of your diet. Avoid sugary, fatty, fried and spicy foods.

Consume Healthy Drinks

Drinks also affect the condition of the skin. Moisturize the skin from within. All the fluids you consume reflect on your face.

Try to drink more mineral water without gas. It will hydrate the skin cells and in a few weeks you will see a positive result on your face. Replace coffee with sugar-free green tea. This drink is more useful and tones perfectly.

Avoid alcoholic beverages. Ethanol first dilates and then narrows the blood vessels sharply. This contributes to premature skin aging.

tone your skin

To “wake up” your skin with the onset of spring, it needs to be toned. For this you need ice cubes. It is better to cook them from pure mineral water without a decoction of gas or chamomile.

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Wipe your face with ice morning and night. This process stimulates cell metabolism and blood circulation. It will also help you feel more refreshed.

You can replace your morning wash with this procedure. Your skin will tighten, rejuvenate and become fresher. To enhance the effect after ice cubes, wipe your face with toner and then use a moisturizer.

Get rid of split ends

Many women try to heal the torn ends of the strands. But there are not so many unique treatments that would help get rid of the hair section. All medicines only work for a short time.

If you want to get rid of torn edges radically, then consult a hairdresser. The master will cut your strands by 3-5 cm. This contributes to the growth of new healthy hair. It will be much easier for you to take care of your hair.

Dry your hair with cool air

It is better to dry your hair naturally. But if you do not have much time, then use a hair dryer with cool air. Never use the hot function. It dries the threads and makes the sebaceous glands work even more actively.

After shampooing, dry your hair with a towel, but do not rub your hair. Then apply a heat shield to the strands and blow dry them with a hair dryer.

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In the spring, use curling irons and curling irons only in exceptional cases, for example, for going out. The very frequent use of these tools dries the threads.

Wash your hair properly

After winter, your hair needs restoration and nutrients. Set aside products to add volume to your hair for a while. Use remedial and nourishing shampoos and conditioners. Apply hair masks twice a week.

The hotter it gets outside, the cooler the water should be used to wash your hair. This will help make your hair smooth and improve blood flow to your hair follicles. Use shampoos without parabens and sulfates.

Experts recommend washing your hair once every two days. But not everyone is suitable for such a frequency of process. If your strands are too dry or too greasy, then wash them as they get dirty.


In the spring, you should pay as much attention as possible to the care procedures. This will help you to get fresh skin and beautiful hair with a healthy shine by summer.

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