In search of Shambhala. What to do for someone who does not want to immigrate from Russia – News

When the military operation in Ukraine began, I woke up from the explosions of shells in my sleep. The messages about the threat of a nuclear war and the fact that Russian planes were not allowed to enter Europe made my thoughts rush. What to do – remove the family or urgently build a shelter? Which country to choose for immigration – Georgia, Turkey? More recently, the prospect of investing in real estate has attracted Portugal.

After two weeks of horror came calm. No alienation and no indifference. On the contrary, only now are there sober thoughts about what we should do next.

My choice is to stay in Russia. I am not going to leave the country – this is my land, the land of my ancestors. And it’s not just in the Urals.

About 30 years ago, my mother began to seriously study the legacy of Nicholas Roerich, the great thinker, artist, traveler and for her, first of all, a teacher of divine light. One of the points of the mission, undertaken in the 1920s, to trace the migration of people from northern Siberia to India and back through the Himalayas, was the village of Altai Upper Uimon. According to Roerich, travelers returning from India stopped there. Mount Belukha in the Ust-Koksinsky region Roerich considered Shambhala, a kind of center of humanity, where people should find peace, tranquility and mutual trust. In the event of war and floods, which are inevitable, he said, the population will migrate in part here, in central Altai, in order to live here in harmony with themselves.

For many years, my mother invited me to Uimon to see Roerich’s house, which has been turned into a museum. Two years ago, we all got together – with my family and my mother. We visited places where there are many natural attractions, such as the magnificent Multinsky Lakes and Krasnaya Gorka.

A year later, I visited the village of Chemal. It is extremely popular with tourists – there are many natural attractions. My friends bought land near Chemal, in a mountainous wooded area on the territory of a former state farm, and there they are building a village complex, similar to Krasnaya Polyana. Some will stay there permanently, raise horses or be bred, others will come from time to time and rent houses to tourists.

I decided to join them.

The settlement I am talking about and the cluster economy can unite the interests of all participants, ensure stability and prosperity for people and nature – this is very important. Both my family and I need loneliness and calm at such a time. I plan to build a house this year, I study the projects proposed by the builders – not concrete, only natural materials.

There will be no fences between the neighboring houses of the village, which will separate the people from each other.

Only forest and mountains. The plots are quite large – from 20 acres to one acre, some decided to get even more.

What use can I find for myself?

There are many options.

In Altai, the realm of good high-end restaurants, but at an affordable price, is completely empty. In the only decent facility, by Lake Teletskoye, a bottle of wine costs three times more than even in Moscow, and everything else is also very expensive. Here you can build hotels and restaurants, set up various farms – from fish farming to cheese making – and develop children’s tourism, which is essential for building social bonds, friendship, responsibility and honesty among teens. I myself spent my childhood in pioneer camps, now the kids prefer the Internet and the city clubs. But if we leave Yekaterinburg and move to Altai, they simply will have nowhere to grow. Other social infrastructure will be needed.

What exactly I will do, I do not know for sure.

Why can’t I find the same profession in the Urals?

It’s fine here, but there are a lot of old post-Soviet factory cities that have hardly changed in recent years. They make me sad and they make me sad. In the Altai Mountains, fortunately, you will not find such a thing. By the way, it is not that far – the planes fly to Gorno-Altaisk in the summer, the rest of the year you can get there by train and the civil aviation connects some areas of the area. In general, I choose this place precisely because of the spiritual and ecological part.

My wine business, I hope, will work – I’m mobile, I’m not leaving the country anywhere and I can move regularly from point A to point B.

In difficult times like this, it is best to take care of yourself. If you had plans that you wanted to carry out a long time ago and you did not succeed, then now you can afford it.

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