India will help. The extremely cheap smartphone with a large battery was released

The Indian brand Lava showed the smartphone X2 at a price of about 9,000 rubles. with 5000 mAh battery and large screen. There is a possibility of its appearance in Russia, since India has not yet joined the anti-Russian sanctions. In addition, Indian companies already have sales experience in the Russian market.

Possible iPhone replacement

The Indian company Lava has developed an X2 smartphone at a price of less than 10 thousand rubles. The mobile phone has already been released in India and this country, unlike dozens of others, has not yet joined the anti-Russian sanctions.

This means that the probability of the Lava X2 appearing on the shelves of Russian stores is different from zero, although it is not yet clear when this will happen. In India, a smartphone costs 6600 rupees or about 9100 rubles. at the exchange rate of the Central Bank on March 5, 2022. There are two color options – dark gray and blue, the case is made of plastic.

Indian smartphones have been sold in Russia in the past. For example, in the middle of the last decade, Micromax wanted to conquer the Russian market. As a result, the plan could not be implemented, but the company is still producing smartphones in its country of origin. In connection with what is happening and at least the withdrawal of Apple and Samsung from Russia, India may try again to interest the Russians with their phones.

Lava tried to fit as much as possible for this price into a cheap X2

Lava is known for its cheap Android phones. For example, in early 2021, the MyZ smartphone was released, with the purchase of which the buyer can configure it himself. In total, there are 66 parameter combinations – you can choose the amount of memory, the capabilities of all cameras and the color of the case. At the beginning of the sale, it cost 7,000 rupees (9,700 rubles).

Long-term civil servant

The Lava X2 smartphone is powered by a 5000 mAh battery. According to the manufacturer, the battery is fully charged in less than four hours by the supplied charger, the parameters of which are unknown. In all likelihood, the phone does not support fast charging, which is indirectly indicated by its cost.

Without any “greedy” accessories at its disposal, the smartphone can offer approximately 11 hours of YouTube viewing at maximum screen brightness. In talk mode on LTE networks (4G, fourth generation), the device will last 38 hours and in standby mode can be charged every 480 hours (one every 20 days).

Basic Specifications

The Lava X2 is available for purchase in a unique configuration, the features of which correspond to its low cost. First of all, this is about RAM, which is only 2 GB here. The handset is equipped with a 32 GB flash drive, no support for memory cards is mentioned, as well as the processor model. The CPU here has been developed by the Taiwanese company MediaTek.

The Lava X2 screen has a water drop notch on the front camera and a wide bezel on the bottom. Its diagonal is 6.5 inches with HD + resolution and 20: 9 aspect ratio.

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The cheapness of the smartphone did not affect the screen matrix in any way – Lava did not use the completely ancient TN and installed a more modern IPS with 178 degree viewing angles. However, the low cost of the X2 was captured on camera. A 5 megapixel sensor is integrated in the front of the smartphone and a dual 8 + 2 MP unit is located in the back. Lava does not disclose the parameters of the lens, but it is known that the 2 megapixel camera in this case is a depth sensor.


USB-C and fingerprint scanner are rare visitors to cheap smartphones

Although very low by 2022 standards, the Lava X2 has a fingerprint scanner mounted on the back. It also has a separate headphone jack and the microUSB 2.0 charging socket, which is very common on budget models, has been replaced here with a new USB-C. However, a separate headphone jack is maintained.

Not a complete Android

The Lava X2 specification does not allow you to install a full version of the Android operating system on it. This system requires at least 3 GB of RAM to run smoothly.

In this case, the user will have to tolerate the Android Go firmware. This system differs from the usual Android in a simplified and therefore faster interface. The same goes for standard applications – Gmail, Chrome, YouTube, etc. Google removed any redundancy from them, leaving only the basic functions and adding the prefix Go to their name.

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Android Go has been around since 2017. At first it only needed 512 GB of RAM, but then, as it evolved, it started to require a full 1 GB. In July 2020, Google ordered the installation of Android Go on a smartphone with 2 GB of RAM. Maybe in the near future this list will be supplemented with models with 3 GB of RAM.

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