March 4 – April 3

In the spring of 2022, for the ninth time, the Pan-Russian Nature Festival “Pristine Russia” will be held. The receipt of photos for the exhibition has been completed. The acceptance of applications for participation in the business program continues.

In the spring of 2022, the All-Russian Nature Festival “Pristine Russia” will reopen within the walls of the exhibition halls of the Union of Artists of Russia in the west wing of the New Tretyakov Gallery in Krymsky Val, 10. The ninth The festival will be held from March 4 until April 3, 2022.

The Primordial Russia Festival is a bright mosaic of the most interesting events that gives visitors an inexhaustible source of learning: hundreds of popular science lectures, meetings with travelers and researchers, screenings of the latest nature documentaries, master classes and excursions for children await them and adults.

The festival’s trademark is a large-scale photography exhibition featuring the newest and most interesting works by domestic wildlife photographers in Russia. Large photo canvases will once again allow viewers to take a virtual trip to the most beautiful parts of Russia, to look into the eyes of wild animals. Hundreds of photos will tell visitors vivid and dramatic stories that wildlife and birds live daily, and detailed descriptions will help them learn more about Russia’s nature.

The exhibition is based on interesting literary and collective photographic works. Last year again allowed domestic photographers to go on missions to Russia. The result was more than six thousand unique photos sent to the festival, which will make the 2022 exhibition particularly bright and memorable.

● One of the focal points will be the exhibition photographic work “Four Seasons”, prepared by the festival organizers together with the Association of Wildlife Photographers. It took two years to create, it will present about 50 latest photos: Kaliningrad and Kuriles, Altai and Kalmykia, Caucasus, Arctic regions and many other regions of Russia. Viewers will see all the diversity of the annual life cycle of Russia’s pristine nature. The first avalanches and black bass, summer storms and ibex, the golden autumn with herds of cranes preparing to fly away, the frost-covered trees in the cold of winter and the December battles of the shiga deer.

Φύση Can the nature of the capital be discovered by a city dweller? The authors of the special project “Wild Nature of Moscow Parks” are preparing many photo surprises for the guests of the exhibition, which will surprise even the sophisticated lovers of walks in the city. In addition, the educational lectures within the program of the festival will allow us to learn about the possibilities of ecotourism in the specially protected natural areas of Moscow and the Moscow region.

. Together with wildlife photographers, we will continue to create a visual “Red Book of Russia”. We will introduce visitors to the festival with unique species that are threatened with extinction and need special protection and we will talk about their conservation.

Συχνά Nature often presents a person with visual illusions. Real objects are shaped for us into deceptive images, giving rise to stunning images. We can see the figures of people, animals or fairytale creatures in the form of a relief of the earth or a reservoir, among a scattered stones or in a dense forest. An undefined visual image for an observant viewer suddenly begins to be perceived as something special and definite. One of the most unusual exhibitions of the upcoming festival will be based on photos created with the creative technique of paradox.

. Traditionally, in 2022, an exhibition of foreign photographers will be presented at the festival – this year, our colleagues from Mongolia will become guests of Primitive Russia. This state is next to Russia: we are united by a common history, culture and, of course, nature. Together with Mongolian scientists, Russian researchers are conducting projects to preserve rare species of animals. Mongolian photographers will show visitors to the festival the unique landscapes of Mongolia and photos of animals living in the open spaces of this beautiful country.

. Visitors to this year’s festival will find even more interesting photos from up-and-coming young photographers. In a special exhibition, you can see the best works of the winners of the traditional photography competition “Focus” of the All-Russian Public and State Organization of Children and Youth “Russian Movement of Schoolchildren”, organized in collaboration with the All-Russian Nature Festival “Original Russia “.

The festival will feature themed days by its partners: Roszapovedtsentr of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia, the Federal Tourism Service of the Russian Federation, the Russian Association of Wildlife Photographers, the TV channel Living Planet, the Union of Ivan the Baptist of the Far East and others.

Until December 30, 2021, we are waiting for ideas and suggestions from experts in the field of wildlife protection for their participation in the business, educational and entertainment program of the Primordial Russia Festival 2022.

For all questions about participating in the All-Russian Nature Festival “Pristine Russia”, contact:

The All-Russian Nature Festival “Original Russia” is supported by the Federal Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation, the Russian Federation.

The general sponsor of the festival is PJSC Gazprom.

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