New talents are coming up in Barça. His name almost looks like a club legend

Barcelona midfielder Gavi has just started playing more or less normally for the Catalans, but he has already made his debut for Spain. The press is going crazy with the 17-year-old. Let’s see what its strength is.

“Not only the future…”

When Luis Enrique called Gavi to the national team, having previously played only 7 games for the Barcelona senior team, it seemed to many that it was premature. Why should a guy who is just starting out in big football go straight to the country’s main team in the League of Nations semi-finals against the European champions? The coach of the “red mania” was firm in his decision:

– The danger is to call those you do not trust. As for Gavi, I have no doubt that he will be important to us. It may be too early, but first, age does not matter. He is quite ready and I like what I see in him. I want to see how it fits our game.

Even before the match, Enrique admitted that Gavi would start. And that’s how it happened. The Barça midfielder appeared on the pitch at the San Siro and became the youngest player to ever play for Spain. At the time of his debut, Gavi was just 17 years and 62 days old. The midfielder surpassed his personal record. For him, the match with Italy (2: 1) was the biggest in his adult career. He spent 83 minutes on the field.

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After the match, almost everyone watched the young Barça student play. Enrique said that Gavi “is not only the future, but also the present”. Italian coach Roberto Mancini described the player as “unbelievable for 17 years”. And Koke’s veteran urged him to give more opportunities to young players who perform just as well as experienced players. Spaniards are generally cool informed in recent years. The team, in which 24-year-old Mikel Ojarzabal is considered an antique dealer, is likely to have a great future.

Role on the field

Against Italy, Gavi entered the position of right center midfielder in a 4-3-3 formation. The newcomer had to play side by side with such bison as the already mentioned Koke, as well as Sergi Busquets. Against the background of more respected colleagues, the junior was not lost at all. He scored 89% accuracy of the pass, made a successful dribble twice, took the ball 4 times. For the most part, Gavi has opposed Marco Verratti, to whom the young Catalan has leaned in his career. The Spanish and Italian media note that the Barça midfielder did not lose a star opponent in the background and imposed a very serious match on him.

Throughout the match, Gavi actively combined with a partner, did not hesitate to ask for the ball and read the game well, periodically stopping the dangerous attacks of the Italians with timely cuts and tackles. It is curious that with his, in fact, aggressive role, the footballer is not at all afraid of hard work and, as it seems, he loves it. Enrique noticed that he was playing Gavi with such simplicity and pleasure, as if he were in his own backyard.

Gavi is generally an all-rounder. He can play not only in the midfield, but also as an extreme. In Barcelona he has already been released in many positions, although he came out more as a change. The midfielder scored his only effective action so far in the match against Granada. In the last minutes he assisted Ronald Araούjo, who helped the team save the tie (1: 1). In Barça, Gavi is considered almost the main star of the generation. He really has all the qualifications to become the best: strong mentality, technique, field vision. Even the name (or rather, the nickname) is in line with the name of the legend of the club, who for a long time wanted to see at Camp Nou as the first coach.

Early abductions

However, you should not fall into euphoria. It cannot yet be said that Gavi is already a fully trained footballer. There are many things that the average needs to improve. First, you need to add precision. On average, Gavi loses the ball 10 times per game. This, of course, is not critical, but in possession-based groups, it is best to minimize it. Secondly, you have to get used to the high speeds, to the intensity of the game. Going against Granada or Levante is one thing, but fighting on equal terms with the Italian national team is another. Not for nothing for Gavi in ​​the match at the San Siro as much as 7 fouls. So it does not always come out. This may be due, among other things, to the fact that the average does not always choose the right position. However, this comes with experience.

Now the main thing for coaches, journalists and fans is not to praise Gavi too much, not to let him feel like a star ahead of time. And that can very well happen. There are already rumors that Barça wants to extend the contract with its student on improved terms, as well as to include a clause in the agreement with a release clause of 500 million euros. When you are valued with such money, how can you not be proud?


Already next Sunday, the Spanish national team will play in the final of the League of Nations with the French. Luis Enrique can still trust Gavi, because he played his debut at a pretty decent level. The young Spaniards are gradually returning the national team to its former glory – once the same process led to victories in two euros and in the World Cup.

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