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Summer, ah, summer, what will you be and what will you please or, on the contrary, will you be sad? But it really is not too far, one or two months will fly by suddenly, June will come and with it will begin the time of vacation, of dreams, of rest.

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Last winter was icy and snowy all over Russia, while spring is still cold and wet. Therefore, almost all our fellow citizens are waiting for the summer season with chills, but also hope for warmth, mild climate, mushroom rains, short but beautiful storms.

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However, meteorologists once again frighten us, and sometimes shock us. According to their forecasts, the Russians are facing a difficult, albeit peach, summer. Peach is a summer where the temperature is slightly above the climatic norm, but at the same time they promise irregularities here and there, hurricanes, wind, strong storms and the wildest drought. Meteorologists have so far painted the entire weather map with these colors.

The weather in June 2021. Preliminary weather forecast

The first month, according to meteorological forecasts, promises to be quite hot almost all over Russia and after a cold spring it may even look hot. At the same time, they promise us a drought, as during this period of the year there will be 30% -40% less rain than usual.

St. Petersburg and Moscow will not be badly damaged by the heat: both capitals are expecting stormy winds, temperatures around + 17-22 and heavy rainfall. But Russia’s third capital – Kazan – will enjoy warmer weather – up to 25, but almost no rain.

But the cloud cover will be variable for almost the whole month, strong winds promise. It will be warmer in the Crimea, but not as hot as usual – by the end of June, the thermometer will hardly rise to plus 26-28.

In Siberia, meteorologists have forecast a thermal anomaly for June – a cool and rainy beginning of the month will jump sharply to hot – the wind will warm to + 25-26 and a drought – the whole month will be without a single rain.

Weather forecast July 2021

July will thank and someone will be upset by the incessant heat. Thus, Moscow, according to the weather forecast, will sink into it from the first days of the second summer month: up to plus 28-30, variable cloudy, without rain. But in St. Petersburg it will still be cool – the thermometers will not show more than 23-24, there will be more cloudy days, drizzle and tiring rains will fall almost every day.

In Tatarstan, it is a bit cooler than in Moscow – the weather will remain dry all month, the risk of forest fires will remain, the temperature during the day will reach plus 28. It is very hot in Samara and Saratov – up to + 30, and in places even higher, without rain and even thunderstorms. Bad news for garden and orchard lovers – they will have a hard time with such weather.

In the Urals in July it will be hot and sunny – up to 26-28 on average for the region, without rain, exhausting drought. In Siberia, temperatures will skyrocket – weather changes are an unpleasant phenomenon. The month will start with cool weather – around plus 23, partly cloudy, the middle of the month promises to be very hot from plus 25 to 30 and above. By the end of July, thermometers will show an average of 25-26. And here the rains do not promise at all from the word.

In general, July is expected to be quite difficult, dry, difficult and stormy.

The weather in August 2021. Long-term weather forecast

In the Russian capital, according to meteorological forecasts, August will turn off the heat, but will activate the rain, something that had almost never happened before. It will cool down quite abruptly and we can say with certainty that the summer in Moscow will end in August.

The thermometers will not show higher than plus 23 and the minimum temperature will be plus 17, cloudy, heavy rainfall, drizzle, mud. However, in the city of Neva, dry weather is expected, with variable cloudiness and temperature up to + 22-24.

In Kazan, the last summer month will start with heat, which will come here at the end of July. The thermometers will be at plus 26-28, but from the beginning of the second decade, the temperature will gradually begin to drop and by the end of the month it will cool to plus 22. Rains in Tatarstan are also not promising. But Saratov will give an anomaly by coloring the weather map red – the heat will not end here even with the beginning of September (plus 27-30).

In Siberia, August will start at plus 25, but the wind will gradually cool and by the end of the month the thermometers will drop to plus 20. The weather will be about the same for the inhabitants of the Urals – a warm beginning of month with a gradual drop in temperature.

In general, the news is not even the happiest: we have a difficult and difficult summer ahead of us. Rains, according to the forecast of meteorologists, will be practically nowhere, drought, temperature fluctuations.

Relatively stable climatic conditions, perhaps, will be only in the resort areas: in the Krasnodar Territory and in the Crimea, promise heat, sun, although there will be a storm with hurricane winds and heavy rains.

Meteorological forecast

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Whether this prediction is true or not is not yet clear, we believe it will change many times and we will learn more accurate weather news in the summer of 2021 only after we experience it.

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