“Savior, Russian captain! Cheryshev impressively saved Valencia in the Spanish Cup

The Russian scored for the first time in almost two years! Maybe now he can finally get out of the crisis?

Denis Cherishev scored the winning goal in the 1/16 finals of the Spanish Cup. The Russian midfielder came on as a substitute at the end of Valencia’s match against Cartagena and hit the opponent’s goal in the delays.

The Russian really saved his team from failure. The “bats” played the match extremely uncertain. It was expected that the team would easily beat the opponent from the second division, however Cartagena repulsed Valencia and even imposed its game on them.

Murcia took the game in their hands from the beginning, securing a position advantage for themselves and after a lost goal they added even more to the attack. In the second half, their possession rate was 68%, and at some point the pressure allowed Cartagena to win a penalty. Having equalized the score, the hosts continued their attack, but failed to put pressure on their opponents. Valencia won a penalty in the penultimate minute, after which Cheryshev scored the decisive goal, clearly playing on the rebound.


This ball was the first for Dennis in “Valencia” for almost two years! Now the Spanish fans are urging the club not to get rid of the Russian: he can still be useful to the team! Maybe now Cheryshev is finally out of the gaming crisis?

“Cheryshev is the man of the Cup”

Cheryshev’s goal, as expected, excited the Valencia fans. Many fans immediately began to confess their love for the Russian, sometimes even giving him excessive honors.

– Don Denis Cheryshev, Russian Captain, Savior!


Cheryshev, I love you!


Experienced viewers began to draw parallels with Dennis’s previous performances in Spain – and nicknamed him “the king of cups”. In the past, Cheryshev has really brought a lot of good to Valencia in the King’s Cup. One of the most impressive episodes was his goal against Betis (2: 2) in the 2018/19 semifinal, which later helped the team reach the final and win its last trophy to date.

– Well, look at this blow: Cheryshev returns us to the game in the Cup, as in the semifinal against Betis …


– He has already proved it in Cadiz, CHERYSHEV is the man of the Cup.


– Cheryshev has already taken two teams out of the King’s Cup, what the hell.


Denis Cheryshev’s love for the King’s Cup is at the level of many Hollywood romance films.


“Maybe some donkey wants to sign it”

Some of the comments clearly referred to rumors of Cheryshev’s imminent sale. It is no secret that this season Denis almost does not appear and his contract with the club expires in the summer. Valencia are unlikely to renew the deal with the 31-year-old Russian, but in the winter he can make money from his transfer – otherwise he will leave the team later for free. Now some fans are urging the club management not to get rid of the player.



– I always said that we must save Cheryshev.


Others, however, were not particularly impressed by Cheryshev’s performance. Dennis scored his first goal since February 2020 – after 23 months. In the last two seasons, he almost did not play in the starting lineup and often lost games due to injuries, so the fans of the Russian footballer in Spain decreased.

– Two positive conclusions after this almost complete nightmare.

We are missing a few players and in January we will be able to buy them.

Maybe some donkey saw Cheryshev’s goal and now he wants to sign it.


– Cheryshev is not a player in the starting lineup …


The fans stressed that Cheryshev’s goal did not change their attitude towards the player. In the end, Cartagena actually gave this ball to Valencia, although the game looked at least as good. The goalkeeper of the team simply unsuccessfully repelled a foul, hitting the ball right at the feet of the Russian midfielder. From his position it was more difficult not to knock on the door than to score.

– Imagine that you dominated a top club and were excluded due to Cheryshev’s discount …


Cheryshev was terrible (despite the goal)…


Dennis has recently recovered from an injury and is now gradually getting back in shape. If Cheryshev manages to prove himself in the remaining six months, then he may still be attached to a place in Valencia, or at least for a residence permit in Paradigm. However, the leadership of the “bats” may not give Dennis a chance, getting rid of him this winter. It is very likely that in the second half of the season we will see Cheryshev in the Russian championship.

Spanish Cup. 1/16 finals

“Cartagena” (Cartagena) – “Valencia” (Valencia) – 1: 2 (0: 1)

Objectives: Ortuno, 75 (from the penalty spot). – Soler, 35. Cheryshev, 90.

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