Spanish Football Championship: clash between Xavi and Usman Dembele in Barcelona – situation with player’s contract, details

The most expensive player in the history of Barcelona – Usman Dembele, who was bought in August 2017 for 140 million euros – has become a headache for the club and can leave for free next summer. And before he leaves, he will probably watch blue garnet matches from the stands or on TV instead of helping the team on the field. That’s what Javi decided.

Xavi nicely lost his first Clasico. Barça is approaching Real Madrid on a par

The new coach does not have a very good relationship with the attacking midfielder. Xavi is said to have been surprised to learn of Dembele’s salary requirements during the contract renewal negotiations – € 43 million a year (before taxes) and € 7 million in bonuses. The Catalan club, in turn, is offering 20-25 million euros and is pushing Usman to decide as soon as possible – either to sign a new contract or leave in January. If Barça do not sell the Frenchman in the winter, they will be forced to release him in the summer of 2022 and this is not included in the Catalans’ plans. However, according to Cadena Ser, Dembele is not going to change team in the middle of the season. Xavi had to intervene in the conflict.

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According to Foot Mercato, after the last meeting of the Barça management with Usman and his agent Musa Sissoko, the coach started to constantly raise the tone in Dembele. In addition, the 41-year-old told the 24-year-old directly that he will not play again this season if he does not sign a new contract. Although the Barça legend still lacks experience with stars, he is ready to clash and tighten the screws for the benefit of the club. Although Xavi obviously understands that he can hurt himself with this decision. In the Clasico that took place the day before yesterday in the semifinals of the Spanish Super Cup, the Frenchman looked very decent and participated in the creation of five goal opportunities in the goal of Real Madrid and in the last five matches, Usman, having regained his form after injury, made three effective actions (1 + 2).

Dembele is not only satisfied with the proposed terms of the contract, but also with the transfer of Ferran Torres. The Spanish winger plays in the same position as the Frenchman, which is why Usman is convinced that Barça only wants to renew his contract because he wants to resell him and not leave him for a “thank you”. Dembele does not understand why, in the midst of discussions about financial difficulties, the club is spending 55 million euros for a newcomer. This means that Ferran is a more valuable personality for leadership. In addition, there were rumors of a possible return to Barça of her student, wolverhampton winger Adam Traore, to replace Usman.

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If Dembele leaves for free in the summer, his transfer will probably be Barça’s biggest failure in the market. Not only did the attacking midfielder not live up to expectations in terms of level of play, winning only 31 + 23 in 129 games for the Blue Garnet, but not a single euro of the 140 million euros spent could be returned. Of course, the Catalan club should have closed the issue earlier with the expansion or sale of the Frenchman.

With Usman, in general, there were some misunderstandings in Barça all the time. It was regularly the subject of club image conflict or just amazing news. Fans of blue garnet could only shake their heads and laugh when they read once again something about the unfortunate Frenchman. Xavi does not need such a bad kid. But on the other hand, the coach needs a Dembele player. Very gifted. And he has not yet missed the opportunity to become one of the best in the world.

When Dembele moved to Barcelona for crazy money for Borussia, no words of gratitude were thrown at him from Dortmund. The leaders of the German club and his former teammates accused Usman of disrespect and the former owner sued the footballer. The Frenchman left his apartment in Dortmund in a terrible state: a pile of rubbish was lying on the floor, things were scattered. There is rotten food in the fridge and between the cupboards. In addition, Dembele did not pay the bills. As a result, Usman was fined 10,000 euros.

They sued Dembele.  He is accused of living like a pig
They sued Dembele. He is accused of living like a pig

In Barça itself, the attacking midfielder found it difficult to adapt. In fact, he only communicated with the French, since he did not learn Spanish. I did not follow the diet and shape. The love of fast food and soda led to stomach problems. Dembele could also play the console until nightfall, after which he “sleeps” in training, delaying or even missing classes. Once, instead of undergoing a medical for an injury sustained in a game against Athletic, Usman flew to Senegal for the weekend and had fun there. The administration was furious with the Frenchman’s behavior and the player’s agendas claimed that in fact their client was visiting his mother in France.

The club demanded that Dembele change his behavior, threatening to withdraw him from the base and put him on transfer. For Usman, they hired a personal chef to oversee the footballer’s diet, as well as a bodyguard. The Frenchman sent the cook to hell and caused a scandal.

“Usman has absolutely no control over his life. He lives with his uncle and best friend who are just afraid to tell him anything. I have not seen him drink alcohol, but the guy does not rest at all, as he should. “He does not have the status that a professional needs”, said the fired cook in an interview.

The media remembered the story of how Barca left Kylian Mbappe a few years ago to acquire Dembele. Indeed, it seemed like a savage failure for the Catalan club, with Mbappe claiming to be the successor to Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, and a big kid named Ousmane mostly suffering from injuries instead of playing. Another scandal with the attacking midfielder became known last year. Dembele and Antoine Griezmann were accused of racism against the Japanese after a shameful video was released on social media. On top of that, the French speak insultingly about the faces and language of the Asian staff at the hotel where their team is staying. Ousmane and Antoine later apologized for their words. But blue garnet sponsor Rakuten sent a protest to the club and another Japanese company terminated Griezmann’s personal contract.

Lionel Messi's main enemies in football
Lionel Messi’s main enemies in football

Dembele is slowly growing up. He was already in trouble and under Xavi, for example, he became the first player to be fined by the new captain for being late for class and then Usman was completely confused at the start of training. In addition, as usual, he angered the leadership by not appearing at Sergio Aguero’s farewell press conference. AS wrote: Xavi concluded that Dembele is a weak character who is strongly influenced by the environment. This was very disappointing for the coach.

Before the New Year, Usman surprised everyone in Barcelona again. The fact that … married. The wedding took place in Morocco according to Muslim custom. Nobody in the Catalan club knew that the Frenchman had a girlfriend. He did not talk about it, he was present at all the dinners of the group alone.

Perhaps, having left Barça, Dembele will regret the missed opportunity to shine in a top club more than the Catalans for the lost 140 million euros.

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