Switzerland – Spain – 1: 1 on penalties 1: 3, match review, July 2, 2021, European Football Championship

Is everything clear with the best goalkeeper in the Euro? But even Sommer did not stop Spain in St. Petersburg

Anatoly Romanov

Switzerland - Spain - 1: 1, on penalties 1: 3

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The last match of Euro 2020 in Russia proved to be dramatic.

The first semifinal of Euro 2020 was the Spanish national team. He will play on July 6 in London with the winner of the Belgium-Italy pair.

Luis Enrique after the Spaniards conceded three goals from Croatia in the 1/8 finals, put two defenders on the bench – Erika Garcia And Jose Luis Gaia. Instead, they went to the base pau Torres And Jordi Alba. The Swiss in turn lost the excluded leader of the team Granita Fireplace.

Russia has started to be interested in the Swiss coach.  Today, Petkovic will meet in St. Petersburg
Russia has started to be interested in the Swiss coach. Today, Petkovic will meet in St. Petersburg

The Swiss National Team was definitely surprised Luis Enrique regular shape: their coach Vladimir Petkovic left the usual formation with five backs and played 4-2-3-1. Obviously, to break up three or three Spaniards in the center of the field, without losing the required number of wingers. Yes, and against a center forward Alvaro Morata it probably did not make sense to leave the three behind. Swiss attack leader Serdan Shakiri responsible for defense Sergio Busquets. First of all, at the opening of the match, this plan of Petkovic worked. Shakiri himself created the first moment by covering in the pressure Busquets, a key element of the opponent in the movement of the ball. One team (Spain) controlled the ball in 80% of cases, as if it were not the Euro quarter-final at the Gazprom Arena, but an RPL match between Zenit and Tambov, but the other (Switzerland) defended calmly.

It is not a fact that the Spaniards would have turned the advantage in possession into an advantage in the long run if they were unlucky with an own goal. This ball was first recorded for Alba, but, in fact, the goal came as a result of a rebound from Dennis Zakaria, who just replaced Jack. The Swiss missed the rebound, and the Spanish team scored with the first shot of the match. In general, standards were, paradoxically, the group’s most dangerous weapon. Luis Enrique before the break.

Spain hit three times in the first half, and Switzerland – four (in the goal – 1: 0). In terms of game management, Petkovic’s team was at least as good, if you forget the percentage of possession. One day Unai Simon almost scored a goal in his net, as in a meeting with the Croatians. Fortunately for the goalkeeper, everything ended with only a corner in his door. Spain, this episode brought even a small benefit: he got injured in martial arts and left the field Brill Ebolo.

He flew to his wife and made the main salvation of his life.  Who threw the world champions out of the Euro
He flew to his wife and made the main salvation of his life. Who threw the world champions out of the Euro

They were probably expecting a little more fire from this game. Indeed, in the 1/8 finals both Spain and Switzerland took part in crazy performances. The “red mania” match became the second in the history of the Euro in terms of performance (eight goals), and the Swiss scored three times against the world champions. Petkovic’s team hit the target for the first time only in the 64th minute – this is what the former CSKA midfielder did in the Russian stadium. Steven Zuber. The Spaniards attacked without losing their heads. Surprisingly, they had very wide extremes. In the first half, this may have seemed like the original plan for five of the opponent’s defenders, but after the break nothing changed, even after the substitution. Pablo Sarabia in the Danny Olmo.

The Spaniards were preparing for a bullfight, but they saw in front of them not a terrible bull, but a peaceful Swiss cow with bells. At least that is how it seemed to the central defenders of the team. Luis Enrique. Or maybe just Aymeric Laporte And pau Torres he suddenly remembered about the siesta. They relaxed, almost fell asleep and in 68 ‘they scored a goal in the net. Shaqiri scored his third goal of the tournament.

It seemed that here it is – the opportunity of Switzerland! But then the team was disappointed by a teammate Alexey Miranchuk – Atalanta midfielder Remo Freuler. Drive hard inside Gerard Moreno and won a direct red card. Judge Michael Oliver he could very well have been limited to yellow (Froiler was not aggressive, he did not hit with spikes), but the Englishman decided in favor of the favorite and the VAR supported him.

However, the Spaniards, even in their majority, continued to play the ball slowly. As a result, they did not come up with something unusual and the game went into overtime. In the second half, Switzerland hit the target even more – 2: 1 (total blows – 4: 7).

Naturally, in overtime, Spain pressed to speed up the movement of the ball and Switzerland defended as best they could. Here he depended a little on Petkovic. Goalkeeper Jan Sommer – the hero of the match against France, reflecting the last blow Kyliana Mbappe from the penalty spot – rebound after rebound. And once a “storage” was created. Ricardo Rodrγκguez. The same defender who did not score the French from the “point” has now become a real hero.

To the delight of the spectators gathered at the St. Petersburg stadium, at least the extra time turned out to be very hot. Our audience supported Petkovic ομάδα’s team. Spain scored 18 shots in half an hour (at the end – 8) against zero from Switzerland, however the case ended in a penalty shootout.

The series started with Busquets hitting the crossbar. In addition, Sommer, who deserves the title of best goalkeeper of Euro 2020, blocked another shot from the point. However, the players of the Swiss national team lost three duels to Simon (two saves and a shot over the goal), so Spain will continue to play in the semifinals.

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