The Hydrometeorological Center said if we will expect heat in the summer of 2021 – Moscow 24, 15/04/2021

The scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center Roman Vilfand told Moscow 24 about the preliminary forecasts for the summer of 2021. The meteorologist estimates that the weather in the area of ​​the capital will be within normal limits and without excessive rainfall. Read more about what summer days in Moscow will be like and if this weather is suitable for gardening and gardening, as well as for a full season on the beach, read in our material.

Temperature within normal limits

Photo: Moscow 24 / Yulia Ivanko

First of all, Vilfand reminded that it is almost impossible to make the most accurate prediction in advance of what summer will be like. “When it comes to long-term forecasts, these are mediocre features, outline, theoretical,” he said. According to him, the probability of such a forecast is 65-70%, while regular forecasts for the next day are made in 99% of cases.

However, something can be said about the weather this coming summer.

In general, in the temperate latitudes of the European part of Russia, especially in the Moscow region, the temperature regime is expected to be close to and above the norm. How much higher it is impossible to say. But the summer is expected to be cold.

Roman Wilfand

scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center

To indicate approximately what the temperatures are, Wilfand reminded what the weather rule is for the area of ​​the capital.

“The average monthly rule accumulates all temperatures – night, night, morning and day – and for 30 days each month. So in June this rule is 16.6 degrees Celsius, in July – 18.2 degrees Celsius, in August “It is clear that it is colder at night, warmer during the day,” said the meteorologist.

He also warned not to expect uniform weather from the summer. “You should not expect that once the hot weather starts, it will continue until the end,” Wilfand explained. Summer will pass with glare of heat and dry weather, as well as cold rain, he said.

And storms and strong winds

Photo: Moscow 24 / Anton Velikzhanin

As for the rainfall, their quantity will also be kept within the normal limits for next summer. “The amount of rainfall is expected to be close to normal. But, again, it makes sense to say that summer rainfall is very different from winter rainfall,” said the meteorologist.

In winter, rainfall is easier to predict, as it is not very intense. It can snow for a long time, it can fall a lot, but it does not fall to the ground all at once in a short time, the meteorologist notes.

“The whole point is that in winter there is a rapid rainfall. The transfer of liquid air masses from the west, for example, or from the other side. Most of the summer rainfall is of a different nature,” explains Wilfand.

In summer, about 40% of all rainfall is concomitant rainfall. These rains are associated with rapid soil warming due to the intense sun, rising hot and saturated liquid air, condensation of water vapor, rapid cloud formation, and heavy rainfall in a short period of time, usually 2–3. hours.

Roman Wilfand

scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center

The summer rains are intense and explosive. According to the meteorologist, they are often accompanied by dangerous phenomena, such as stormy winds. “We will warn about them in advance, but they can be predicted with less delivery time than winter rains,” Vilfand said.

In general, as the meteorologist noted, the summer is not expected to be dry. At the same time there will be no excessive rainfall. At least, such a forecast can be given today by meteorologists.

Both at the cottage and on the beach

Photo: Moscow 24 / Evgenia Smolyanskaya

Tatyana Pozdnyakova, chief specialist of the Moscow Meteorological Office, said in an interview with Moscow on the 24th that the forecast of the Hydrometeorological Center for next summer can be considered favorable. This weather in the metropolitan area is suitable for all summer activities: cottages, gardens, long walks and even beach holidays.

“When it comes to tanning, we tan mostly when we have no clouds. The hydrometeorological center predicts rainfall in the normal range, ie there will be no excessive rain, which means fewer cloudy days. That is, we will get enough UV rays for tanning “, said Pozdniakova.

As for swimming, the water temperature in our large tanks in Moscow is unlikely to reach 30 degrees. I think it will rise to 17-18 degrees this summer for sure, as we plan that the air temperature will not be below these values. And there really depends on the type of water that one is used to swimming.

Tatiana Pozdniakova

Chief Specialist of the Metropolitan Meteorological Office

With the summer season, everything is more complicated. Even the summer temperature that exceeds the norm will not allow the cultivation of thermophilic crops in holiday homes in the Moscow region.

“It’s good if there is such a summer – without cold bursts in early June and without cold nights in August. Then it will be possible to grow, for example, thermophilic tomatoes in the open ground and harvest a decent harvest.” said Pozdniakova.

Although, in general, according to her, a deviation from the climatic norm, even in a positive direction, will not help gardeners to grow exotic crops for Moscow.

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