The weather in Moscow and the region in late May – early June

The last days of spring and the beginning of summer in Moscow and the Moscow region promise to be changeable. At first it will rain with plenty of rain and we will be rewarded with coolness, but then will come the long-awaited heat of June. And for those for whom the weather changes are sensitive, doctors advise not to forget the regular medication.

Summer is fast approaching. The issue of weather worries not only those who are lucky enough to go on vacation, but also those who want to relax in nature in the last days of May. But it may not work with kebabs – nature has its own designs. And it would be nice if only picnics were affected, but temperature fluctuations greatly affect the health of many people.

Hot spring end

“Tatiana Pozdnyakova, a meteorologist and chief expert at the Moscow Meteorological Office, told 360 that what awaits the people of Moscow and the region in the first decade of summer.” According to her, on Friday, meteorologists expect a storm in the east of the Moscow region, it will bypass the capital.

“At the weekend the weather will be determined by a sitting atmospheric front, which the anticyclone does not allow to move to the east. The weather is expected to be quite rainy, but gaps in the clouds will still appear. “On Saturday, a significant amount of rainfall can fall – from 3 to 14 millimeters,” said Tatiana Pozdnyakova.

But there will be no heavy rains or thunderstorms, the meteorologist reassured. The air temperature during the day in Moscow will be + 18… + 20 degrees. The night will still be quite warm – around + 13… + 15 degrees. But already in the afternoon the wind will change northeast, it will continue until Sunday. It will bring the first part of cooler air.

“Therefore, the next night will not be as hot as the day before. In Moscow it will be about +10 and in the region +7 points. Most likely, the northwestern regions of the Moscow region will be the coldest. “On Sunday afternoon in Moscow it will be cloudy, at times rainy, +16 … + 18 degrees”, said Tatiana Pozdniakova.

According to her, the night of May 31 will be cold enough for the end of spring. In Moscow, the average temperature will be around +8, in the region up to +5 degrees, the temperature drops to zero or slightly negative values ​​are possible. The only thing that can save the Moscow region from frost is if the wind is thick enough, the air will not stagnate and will not cool down quickly.

“The weather will be determined by the anticyclone, while at the moment we will be in its cold part. The temperature during the day in the area will be low + 15… + 17 degrees, the northeast wind will continue. This is three to four degrees below the climatic norm. “The northeast wind will continue,” said the meteorologist.

Summer brings warmth

But on the first day of summer, the weather will be without rain and the air temperature will gradually rise, believes Tatyana Pozdnyakova. If June 1 is still quite cool and the night is even cold, then the day in Moscow will be +19 … + 20 degrees.

“June 2 will already be a few degrees warmer – both at night and during the day. Let’s hope that this upward trend in temperature will continue in the future. “Although we do not create long-term meteorological forecasts, all models show that the air temperature will be above the climatic norm,” said the meteorologist.

She clarified: there are reasons to believe that until June 12, the weather will be quite comfortable, without rain and cold. That is, the first decade promises that temperature stability will be around +20 … +25 degrees.

Weather and health

Anesthesiologist-resuscitator, cardiologist of the Federal State Financial Institution “NMIC TPM” of the Ministry of Health of Russia, Alexander Patrikeev told “360” that the meteorological dependence of some people is associated not so much with the weather, but with the weather good health.

“If people do not monitor their health, their blood pressure, then, in principle, any imbalance, whether it is weather changes or unexpected news, can lead to a change in well-being,” Patrikeyev explained.

He noted that regardless of the factors of influence, the indicators of pressure can be found only by measuring it. And by regularly taking the medication prescribed by your doctor, you can not be afraid of any floods. Modern blood pressure medications are designed not so much to reduce it as to prevent it from increasing.

“Therefore, taking medication in this condition is preventive. “Also, do not forget that people who have problems with stress should dress according to the weather and reduce physical activity,” said the doctor.

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