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In Bishkek 25th of March day without rain. The air temperature is expected to be +13 degrees. The day has increased to 12 hours 21 minutes.

The Orthodox continue Lent. What you can eat this day, see the diary.

Turn off gas, electricity, water

  • 9.30-18.00 – residential area “Bakay-Ata” (Bakai-Ata street, Ak-Balta, Er-Tabyldy, Almanbet).
  • 9.00-16.00 – residential area “Archa-Beshik” (Berdibaev street, Kara-Kuzhur).
  • 9.00-18.00 – residential complex “Ak-Ordo”
  • 9.00-17.00 – 6th micro-district, 1, residential area Kolmo (Medina street, Kurulush, Gandhi, Myskal, Zhashtyk), sections of Mozhaisky street, Bagizhsky strip.

Unforgettable dates

Tokmak uyezd was renamed Pishpek uyezd

The county was formed during the formation of the Semirechensk region in 1867. The original name was Tokmak uyezd centered on the village of Bolshoi Tokmak (now the town of Tokmak).

In connection with the adoption on March 25 (April 6, 1891) of the Regulations for the administration of the Akmola, Semipalatinsk, Semirechensk, Ural and Turgai regions, the county was renamed Pishpek and Pishpek became its center.

In 1906 it consisted of three sections: Pishpeksky, Belovodsky and Tokmaksky.

People who changed the world

Birth of the geographer Sadybakas Umurzakov

He was born on March 25, 1921 in the village Uzunkir Kantsky District of the Chui Region of Kyrgyzstan. In thescientist-geographer and organizer of science, the greatest specialist in the field of historical geography, toponymyhonorary member of the Russian and Kyrgyz Geographical Society.

One of the leading experts in democracy in the field of natural and geographical area, cartography, toponymy and environmental protection. He has published more than 400 scientific papers on the development of geographical sciences, toponymy and complex mapping of the Kyrgyz Republic.

One of the founders and president (since 1964) of the Geographical Society of Kyrgyzstan. Awarded the State Prize of Kyrgyzstan USSR.

Author of the Encyclopedia of the Kyrgyz SSR and the Atlas of the Kyrgyz SSR, recognized in 1990 as the best atlas published in the republics of the Union.

At the initiative of Sadybakas Umurzakov, the original names were returned to many geographical objects, including the city of Bishkek.

From 1950 he was engaged in pedagogical activity.

He was elected a member of the Central Committee of Komsomol, a candidate member of the Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Kyrgyzstan.

He died in 2002.

In 2008, the country’s parliament passed a law “On assigning the geographical name ‘Umurzakov Peak’ to an anonymous peak at 4,417 meters, located on the upper bank of the Alamedin River.”

Birthday anniversary of politician Tynybek Alykulov

He was born on March 25, 1959 in the Jalal-Abad region.

He started his career in 1985 as an engineer in construction companies. After 10 years of honest work, he was elected a member of the Assembly of People’s Representatives of Jogorku Kenesh of the first convocation.

Three years later, he took over as Kyrgyzstan’s Minister of Environmental Protection. During his work he contributed significantly to the country’s environmental security. In the following years he was active in public life.

He died in 2016.

Manaschi Kaba Atabekov is dead

He was born in 1926 in the village of Tort-Kul, in the area of ​​Issyk-Kul.

One of the most brilliant representatives of modern storytelling culture, Folk Artist of Kyrgyzstan.

He started singing “Mana” at the age of 10. He connects the beginning of his narrative with a prophetic dream, in which the noble old horseman strictly ordered him to read the epic.

I have seen and heard Sayakbay Karalayev many times. Kaba Atabekov’s narrative style is similar to his style.

In the capital, he frequently participated in democratic television programs, starred in films, participated in competitions and manaschi festivals as a member of the jury, taught his master class, educating a new generation of manaschi professionals.

He died on March 25, 2008.

Where to go


  • The Kyrgyz Opera and Ballet Theater named after Abdylas Maldybaev invites you concert “Young opera – young ballet”
  • The Bishkek City Drama Theater is named after Arsen Umuralievcomedy “Obsession”;
  • in “Lab 705” will appear withthe work “In my world it works like this”.

Where to go today, see the “Poster”.

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