volunteer spoke about the future of the animal shelter

Three cities in Tatarstan will take part in a pilot project to build municipal shelters for homeless animals – Almetyevsk, Nizhnekamsk and Naberezhnye Chelny

In Celni, to date, plots have been identified and studies have begun on the construction of an inter-municipal animal shelter. The stage of elaborating the reference conditions for the future installation is practically completed.

Local volunteers participated in the work on the document, as discovered by Chelninskiye Izvestiya. Our publication asked one of the participants in the project, Ivan Zubchenko from Chelny, how the animal rights activist sees the future object.
According to Ivan Zubchenko, he has been a zoo volunteer for a long time – he helps existing private shelters. He has seven pets in the house: a dog, three cats and an equal number of chinchillas.
Ivan is a project manager at a well-known company.

Ivan Zubchenko

“Probably, these factors turned out to be decisive when they were invited to the working group for a detailed description of the terms of reference. I brought my like-minded people there and outlined our vision for the future shelter,” the city resident explained.

The land for the shelter has already been granted. The site is located on Menzelinsky Street, its area is 1.6 hectares. There should be a complex to accommodate 250 animals with the possibility of expansion to 400.

“In our opinion, the maximum limit for a shelter is 300 animals. Shelters set up by individuals are generally not in danger of recruiting more than 150, so as not to reduce the quality of care for them. We are also in favor of moderation in number. because with a large concentration of dogs and cats other health standards begin to apply.So, for example, with an increased number of animals, the boundary between the enclosures should be up to 50 meters.I am not sure it is necessary to Scatter the area “However, they assured us that, if necessary, the total area of ​​the shelter could be increased,” the designer explained.

The municipal shelter is expected to employ up to 37 people. For every 80 animals, there is a social adjustment specialist and two personal service staff, and this does not count doctors and other staff.

The shelter itself will consist of many parts. The main building will be used for hosting animals – for this area of ​​2.5 thousand square meters has been committed. meters. The enclosures will be built on the basis of 4 square meters. meters for four cats, the same area is based on a dog.

In the main building, if it appears, there will be several auxiliary boxes, since caring for animals involves a complex of activities.

“A veterinary block is required – with operating room, locker rooms and other rooms, medicine storage. A separate box will be occupied by a washing machine. In addition, space for kitchen, storage for food, cleaning products and much more is reserved,” says Zubchenko.

There will be a separate building for quarantine animals.

“Any dog ​​or cat that enters the shelter from the street must first be quarantined. Because if the animal is sick with something, it can be dangerous for other pets,” the volunteer explained. “500 square meters have been committed for the quarantine zone.”

As Zubchenko pointed out, the listed units are included in the minimum set of requirements.

The team of volunteers drew the attention of the project developers to the fact that the shelter should become an attractive place.

“All the shelters we have (with all due respect to their creators) are like dog kennels. They sit in their shelters and wait for people to come to them for a walk and chat with them. Visitors do not come to shelters as often as we would like, but the staff is usually busy with daily chores – cleaning the area, cooking, etc. We want the shelter to be a place of attraction for the people of Celni – so they can come here, walk, “Contact dogs and cats, choose between them as a pet. Our understanding is closer to the foreign idea, which suggests that the shelter is a public space with its own attractive infrastructure,” said the source.

This idea assumes that the shelter is equipped with good places for walking, including a playground for puppies. Necessarily landscaping the area with green spaces, small architectural forms, benches, bins and stands.

At the same time, Zubchenko is convinced that nothing needs to be re-created, there are many good works that can simply be used. Thus, his team proposed to take as a basis a typical project of a well-known Moscow institute, which offers its work at an affordable cost, with reference to the region.

“We really liked one of the projects. It was created according to the principle of the ray. The shelter is like the sun: there is a central building, the shell-rays go from it. The principle of the rays makes it easily accessible to any animal and guarantees their safety “, says the resident of Cellin.

According to Zubchenko, today there is some mistrust on the part of the majority of volunteers towards the initiative of the authorities. Activists of the animal protection movement, which, incidentally, has been in Celni for more than ten years, believe it is very likely that the municipal shelter will become an animal concentration camp, where they will be kept in harsh conditions and euthanasia in batches. Zubchenko does not share this position.

“It all depends on the people who will work there. People who love animals will come and the shelter will become a center of education and humanity.

Incidentally, when discussing the terms of reference for the shelter, the volunteers raised the issue of open access to animals.

“Of course, volunteers should be able to take care of the animals – to feed, to walk, to host dogs and cats,” Zubchenko is convinced.

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