Weather forecast: meteorologists talk about the surprises of autumn 2021

Unusually hot weather persists in many parts of Russia. Yes, so the thought of cold weather, rain and even more frost, sounds like criminal employment. But autumn is fast approaching, there are only two months left of the calendar summer and September will come, which will quickly turn into October, and then November side by side.

Time flies very fast, no matter what. And as a result, meteorologists are already warning that next fall will bring us surprises. However, this is not surprising: the winter was icy, the spring was late and cold, the summer, in defiance of these two, takes out trays of trays and fries us like on the grill.

Autumn, following the climate logic, should also prepare us for many interesting things. It is true that whether they will be pleasant surprises or not is unknown. Meteorologists, risking the remnants of their reputation, are already making meteorological forecasts for the autumn season. What awaits us?

Weather forecast September 2021

The south of Russia, or rather Crimea, in early autumn, according to meteorological forecasts, will bring good and warm weather – the velvet season is expected to be excellent. The sea will still be very comfortable – up to 25 the water will be completely warm. The thermometers will show plus 29-30. The whole month will be sunny, windless, warm and comfortable. That best for relaxation.

Closer to early October, it will get cooler in the Crimea – during the day it will be around plus 23-25. But you can already enjoy walking, sightseeing, hiking with a mountain tent and more – the Crimean peninsula is full of mysteries.

Krasnodar Territory will also excite locals and visitors alike. Here at first it is dry, sunny and very comfortable. At the same time, the beginning of the month will give a little breath from the heat that lasts all summer – the thermometers will be stable at plus 25-26. Soon, however, the weather will quickly return to its status quo and will add 30. It also promises rain this season, although very little.

Moscow in early September will change the heat of summer to autumn dew. The first days of the month will definitely not be more than plus 20-22 and until September 15 the thermometers will show only plus 18. At the end of the first calendar month of autumn a plus of 12-15 is expected. Rainfall will be frequent, the climate will be mostly cloudy.

St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, according to meteorologists’ long-term forecast, expect similar weather. It is true that, in contrast to Moscow, in mid-September in St. Petersburg promise a slight warm-up to plus 23. But in the last days of the month the air will cool to plus 10-12.

In Siberia, the money of the first of September will try to give warm weather up to 22, but the cold front will quickly replace the hot air and the thermometers will slide down, stopping at plus 10-12.

Weather forecast October 2021

The second autumn month will bring coolness to the south of the country, however meteorologists do not yet seem to promise heavy rains. So let’s hope that October in the Crimea will do without surprises, and if there are, then only pleasant.

The beginning of the month is expected to be relatively warm – plus 23, the cloudy season will be mostly variable. From the second half of October, the thermometers will start to show plus 15-18 degrees during the day and about 10-12 degrees above zero at night. Possible rain, the sea will be a storm. Towards the end of the month it will get even colder – up to 12 during the day.

In Kuban in October, according to the weather forecast, it will be warmer – plus 25. But the cold air will continue to gradually displace the heat and by the end of October the temperature background here during the day will not rise above plus 15. At the same time, the second month of autumn in the Krasnodar Territory promises to be quite dry.

In Moscow in the middle of autumn it is cloudy and it is raining. The sun will only occasionally please the residents and visitors of the capital. In the first days of October, the air temperature during the day will be plus 15. From the second decade, a rapid decrease is planned – during the day to plus 5-8, and at night – to plus 2-3.

In St. Petersburg, October, as always, will be quite wet. In addition, meteorologists predict a classic autumn flood. But the beginning of the month promises to be quite comfortable – plus 12-14, towards the end – no higher than plus 5.

But in the Urals, the air temperature will be below the climatic norm by 2-3 degrees. This, of course, will not please the locals: in early October, the heat will still try to stay in the area (plus 10-12), but a cold cyclone will quickly force the remnants of comfortable weather – thermometers will show around plus 4 -5. There will also be more rain than usual.

Weather forecast November 2021

In November in the south of the country, according to the preliminary forecast of meteorologists, it will be relatively warm and quite comfortable. If you are not a fan of summer heat, then it is time to take a vacation at the end of the calendar autumn. The first two weeks of November in Crimea promise plus 13-17. No rain, mostly clear sky with occasional clouds. By the end of the month it will be colder at plus 10.

Kuban, on the other hand, will thank you a little with warmth – plus about 18-20, without wind, rain and other climate disasters. By the end of November, the air will cool to plus 15.

In Moscow, since the beginning of the month promise sleet and snow with rain, and only rain. The air during the day will warm only plus 5-6. But after November 10, it will quickly get colder to zero degrees.

For St. Petersburg, the meteorologist promises warmer weather than Moscow, which in itself is a big surprise. So in the city on the Neva, almost until the end of the second decade of November, it will be plus 5-7. It will be colder at plus 1-2 only by the end of the month.

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