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In any business, it is important to find something new and not stick to the usual classics, tourism is no exception! In order to find unusual and yet unexplored points on the map of the country, in 2021 the Organization for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) held the Pan-Russian Tourist Competition “Discover Your Russia”.

192 routes, both interregional and regional, took part in the competition, but only 30 of them emerged as winners. One of the main partners of the project was the MEDSI Group, which selected the winner in the special nomination “The Path of Health”. Olga Zakharova, director of ASI Tourism, Ecology and Climate Development Initiatives, said: “All of our winners are paths that have their own ‘face’: they are based on meaning and people. The top path in the “Way of Health” candidacy, apart from the impressions, aims at harmonization and recovery. It passes through places with special energy and helps to restore the balance of life. Wellness-Travel * is a timely and demanding direction of domestic tourism and we are grateful to MEDSI for establishing a health-oriented candidacy. This allowed the participants in the project to create tourism products that combine hospitality and wellness “.

4 routes competed for the first place – they had to be thoroughly evaluated by MEDSI. Only the project that met the list of mandatory criteria could become a winner: the presence of natural sources of rehabilitation and health enrichment with proven effectiveness, spiritual and therapeutic “positions of power”, providing tourists with medical care at every stage of the trip, accessibility for people with disabilities, universality for travel with children, as well as compliance with the main fitness trackers offered by the doctors of the clinic.

After the selection, the cross-border route “Tunkinskaya Dolina. The health trail from Baikal to Khubsugul. “We, as the leader of private healthcare in Russia [1], in the context of the candidacy “The Path of Health” chose a unique path. It meets all the necessary criteria for maintaining health and active lifestyle, and also gives vivid emotions and allows you to learn more about the cultural heritage and beauty of the country “, said Alla Kanunnikova, Commercial Director and Marketing of MEDSI Group .

So that you can now schedule a trip on a busy work schedule and not postpone it for tomorrow, here are the four finalists. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere, write a vacation application and get ready to learn new things!

In search of soothing. Route number 1

The winner of the “Tunkinskaya Valley. The Path of Health from Baikal to Khubsugul” competition was created for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the metropolis and catch the Zen. in real yurts on the shores of Khubsugul, swim under the moon in metal springs and ancient Buryat legends.All you need for complete physical and mental relaxation will be here.Attention is paid to the treatment of animals along the way: you will meet deer, horses and you will ride a blue-eyed husky sleigh and, of course, you will cut the mirror surface of Lake Baikal in a boat.By the way, all this will be accompanied by stunning views of the mountains, the clear sky and the forests. During this 1,075-kilometer journey through the Irkutsk region, Buryatia, and even Mongolia, everyone will see balls and signs that are important to him and will receive, perhaps, the main answers in his life. You will definitely bring with you a “bunch” of emotions that you want to share with your loved ones and a whole suitcase with gifts: herbal preparations, yak woolen socks, jewelry made of precious stones, amulets. It only remains to decide to whom which gift will be relevant and useful.

Igor Syuch, an experienced producer and co-author of the track, explains: “I can say with certainty that everyone who walks this path will return home with a completely different person. These 1000 km do real miracles. Tested on myself! That’s why the idea arose to implement such a route so that as many people as possible pass through this path of deep transformation. The most beautiful nature, combined with a rich cultural program, a personal guide and guide – all this will help make the health route as efficient and attentive as possible for the traveler and the surrounding area of ​​Tunkinsky National Park and Khubsugul Lake National Park.

Unfolding the mysteries of Siberia. Route number 2

Dedicated to mystics: the “Sacred Khakassia” program is a journey through the sacred “places of power” to fill the energy of nature and the planet. Can you find peace in 7 days? The songs of the shaman tambourine, the whispers of the magicians and the pastel shades of the sunset from the top of the mountains teleport you to a state of harmony from the first day of the trip.

Along the 800 km of the road, you will see many stone sculptures with strange shapes, you will unravel the mysteries of rock art, you will get to know the traditions of the Khakass people and you will enjoy incredible open spaces. The main condition: get warm loose clothing for active hobbies, hiking shoes, hat and scarf – the mountain and steppe winds have their own designs for you. But you can also throw something photogenic in a backpack, nature has created a sea of ​​scenery for reference content.

Dive into authenticity. Route number 3

Once again, you can be sure that we are all different, but at the same time so close, on the route “Buryatia in faces. Baikal energy. A seven-day technological detox in Buryatia will take place to learn about the characteristics of different cultures and denominations, to get to know the unspoiled nature, to try unusual dishes and wellness practices. This is an ideal opportunity to free your head from the constant flow of information, work deadlines and other worries, because only the mountains can be better than the mountains and here they occupy three quarters of the area!

During the immersion in the program, there will be the opportunity to spend the whole day according to the traditions of the Old Faiths of the Transcendental, to make the most favorite wish in the Green Tara Wish Stone (it will not work worse than the letters to the moon) and find out what buds, koussour, salamat and bookers are. Spoiler: it’s delicious!

Risk taker. Route number 4

Do you want to be the hero of an adventure movie? The tourist route “Astrakhan” Dead Sea “- Baskunchak” will act as a magic wand. It will include a fascinating climb to the top of the Buddhist site of power after dozens of caves, and the thermal waters of the Baskunchak Salt, and a boat ride along the canals, and even a photo shoot between space landscapes and lunar craters – bloggers will surely appreciate it. We advise you to get a minimal picnic set to create beautiful images, consisting of a basket, a blanket, an aesthetic bottle of water or wine, Astrakhan watermelon, various cheeses and smorrebrods. And, of course, a swimsuit for relaxation and recovery in the cool water of Russia’s saltiest lake – it is good for immunity and more.

The only thing, before you start the journey, is to prepare mentally for the fact that you will return not alone, but with a few extra pounds. It is true that this time you can forgive yourself for such a weakness – the eggs, cooked in a master class with Alexei Novikov, the chef of one of the best fish restaurants “Pike” in Astrakhan, stand for an hour in the hallway. Believe me, not one.

If your soul desires even more new knowledge and impressions, you can go to the Strategic Initiatives Organization website and see 29 more options for a wonderful trip alone, with your soulmate or with the whole family.

* Health tourism

[1] According to Rosstat in terms of total revenue in Russia in 2020.

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