Dentists say which products damage tooth enamel – Moscow 24, 30/09/2021

Stylists say that a person with a dazzling smile can not look bad. We figured out how to take care of the enamel to maintain healthy teeth for many years.

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Sweet and sour

Tooth enamel is the only tissue in the human body that cannot be restored. Therefore, you need to take care of it constantly. For example, eat plenty of solid foods: apples and carrots help to mechanically clean teeth. Foods rich in vitamins are also important, such as green leafy vegetables and fruits. Experts advise to monitor the amount of vitamin D and calcium, which are necessary for the enamel. It is worth remembering that sweet and sour foods damage your teeth.

“It is not the sugar itself that destroys the teeth, but the bacteria that feed on it. They convert the sugar into acids that damage the enamel and contribute to caries,” says dentist Yakub Abdullayev.

Foods that contain a lot of acids, such as citrus fruits and juices, also damage the enamel due to the organic acids they contain. According to the expert, frequent consumption of acidic foods contributes to the development of non-caries lesions of the enamel, such as, for example, a wedge-shaped defect.

“You can not eat sour within 30 minutes after brushing your teeth and you should not brush your teeth immediately after consuming such products,” warns the dentist.

After you need to chew sour or sweet, your doctor advises rinsing your mouth thoroughly.

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The morning of the night is no wiser

Dentists advise you to brush your teeth twice a day. At the same time, according to Yakub Abdullayev, the evening process is much more important than the morning.

“It is important to remove food debris at night – this will help prevent them from deteriorating in the oral cavity during sleep and will also prevent the activation of microorganisms that damage tooth enamel,” he said.

People often wonder when to brush their teeth – before or after breakfast. The time for the morning oral hygiene depends on how much the evening procedure took place and if it was at all. It is also important what exactly a person is used to eating for breakfast and if he has free time after eating.

If it was not possible to brush your teeth before going to bed or if your teeth were not fully brushed, then you should brush your teeth before breakfast, working in the interdental spaces. In addition, be sure to clean the tongue.

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You can take a toothbrush after breakfast no earlier than 30-40 minutes after eating, because the enamel becomes more vulnerable after eating. If a person has problems with nasal breathing, then at night the oral cavity “dries”, because you have to breathe through your mouth. In this case, the bacteria are actively multiplying, which means that you have to brush your teeth before breakfast. Of course, it is better to resolve the issue by normalizing nasal breathing.

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Proper pasta

It is a responsible job to choose the right toothpaste for brushing your teeth. Experts note that the undesirable ingredient is sodium lauryl sulfate SLS, SLES (foaming agent). Causes dry mouth and interferes with remineralization processes. In addition, the abrasion rate for daily and safe use of toothpaste should not exceed 60.

A periodontist advises when choosing a paste to pay attention to useful ingredients. They are designed to inhibit bacterial growth, act as a safe mild abrasive, participate in remineralization processes, and slow plaque formation. The composition of hygiene products should include, in particular, sorbitol, glycerol, xylitol, fluorine compounds, hydroxyapatite and other substances. The use of pastes with a high content of fluoride is not recommended, as its excess is toxic to the body.

“Whitening toothpastes can be used no more than twice a week and at the same time block horizontal movements with a toothbrush, otherwise the enamel can be damaged,” says Yakub Abdullayev.

Dentists do not advise you to press half a tube on the brush, as they do in advertising. This is just a marketing ploy and a pea-sized paste is enough to brush your teeth.

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