Entrepreneurs of the country: Russians will continue to wear luxury clothes and eat gourmet food

Several well-known clothing brands immediately announced that they were leaving Russia. Finally – said the Russian designers.

“The Massmarket designs we presented – Zara, Uniqlo, H&M – our designers can do much better. The main thing would be money for production. “You can make great things in China,” said Tatyana Zatravina, founder and CEO of the clothing brand.

The shelves will not have time to empty – the city’s merchants assure. Placing an order at the world’s leading factory in the Celestial Empire is not superior math. Demand is the main problem of capital around the world. And in Russia it will appear soon. The rest is a matter of technique. The same goes for premium items. Those who are used to them will be able to take further care of themselves. Competitors of luxury Italian and French collections have been made in St. Petersburg for more than a year. And sell in the same boutiques.

This is how the production of luxury clothes looks today, not only in St. Petersburg, but also in the most famous factories in the world. These are the best fabrics from different countries, modern machines, in which everything that needs to be automated is automated and the most valuable thing in the production of luxury clothing is manual labor.

Food market experts are no less optimistic. The improvements will remain in the diet of the Russians. And the main products and even more.

“If we take a basket of mass consumer demand, then this whole basket is represented by Russian products. Basically no imports are made. All foreign companies manufacture products in our territory. “These are our factories, they pay taxes here, they produce products,” said Vsevolod Vishnevetsky, chairman of the St. Petersburg Consumer Organization Public Control.

Only harmful products were affected. Always fresh sandwiches and french fries, baking soda and some pastry. This region holds the record for palm oil consumption.

“There are one or two brands left, they will not do it for a long time. Our food industry can replace these brands. And if he leaves a little soft drink, sweet drinks, then this is actually – Many will be happy because this is not a very healthy food. We have other manufacturers that can compete with this famous brand. “Lovers of soft drink poisoning will not suffer,” added Vsevolod Vishnevetsky.

The best food is the one produced in your area. Because it comes out on the shelves very fresh. Milk, meat, fish, bread. The quality of the products is controlled by independent laboratories. And in 9 cases out of 10, the actual composition corresponds to what is written on the package. As a rule, the products of a low price segment do not stand the test. Especially with the brands of large retail chains. This can be used as a hack. Citizens can control certain products on their own.

“Butter is different in that it has a bit of protein. There are not many, somewhere around one percent, zero eight. She is. And when you melt, for example, the butter, And you put it in a transparent glass, but you have to give a small temperature, not more than forty degrees, so that the protein does not curl, And your butter separates once, the protein it will fall, and the fat will float upwards “, explained the head of the Food Control Laboratory Ekaterina Poliektova.

The most stable situation is in the alcohol market. It is the domestic product that is traditionally in demand by the Russian consumer.

“80% of absolute alcohol is occupied by sales of vodka and beer. To my great sorrow. And here with us, I want to tell you, everything is very good. Because legal vodka in 2021 was produced in the Russian Federation 800 million liters. And they brought 31 million liters of imported vodka. That is, this is about 4% of total vodka production in Russia. At the same time, 60% of imported vodka is products from Belarus. “Well, you understand,” said Maxim Chernigovsky, a consumer market analyst.

The only problematic part is the wines. Russia produces about 300 million liters of them a year and imports about the same amount. But if the traditions of the Old World stop, the New World will compensate them, experts are sure.

“The import substitution will take place within a month. I will explain why. The substitution of imports takes place mainly in the heads. A person is accustomed to consuming imported beer. From the Czech Republic itself. Well, it does not exist, so what to do? So he will turn to Russian craft. Women are accustomed to consuming expensive French wine. This means that they will also turn to the consumption of expensive wine from the countries of the New World “, explained Maxim Chernigovskiy.

Another problem area is cosmetics, personal care products and household chemicals. It has been produced by the Nevskaya cosmetics factory in St. Petersburg for 183 years. The project survived three revolutions, the blockade and the “fragmented 1990s”. Today it is preparing for the next import substitution. And I will review the list of raw material suppliers.

“We are working with India and China, we are working with Malaysia. For example, all oils are tropical – they do not grow here. And olive and peach. And that’s all. Therefore, we are looking for new suppliers for the raw materials we need to replace “, – Svetlana Ganova, Deputy General Manager of Human Resources of a cosmetics manufacturer in St. Petersburg.

The factory is ready to add new products to the product line. For example, micellar water and cleansing milk. They started production a year ago, but overall competition in imports has hampered commercial success. Now the road to the heart of St. Petersburg is open.

The report was prepared by the correspondent of the St. Petersburg TV channel Alexander Chuev.

Photo and video: St. Petersburg TV channel

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