Forecast 2021: Meteorologists promise the Russians a strange summer

The climatic winter has not yet completely left our country. It was icy, snowy and honestly heavy. And now is the time to think about what summer awaits us. Will it be as volatile and unpredictable as winter or volatile as the current spring season? So far, meteorologists can not give an exact answer, but they promise the Russians strange weather from June to August.

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At the same time, the Hydrometeorological Center reported that the success of long-term climate forecasts has recently increased, so meteorologists can be trusted. However, meteorologists themselves admit that a probable long-term weather forecast may not be 100% correct – now about 60% is the fact that the meteorologists’ promise will come true in the summer.

And at the moment they have nothing good to thank us can not. According to their preliminary data, the summer will be turbulent: the heat will change sharply with cooling, dry periods – with heavy rainfall. In addition, thunderstorms and even hurricanes are forecast. Generally nothing good.

Weather forecast June 2021

June, according to the meteorological forecast, will be quite warm, but without stifling heat. For example, in St. Petersburg, a moderately cool climate is expected for the beginning of summer with a background of temperatures up to +18. Meteorologists promise rain and rainfall. However, strong winds are not yet forecast. As they say, thank you for that.

Heavy rains and thunderstorms will hit Moscow in June, according to meteorologists. Strong winds and hurricanes are also possible in the area. But the wind will warm a little stronger than in the city on the Neva – in the capital area will be around 23-25 ​​in June.

In the south of the country – in the Crimea and the Krasnodar Territory in early summer it will already be possible to sunbathe with power and mainly – in the sun the thermometers will rise to plus 30. It is true that a strong storm in the sea can not be ruled out . And in the heat of 30 degrees, thinking about it without the opportunity to take at least one dive is not the most enjoyable thing you can do.

About the same time awaits the residents of Stavroupoli. Of course, there is no sea there, but in the sanatoriums of Kislovodsk, Pyatigorsk and Mineralny Vody you can recover after a difficult winter. Yes, and sunbathing at 25-27 will not be unnecessary.

The Urals and Siberia, according to meteorologists, are also expecting a fairly warm June with little rainfall, but with temperature fluctuations. In addition, a strong wind that turns into a hurricane can spoil the mood.

The weather in July-2021. Preliminary weather forecast

The real climate summer will come to the country in July. Thus, Siberia itself, the Urals, as well as the Far East will spend this month in comfort: warm weather and no particular vibrations. In the Altai they promise up to 25, in the Amur region, in the Krasnoyarsk Territory and in Primorye – up to 30.

According to meteorologists, the weather will be strange in July in the North Caucasus. Thus, very strong heat awaits the mountainous regions – in Chechnya, Ingushetia and Dagestan it will be up to 35, in North Ossetia – up to 30. At the same time, there will not even be a cloud in the sky for almost a month. But closer to August, all this can end with a strong hurricane with rain and thunderstorms.

But the peak of the holiday season will please the resorts of Crimea and Cuba. According to the meteorological forecast, here even at night it will be about plus 30. In cities away from the sea it will be a little cooler.

In both Russian capitals, July will pass without major shocks: warmer weather is expected in Moscow – plus 25-27, in St. Petersburg – moderately fresh, plus 22-24. Rain, thunderstorms and strong winds here also promise closer to the beginning of August

Long-term weather forecast August 2021

August 2021, according to meteorological forecasts, will be very hot in the Russian plain. However, almost everywhere the heat will be periodically replaced by heavy rainfall. So, for example, it will be in Moscow. In both the Moscow region and other parts of the Central Federal District, there is a high probability of forest fires during the dry season, which is not surprising, because in some places the thermometers will reach over 40.

In St. Petersburg, August will be a little cooler, but also with winds and rains, much less sunny days are expected here and the background temperature will be plus 25-27.

In the south, everything seems to be stable: the sun, the heat, the sea, but even here there will be many oddities. Thus, in the Crimea, at a temperature of plus 35, the sea can be very cold due to currents. And in Sochi, storms on the water and hurricanes on land are possible.

However, as meteorologists have warned, the long-term forecast is coming true at best by 60%. So, what will the weather really be like next summer, we will find out closer to the end of May.

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