How to save money on proper nutrition, delicious and cheap healthy food

Is it possible to eat right, tasty and cheap? How to reduce the cost of PP?

Says the nutritionist.

It is believed that “normal” food is cheaper than “healthy”. But it is not. Useful does not mean expensive! We share with you life hacks that will help you eat right with a limited budget.

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Saving and becoming the reason people continue to eat unbalanced and harm their health.

Because healthy eating is not necessarily expensive

According to the nutritionist, a healthy diet ensures the growth and smooth development of man, promotes health, prevents many diseases and maintains a normal weight. Therefore, it should be balanced, varied and nutritious.


Daria: Saving and becoming the reason people continue to eat unbalanced and harm their health. Yes, if you go to the health food section of a supermarket, then you may lose your appetite for the prices of “healthy” products. But if you decide to start eating right, you do not have to run to the best health food supermarkets for avocado, buckwheat bread, fish and seafood.

How to save money on healthy products?

Daria: The transition to a healthy lifestyle is often perceived negatively. This is why we often buy more expensive products as compensation: if fish, then trout or salmon, if vegetable, then avocado. But superfoods are often overpriced and do not always bring the promised benefits. The ad invites us to visit health food stores with huge stalls and beautiful signs “sugar free”, “ecological”, “natural product”. This is just a beautiful green package with the image of happy smiling people does not guarantee a useful product inside.

Freeze food. A nutritionist advises stocking up on eggplants, peppers, berries, zucchini and anything that can be frozen every year. This will allow you to eat properly in the winter, without increasing costs. If it is not possible to freeze food at home, pay attention to frozen vegetables and berries in stores.

Shop at the market. Another good way to save money is to buy whole and healthy foods, says the nutritionist. “I often show the quantity and cost of purchased products on my Instagram and many of my followers are surprised by the low prices. “For example, now the cost of zucchini for 1 kg is 40-50 rubles, strawberries – 150 rubles, cucumbers – 40 rubles, blueberries – 360 rubles, tomatoes – from 30 to 100 rubles,” says the expert.

Cook at home. Healthy cafes and restaurants inflate menu prices unjustifiably. If we calculate how much we spend on food outside, we get an impressive amount. But there is a way out – to cook at home. For example, smoothies, coconut milk porridge, salmon and avocado toast will be much cheaper to make yourself. In addition, you decide the size of the portion yourself. And not every cafe has low calorie dishes.


Replace popular products. Popular and expensive superfoods can easily be replaced with an economical alternative. Instead of cabbage, for example, buy cauliflower. Goji berries will be replaced by raspberries, which can be pre-frozen in the summer. Chicken and cod are much cheaper than the advertised turkey and pollen.

Buy goods in wholesale stores. Buy products in bulk, not in branded stores. For example, buckwheat is slightly different in different market places. But the price varies considerably, says the nutritionist.

In conclusion, the expert notes: if you buy low quality products, then the treatment will be more expensive than the right diet. Cheap food and fast food contain harmful additives (trans fats, phosphates, cheap oils, flavor enhancers). They “undermine” the heart and blood vessels, disrupt the function of the gastrointestinal tract and worsen the condition of the bones. The use of quality products is a guarantee for health and in the long run, saving money from doctor visits and the purchase of medicines.

Daria: It is much easier and cheaper to prevent diseases than to cure them. In the consultation, I analyze the condition of the body with my chambers in detail, taking into account the results of their analyzes, so that in the future they can compose their meals economically and deliciously. By harmonizing your diet, you can reach a new level of relationship with food and get rid of food addictions that severely affect our finances.

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