More than 200 animals returned home or found a new family thanks to the service at the gate of the Mayor of Moscow

Muscovites have published more than 1,500 ads in search of lost and found animals on More than 200 animals have returned home or found a new family. This was reported to CNews by representatives of the Department of Information Technology of the city of Moscow.

“With the help of a central service on, residents of the capital who have found or lost their pets can alert as many citizens as possible and help each other in the search. Thus, 102 cats and 111 dogs have already been found since the beginning of the service. “Anyone can see the posted ads, but to create new ones and see the authors’ contacts, you have to register at”, he said. Marina TavatzeDeputy Head of the Moscow Department of Informatics.

Search for Lost and Found Animals has been running since December 2020. It lets you describe your pet in detail, upload photos, and highlight where it last appeared on an interactive map. If the missing person and pet announcements match in some ways, the system notifies users and offers the opportunity to contact the owner.

To use the service, you must select the “Animal Search” service in the list of services in the “Animals and environment” section. On the service page, you must select the purpose of the request, for example, “The animal is lost” or “The animal was found” and click the “Find” button. After that, a list of notifications for missing and found animals will appear on the screen. You can specify the breed, sex and color of the animal, the brand number, if any, write the address or mark on the interactive map where the animal was lost. Using the given parameters, the system will filter the ads and, if it finds matches, will display ads that match the query. Each of them has a “Contact” button.

If no suitable ad is found, you can create a new one by clicking the appropriate button. In the online announcement, you must describe the animal, tell about the place of loss or discovery, it is recommended to attach photos of the pet and leave contacts for communication.

It is also recommended that you sign up for an ad registry update: if an ad appears in the service that matches the search parameters, the user will receive an email notification. This feature is available to users with a standard account.

Most of the time, the service published information about the loss of cats – a total of 770 ads were posted. There are 733 messages for missing dogs. In advertisements, in addition to the special signs of the pets, they indicated the conditions under which the animal disappeared. For example, dogs often jumped off the leash when frightened by passing cars, fireworks or other loud noises. The cats escaped from the apartments through half-open doors. Often the animals did not return after independent walks.

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The service now has 62 active ads. Muscovites report a lack of huskies, Jack Russell Terriers, bull terriers, Akita inu, poodles and dogs of other breeds, and among the lost cats are Scottish, Siberian and mixed breed.

Veterinarians note that the presence of an electronic microchip significantly increases the chances of finding a lost dog.

“The chip itself is no bigger than a grain of rice, while the capsule contains a personal 15-digit number with which you can identify your pet. Chip number information and owner contact information are entered by the veterinarian into the veterinary automated system. If the animal gets lost and ends up in a shelter or veterinary clinic, doctors will be able to read the chip number with a scanner, get in touch with the owner and contact him. You can bite your pet at any state veterinary clinic. “The process takes several minutes and is completely safe for the animal,” said the press service of the Moscow Veterinary Committee.

The Veterinary Committee also added that a pet should walk on a collar with a voucher stating the pet’s name and the owner’s phone number. This will also help bring the pet back if it runs away.

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