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The weather this year across the Russian plain is very unpredictable. Meteorologists may not be doing a good job, but so far none of their long-term forecasts have paid off. However, we still carefully study the latest news with weather reports and believe them or hope for the best if we do not like the forecast.

This year we have already heard several weather options for the upcoming summer season. Now meteorologists are promising the Russians a difficult summer. What they invest in this concept – we will understand. The weather for all three months may be unbearably hot, as it is now, it may be cold and rainy or there may be hurricanes on land and storms at sea.

June weather. Preliminary weather forecast

The first month of the calendar summer will start in just two weeks. According to the preliminary forecast of meteorologists, June begins with relatively stable, even weather. But this stability lies in heavy rains and storms that will cover almost the entire country.

Thus, in Moscow, the average temperature in June will be plus 25-26 and hot and sunny days will be replaced by thunderstorms, stormy winds and prolonged rain. In fact, the capital will be flooded throughout June.

St. Petersburg in early summer will not surprise anyone with the climate – everything is the same as always: a little sun, a lot of rain, moderately warm (+ 20-22), sometimes warm – plus 25-30 about 10-12 degrees above zero at night. But stormy winds are not yet forecast.

However, this will not make June any less difficult, in particular, sharp drops in atmospheric pressure are possible in St. Petersburg, which will create terrible discomfort even for strong and healthy young people.

It will be relatively hot in the Urals for this time of year and for this region – honestly cold days are not expected. But it will rain here too, so do not put your umbrellas too far.

The seaside resorts in Russia will be covered by intense heat. For example, in the Crimea and in Anapa and Gelendzhik there will be at least plus 30, and that is in the shadows. In the sun, in thermometers, it can be higher than plus 40. The heat of June will be mitigated by heavy rainfall, although rarely, according to meteorologists. At the same time, more comfortable weather is expected in the resort of Sochi – plus 25-28, and the sea will be very warm everywhere – plus 25-26.

July weather forecast. Meteorologists warn of a very difficult second month of summer

The second month of summer will be very difficult, as meteorologists warn. The point is that from the end of June, an incredible heat will begin to rapidly approach Russia, which will last until the end of July.

In Moscow, according to the forecast of meteorologists, an average of +32, clear sky is expected – without clouds, without clouds, without rain. Maybe run some weak storms and that’s it.

An even more suffocating heat awaits the people of Tatarstan. By the way, the temperature peaks 145 years ago have already fallen here. With the onset of summer, hellish heat will prevail throughout the democracy – plus 35-40, with no rainfall. The situation will be very bad, both in Tatarstan and throughout the country with natural fires. Therefore, you should be extremely careful not to go to the forest unnecessarily.

St. Petersburg in July will also regulate the heat in the full sense of the word: thermometers will show plus 30 during the day, plus 22 at night. here. The reason is the high humidity, due to which even the old ones can hardly stay outside for a long time. So, if you are planning a trip to the city of Neva in July, get ready for a real swim.

Siberia will enter July with a plus of 25 and by the end of the first decade it will already have a plus of 30-31. It is true that this weather will not last long, although it will not get much colder – they promise plus 27-28 on average for the whole month.

The weather in August. Long-term weather forecast

The most cautious weather forecast so far is given for August, which is quite understandable. The last month of summer is still far away, so meteorologists are afraid to make a mistake. In advance, they carefully promise that the course of July will continue in the third summer month. But, by the end of it, it will be even colder and the climatic autumn will appear on the doorstep.

In any case, they promise us a difficult August. In Moscow, as in July, at the end of the summer it will be plus 30 and the rainfall will approach only in September, then it will become a little fresher. In St. Petersburg, too, it will be a little colder – plus 27-28 is expected. The only good news is that the storms will cool the city a bit with good torrential rains, although short.

The Far East of Russia at the end of the summer will see all the instability of the climate: storms and hurricanes against the backdrop of hot days. It will be suffocating and unbearable heat in the south of the country, although meteorologists promise that from the beginning of the third decade it will be a little cooler and even a little, but still.

At the moment, meteorologists are promising the Russians such a difficult summer: it will be hot, without rain and difficult all over the country. It seems that nature compensates us for a cold winter and no less cold and prolonged spring, trying to cover with interest the losses from the frost. The truth comes out in a way not very good.

We are left, as always, just to wait and believe in the best, we remember the classics: nature does not have bad weather.

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