Announcement on the site BST – from 22 rubles / day
The company in Vikhorevka is looking for: car driver (timber carrier), car driver (truck). Work experience required. Contact by phone. 27-34-91.
Truck drivers required. Payment is partial and fixed. Tel. 8-902-577-67-14.
Lumberjacks are in demand. Call 8-950-109-00-99.
Mechanical company in the industrial area of ​​the Bratsk aluminum plant hires: engineers for mechanical assembly work, machine operators (metallurgy), equipment repairmen (salary 70,000 rubles and over), blacksmith (salary 100,000 rubles and above), economist, pre. Tel. 49-28-30.
Required MUP “TsAP”: drivers category D, conductors, electrician. Tel. 41-16-62.
We call the security guard at the supermarket (p. Energetik). Tel. 8-914-011-43-71.
We invite the assistant to the head (p. Padun). Tel. 266-208.
A business in Vikhorevka urgently needs a paramedic. Availability of training and certificate “Pre-traveling Medical Examination of Drivers”. Contact by phone. 8-950-109-20-79, 8-914-925-31-21.
Business in the city of Vikhorevka is looking for: cutting department foreman, electrical engineer, electrician for repair and maintenance of electrical equipment, LO-15 cutting machine operator, cross cutter and locksmith. Contact by phone. 8-914-957-26-15.
A business in Vikhorevka requires: crane operator (crane operator) KKS-10, crane operator (crane operator) KSK-12. Contact by phone. 8-914-957-26-15.
An experienced accountant is required. Tel. 26-46-15, 27-42-15.
A timber company is looking for an engineer. Work experience required. I’m watching. Tel. 8-904-141-57-03.
Installers, welders, carpenters, concrete workers are in demand. Centre. Tel. 8-952-630-84-08.
For permanent work in the territory of the Airport are required: kitchen worker (tel. 322-312), electrician, installer of instruments and automation (tel. 322-479). The salary is decent.
The company needs a shipping guide (cat. B, C). Centre. Tel. 8-924-608-77-81.
A kitchen worker is wanted. Tel. 265-265.
Massage is requested for the resort. Salary of 37,000 rubles. Complete social networking package. Tel. 35-00-54 (center).
Electricians are required for ITSO maintenance and repair. Tel. 340-572.
Drivers required. B (social package). Tel. 340-572.
Licensed guards are required (social package). Tel. 340-572.
An occupational health and safety specialist is required. Tel. 340-572.
Wanted: breeder, occupational safety specialist, electrician, poultry farmers, shop washing machines, poultry processors. Tel. 408-051.
The building maintenance organization (industrial site BLPK) requires: cleaners of production and service areas, labor distributor (greenhouse farm), electric and gas welder, BOBCAT loader driver, plumbers, carpenters, auxiliary workers, electricians, workers, green workers cook (watch), confectioner-general, loader, cleaner (canteen), kitchen worker. Contact by phone. 49-60-91.
Craftsmen are wanted. Tel. 8-914-925-80-61.
Wanted: forklift driver, carpentry technologist. Tel. 8-983-464-64-32.
An electrician is required. Tel. 8-902-179-95-60.
Car mechanic required. Tel. 8-908-669-21-28.
Required: tractor operator, crane operators (aerial and pneumatic), appraiser, occupational safety engineer, equipment repairman, car driver (cat. C), carpenter (concrete worker), asphalt worker, assembler, workshop assistant for the production of building materials construction materials production technologists. Tel. 49-20-40, 8-983-247-43-31.
Class C driver required, bobcat driver. Centre. Tel. 8-952-614-47-14.
Organizations for work in the Pravoberezhny area require welders and gas welders. Salary of 40,000 rubles. Tel. 8-904-127-82-39.
Locksmith wanted. Tel. 8-908-773-64-24.
The company needs: mechanic, worker with on-the-job training, equipment regulator, housekeeper, specialist in the production of semi-finished products, loader, chief accountant, accountant, cat guide. G. Tel. 41-80-15, 8-952-622-04-00.
Crane Operator wanted for work on business trips in the Irkutsk region. Salary of 120,000 rubles, accommodation. Tel. 48-03-54.
The construction company requires: DOSSAN 440r front loader driver, HYNDAY170 wheel excavator driver, Kamaz 6520 dump truck driver, PAZ bus driver, vehicle repair engineer (Center). Tel. 8-904-127-36-86.
Cashier required (Central). Tel. 42-49-52.
Wanted: responsible with experience in the design and sale of cabinets and built-in furniture, furniture maker. Program 5/2. Tel. 286-500, 8-904-137-42-64.
The sanatorium requires a plumber and a loader. Tel. 35-00-54 (center).

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