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In the Trans-Baikal Territory, it was possible to put out a forest fire of about 100 hectares – the first of this season. The fire was not natural, but man-made. The culprit, an employee of a livestock unit, spent agricultural fire and did not watch the fire. The regional Ministry of Emergency Situations notes that the number of landscape fires due to grass anvil in Transbaikalia has now increased several times compared to last year. In this context, it is planned to introduce a special fire regime in the area earlier.

The Trans-Baikal Territory has opened an account for this year’s forest fires in Siberia. According to the Central Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia for the Trans-Baikal Territory, two fires with a total area of ​​more than 100 hectares broke out on March 21 in the Akshinsky region. The same date is World Conservation Day. According to the FBU “Avialesookhrana”, the fires that broke out in Tranbaikalia have been active since March 22. “69 people and 15 pieces of equipment took part in the firefight,” the ministry said. The fires that broke out have now been extinguished.

The causes and the culprit of the fire have already been identified. According to the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, the owner of the shepherds’ camp, who dug up dry grass around his farm, became guilty. “Due to gusts of wind, the fire went out of control and turned first into a steppe fire and then into a forest fire. After analyzing the situation, firefighters concluded that the fire could have spread directly from the parking lot. “The owner of the property confirmed both the fact of the execution and the fact that he lost control”, notes the Ministry of Emergency Situations. After assessing the damage to the forest fund, the perpetrator of the fire will be punished with the appropriate penalty in the form of a fine.

In the Trans-Baikal Territory, according to information from the supervisory service, this year the number of fires in the landscape has increased sharply due to agricultural burns. Since the beginning of the year, firefighters have responded more than 200 times to dry grass fires, more than 35.7 thousand hectares of dry vegetation have been destroyed by fire. The number of fires in the Trans-Baikal Territory on March 20 was 15 times higher than in 2021. The Chernyshevsky, Mogochinsky and Nerchinsko-Zavodskoy areas of the region are of particular concern to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, where local authorities and perform insufficient cleaning and plowing of the area. The readiness for the fire-fighting season there is estimated at 60%.

Due to the difficult situation, a special fire regime (OPR) in the area will be introduced earlier than usual, falling in the first days of April. Currently, such a regime operates in three municipalities of Transcaucasia. According to the decree of the governor of the region issued on March 23, due to emerging fires in the landscape, lack of snow cover and rising temperatures, from March 25, the pilot project will be introduced within the Akshinsky, Aleksandrovo-Zavodsky border. , Borzinsky, Zabaikalsky, Kalgansky, Krasnokamensky, Kyrinsky, Nerchinsko-Zavodsky, Onon, Priargunsky. During the period from 1 to 29 April the regime will gradually spread to other areas.

In neighboring areas, the situation is calmer so far – in Buryatia, no forest fires have occurred, only four landscape fires have been recorded in an area of ​​3 hectares. Nevertheless, the regional and municipal authorities are already preparing for the fire-fighting season. 195 settlements have been brought under control, where forest fires may spread, as well as 88 holiday homes and 30 children’s health camps. In particular, the authorities of Ulan-Ude decided to install 60 dams to limit the population’s access to urban forests with an area of ​​more than 8 thousand hectares. Restriction of access will begin on April 1, at the same time as the introduction of a special fire regime. In addition to restricting access to the forest, in preparation for the firefighting season, Ulan-Ude authorities will build more than 300km of mining lanes around the city, forcing private homeowners to clear the area around homes. within a radius of 10 m, and to organize mobile patrol teams to bypass routes with a total length of 19 thousand km.

In the Irkutsk region this year, funding for forest fire protection has risen sharply. 1.68 billion rubles were allocated for these purposes. – 723.6 million more than last year. According to the information of the regional ministry of the forest complex, in 2021 548 forest fires were recorded in the territory of the Angara region in a total area of ​​460 thousand hectares.

Vlad Nikiforov, Irkutsk

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