We can repeat: in Penza, a nature park was leased, privatized and given for development. Is Kumyska expecting the same in Saratov?

In Penza, a specially protected natural area, a natural monument of regional importance “Akhunsky Pine Forest” was separated by fences with signs “Private Territory”.

It is not the first year and part of the areas belong to individuals and companies associated with the family of the former governor Ivan Belozerchev. The privatization and development of part of the protected areas is in direct conflict with the law, but this has not stopped the authorities. Is Saratov Kumyska expecting the same fate?

Akhunsky pine forest to the east of the village. Akhuny in the Penza area of ​​the Penza area is 311 hectares of 140-160 year old high productivity pines. Planting place of crops 1864 K.F. Ranchki.

In 1983, by decision of the executive committee of the Council of People’s Deputies, it was designated as a state monument of a regional nature and transferred to the jurisdiction of the suburban forestry of the Akhun experimental timber processing plant. In 1998, the regional committee for environmental protection issued a passport for it – 273 hectares, consisting of 11 plots. He was protected by the Akhun Forest Service.

In 2008, by decree of the Governor of the Penza region Vassily Botskarev A regional forest plan was approved, including the creation of forest areas, including Akhun, with a total area of ​​46.7 thousand hectares. It is true that, for some reason, the Akhunskoe list of stairwells did not contain any SPNAs, although the forest was further referred to as a specially protected area, supplemented by another SPNA already in Penza itself – the Akhun Arboretum.

Even then, the Akhun forests were rented: in 2007, the payment for this amounted to 5.1 thousand rubles (in that year’s prices) or 0.1% of the “profits” of forestry. This 2010 – already 2.6 million rubles or 54.9%.

In 2003-2010, the Akhun forestry broke all records in terms of the number of forest fires – there were 252 of them on an area of ​​469.8 hectares. An average of 32 fires were recorded per year. The damage from them in 2008-2010 amounted to more than 4.1 million rubles. And the cost of extinguishing fires (over 4 million rubles) was several times higher than the amount allocated for forest protection measures (668.0 thousand rubles).

Penza media reports say the destruction of the forest began in 2010, when the village of Akhuny began to grow rapidly – it is said that at that time 15 pines were being cut down here every day. In 2017, the trend continued: now the forest has been cut down and burned, for which a huge hole was dug. That same year, an abandoned psychiatric clinic burned down here – the guards were fired last year. The surrounding pioneer camps and the rest of the house were sold out. The latter burned later.

As a result, the land under the psychoneurological clinic and the forests next to it changed the type of use to “exclusive development residential buildings” and in March of this year was put up for sale as a holiday village for 20 houses.

The salesman is a representative of a local dynasty of brokers Alexei Orlovsky acquired the area in 2019

My father Pavel Orlovsky The publication is linked to the head of many local companies Alexei Naumov. For example, LLC “Regional Business Center”whose founder, in turn, is Dmitry Akimov.

Until recently, this LLC was a state-owned single company with 25 properties and 12 plots in Penza on its balance sheet. In September 2019, a share in its authorized capital was put up for sale for 63.5 million rubles.

Aleksey Naumov is the director at Alef LLCwhose founder is the full namesake of the son of the governor of Penza Alexander Ivanovich Belozerchev. Both beneficiaries share the institution with another LLC – “PKP Oil and Gas Equipment”.

In October of this year, residents of Akhuna in the village community in VK reported that deforestation continues. Local media note that during the tenure of Mayor Viktor Kuvaytsev, the Akhuny were divided into protected zones and therefore it was almost impossible to acquire land for new buildings in the village.

At the same time, reporters recently discovered that entire recreation area suddenly ended up behind a high fence with a sign “private property”. Such structures were discovered right in the area of ​​the burned neuropsychiatric clinic and the relics of the surrounding forest.

“The history of the land in Penza enjoys and surprises at the same time – even natural monuments can now be privatized in the capital Burtasia,” colleagues from Penza carve a line under the fate of the city’s forest.

And watch what The development of Akhunskaya and the withdrawal of part of the boron from public availability through its privatization is in direct contradiction with the regional legislative act signed by the Deputy Governor of the Penza Region Nikolai Simonov in 2018». It deals specifically with natural monuments – protected areas of regional importance, their protection status and the process of their use.

Meanwhile, the story of the Ahunsky pine forest, intentionally or unintentionally, suggests the fate of the Kumys meadow in Saratov. We remind you that the regional ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology intends to transfer it to the hands of the municipality under the pretext of creating an urban forestry office.

In Penza, by the way, the privatized forest also belongs to the regional forestry and the status of protected areas. But Saratov Kumyska is still a natural park, in contrast to the Penza Forest, which is already a natural monument, read – an urban forest.

As the ecologist has already analyzed Olga PitsunovaProtected areas with a natural park status (such as Kumyska) are very limited by law in terms of turnover and economic development of the land.

In contrast to a natural monument (such as the Akhun forest), which has a much lower degree of protection. What, obviously, is already being used dynamically and mainly in the business Penza, giving land first for rent and then privatizing and building them. And it is possible that this scheme will be used in Saratov as well.

Remember that the experience of Penza so far can not be called positive: Penza businessmen have been actively involved in the bankruptcy and sale of SAZ lands, developing routes in the city of Saratov and urban lands, receiving them, following the example of Tropicanka and Ecuador , without auctions. Penza businessmen settled on the Saratov embankment, intending to rebuild the feed mill. And Penza’s experience with the Akhun pine forest shows that using it for Kumysk will not work.

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