What do the heroes of “The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!” Eat?

Every year my friends and I … watch The Irony of Fate. What a vacation without this legendary movie! And often the preparation of dishes for the modern New Year table takes place under the dialogues of Zhenya and Nadia.

In the film itself, the characters do not eat as much, but there are several delicacies on the table in both the Moscow apartments and St. Petersburg. Let’s remember how it was common to meet visitors in the 1970s. And for original recipes, we turn to the “Book Delicious and Healthy Food”.
You have already prepared a salad – of crabs!


This is where the movie begins. Galya invites Lukashin to stay home alone and not visit the Katanyans, hoping for a romantic New Year. “Well, these are my friends,” Zhenya counters, “and besides, you’ve already made a crab salad. “And I like crabs so much.” At that time, crabs from the Far East were sold in the form of canned food, they were cheap – you could take them on a festive “order” or, if you were lucky, buy them in a store.

There was a special “crab fleet” for the production of canned food in the USSR. The Book of Tasty and Healthy Food gives the following report:


“Canned crab feed is made from floating crab fishing boats – crab canning factories equipped with first-class equipment. Our fleets of crabs fish in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk off the west coast of Kamchatka, where the best royal crab in the world is found in countless quantities, whose meat is not inferior in quality and taste to the famous lobsters. The commercial Kamchatka crab weighs up to 2-3 kg, the opening of its legs reaches 1 meter.

The crabs are cut on the floating plant. Canned, hard-shelled male crabs are used, from which they take only meat from the joints of the legs. Tender white pieces of crab meat, released from the shell after cooking, are placed in jars lined with parchment, the lids are wrapped, sterilized and the canned crab is ready.

Canned crab is a delicacy product that contains, among other useful substances, iodine, phosphorus and lecithin. Canned crab meat has a peculiar pleasant taste and, as it were, retains the unique smell of the sea. Canned crab is a wonderful appetizer. Tender crab meat is good in salads and vinaigrettes.

Crab salad
Cut the prepared vegetables into small cubes, the tomatoes into circles. Before serving, finely chop the green salad, leaving a few leaves for decoration and put it in a salad bowl on a slide. Place the vegetables in separate “bouquets” around the lettuce slide. In the center of the slide on a green salad, place pieces of crab (without juice). At the time of serving, lightly salt the vegetables and pour over the dressing from oil and vinegar with the addition of crab juice. Pour the mayonnaise sauce over the crabs and garnish with lettuce leaves.

For 1 jar of crabs – 1 boiled turnip, 1 boiled carrot, 2-3 pcs. boiled potatoes, 1 fresh cucumber, 1 tomato, 100 g peas or bean pods, 100 g lettuce, 1/3 cup mayonnaise sauce, 1 tbsp. a spoonful of vegetable oil, 2 tbsp. spoons of vinegar.

What a disgust that is your jelly!


Nadia has three main dishes on the table: fish, grilled beef and salad. In addition to these, tangerines, slices of a rare cereal, there are eggs with mayonnaise, a jar of sprat, beetroot salad, peas stand out as a bright spot.

Of course, everyone remembers the famous phrase about white, which, apparently, failed. This was noted by both Zhenya and Ippolit. It is difficult to say what Nadia did wrong, because this dish is quite simple. “The Book of Tasty and Healthy Food” offers two recipes for aspen: perch and sturgeon, but the principle of cooking is the same.

Peeled and washed pike perch cut into pieces. Put the bones, the head without gills, the peeling and the caviar in a saucepan, add the roots, the onion, the salt, the bay leaf (1-2 leaves), add water and boil. After 15-20 minutes, put pieces of pike in the same pan for cooking. When the pieces of fish are ready, take them out with a slotted spoon, put them on a plate in the shape of a whole fish, but with small gaps between the pieces and put the plate in a cold place. Drain the broth that we have from the cooking of the fish and prepare 2-2 and a half cups of jelly, that is, dissolve the soaked gelatin in it, boil and strain it from a paper towel. Decorate each piece of pike perch with lemon slices, carrots, cut into stars, a leaf of greens and throw the resulting jelly in two or three steps so that the decorations do not move and the pieces of perch are filled with jelly. Keep the utensil in a cool place until the jelly hardens. You can serve red cabbage, potato salad, fresh and pickled cucumbers with pike perch.
For 1 pike perch (1000-1200 g) – 10-12 g gelatin, 1 pc. roots and an onion head.

Salad or grilled beef?


“What do you want to put? Salad or grilled beef? – Nadezhda asks Ippolit, trying to repair the relationship after they put Lukashin out the door for the first time.

Wash the beef (brisket, thin edge or fillet), cut the tendons, salt, put a whole piece in a pan or pan heated with oil and fry lightly. Then put it in the oven and fry until done. Every 10-15 minutes, add the meat with the resulting juice. If there is not enough juice, you can add a little broth or water. The duration of frying depends on the type of roast beef you want to cook – fried, medium or bloody.

When the roast beef is ready, remove from the pan, cut into slices and place on a plate. For garnish, you can give sliced ​​carrots and peas seasoned with butter, potatoes (boiled, fried, in milk or puree) and horseradish in slices. The meat is poured with drained juice formed during frying and melted butter. Separately, cucumbers and green salad can be served with roast beef.

As you can see, for the festive table, the heroes of the main New Year movie prepared quite healthy and balanced dishes. Let’s follow their example!


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