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William Lamberti’s third “kitchen” opened in Bolshaya Nikitskaya. The menu includes unusual and delicious dishes, such as “mussels returned from India” or pizza with ham and potato peels and moving stories from the life of a restaurant

Photo: Lumicino

Beautiful door with portholes. Simple walls. Arched roof of an old house. Feel at home and warm up. Pillow windows. SOFT MUSIC. Ripe red pomegranates lie on black wall shelf lamps – a touch of supremacy in a perfect beige space. The long-awaited opening at 58 Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street of William Lamberti’s Lumicino Restaurant.

Observers will notice that the new gastronomic magnet – Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street – is now surrounded on both sides by William’s “lights”: Ugolёk at the beginning and Lumicino (Italian for “little light”) at the end. The vertex of the triangle and its cornerstone is Uilliam’s Restaurant. Each of these restaurants has its own famous bakery. Beige beauty oven at Lumicino you will not see right away. The dish is in the most remote room – like a Japanese kimono: the most beautiful is often inside, away from human eyes. I think this is the hallmark of wisdom. Like the wise Japanese, at 51, William is not going to prove anything to anyone, but he gives the guests the best.

The Lumicino menu is based on the Lamberti family’s food stories. La cucina di Uilliam, “William Lamberti’s Kitchen”: his travels, his mother and grandmother’s recipes, work in two- and three-star restaurants, family. For dinner, many came to couples and families. Each dish was accompanied by a story: about Gualtiero Marchesi, William’s teacher, about his beloved mother and his two grandmothers, about an incredible adventure in the criminal areas of Palermo with his wife Olga. If you catch William, he will be happy to tell you, but if not, Lumicino’s delightful terracotta velvet menu is a storehouse of fascinating stories.

For cold appetizers, get caponata with white fish, vitello tonnato with burnt vegetables and, of course, homemade burrata cheese with smoked tuna. All of these can be eaten separately, or you can collect them in bruschetta. Smoked tuna and burrata, I asked for more. I suggest drinking either homemade lemonades (“red orange with lavender” and “red orange, peach and rooibos are my favorites) or wine, the choice of which is excellent both in a glass and in a bottle.

Of pizzas, I suggest you try an unusual one – with ham and potato peels (there is also a fascinating story and the spirit of sustainability is present). I could hardly resist the second slice of Four Cheese pizza, it has scamorza cheese, and for me it is a gastronomic addiction. The hit of the night is “mussels returned from India” – delicious pasta with curry sauce and mussels. Beware of oranges, here they are not made from ordinary rice, but from polenta stuffed with bolognese sauce and parmesan. There are six pieces in one serving. I warn you, in Lumicino, William feeds like our grandmothers – in slaughter and in the ears.

Homemade desserts: a sesame cookie and a sparkle of milk chocolate will soon become hits on Instagram. I want to take all the cookies with me in a huge box of matches. So far this is a check box, but they promise to do with it.

The restaurant is now open from 12:00. Breakfast is under development, they promise to be released in a few months. Many guests sit for hours: they arrive at 15:00 and leave at 20:00. You do not want to leave the restaurant. Mental, delicious, with love.

If you like long readings, read William’s interview with Business FM in Dhaka in October. There, for the first time, William showed his childhood photos, which you will now see in bottles of homemade lemonade. Interview about family, about love, about history in the profession.

Lumichino is located opposite the Old Phaeton restaurant, known for its difficult past. But do not let this neighborhood bother you: during the construction period, “Phaethon” was turned into the “office” of William’s team. They also make amazing Yerevan shish kebab and oriental coffee. The first boxes of Italian Lumicino pizza were sent in boxes for Armenian breads – the neighbors helped the neighbors until the package arrived. They are so different, but still friendly.

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