“Buzova in the kitchen”, Johnson’s fight against Jitmuangnon and the legendary “Crew” – what to watch on TV on March 26

For those who decide to spend a day off at home, we have prepared a complete program guide for March 26, 2022.

First channel

10:15 Information channel
12:00 News
12:15 Russian Ski Championship 2022 with the best skiers in the world. Men women. I run. Live broadcast
13:30 Mosgaz. The new case of Major Cherkasov
17:45 “Hot ice”. Tinkoff Cup of the First Channel in figure skating with the participation of the best figure skating in the world. Live broadcast
22:00 Crew
00:45 Information channel
02:30 Alone with everyone
04:00 Russia from one end to the other.

Russia 1

10:10 One hundred to one
11:00 News
12:00 Burnt by the Sun 2: Anticipation
14:00 News
15:00 Burnt by the Sun 2: Anticipation
17:00 News
18:00 Hello Andrei!
20:00 News at 20:00
21:05 News. Local time
21:20 Accident
01:25 Selection.

Match TV

11:55 Mixed martial arts. A FC Demetrius Johnson vs. Rodthang Jitmuangnon. Angela Lee vs Stamp Fairtex. Broadcast from Singapore. Live broadcast
14:55 Hockey. KHL. 1/2 finals of the “Anatoli” conference. Metallurg (Magnitogorsk) – Avangard (Omsk). Live broadcast
17:15 Everyone in the fight! Live broadcast
17:25 Hockey. KHL. 1/2 finals of the “West” conference. SKA (St. Petersburg) – Spartak (Moscow). Live broadcast
19:45 Everyone in the race! Live broadcast
20:30 Mixed martial arts. A FC Demetrius Johnson vs. Rodthang Jitmuangnon. Broadcast from Singapore
21:00 Mixed martial arts. LIKE. Abubakar Vagaev vs. Ustarmagomed Gadzhidaudov. Magomed Bibulatov vs Oleg Borisov. Broadcast from Grozny. Live broadcast
23:30 Everyone in the race! Live broadcast
00:20 Volleyball. Russian Superleague Paribet Championship. Men. Zenit (St. Petersburg) – ASK (Nizhny Novgorod).
02:00 Mixed martial arts. UFC. Curtis Blades vs Chris Dakas. Broadcast from USA. Live broadcast.


10:30 Buzova in the kitchen. 13th row.
11:05 Correction and punishment. 1st row.
11:40 Correction and punishment. 2nd row.
12:10 Correction and punishment. 3rd row.
12:45 Correction and punishment. 4th row.
13:20 Correction and punishment. 5th row.
13:50 Correction and punishment. 6th row.
14:25 Correction and punishment. 7th row.
14:55 Correction and punishment. 8th row.
15:30 Correction and punishment. 9th row.
16:00 Restaurant according to the concepts. 1st row.
16:21 Restaurant by definition. 2nd row.
16:43 Restaurant by default. 3rd row.
17:05 Restaurant by default. 4th row.
17:25 Restaurant by definition. 5th row.
17:45 Restaurant by definition. 6th row.
18:05 Restaurant by default. 7th row.
18:25 Restaurant by definition. 8th row.
18:45 Restaurant by default. 9th row.
19:07 Restaurant by default. 10th row.
19:30 Musical intuition. 17th row.
21:30 Degree. 3rd row.
23:00 Stars in Africa. 4th row.
00:30 The Magnificent Seven
02:45 Improvisation. 154th series.
03:40 Improvisation. 155th series.
04:30 Comedy Battle. 18th row.


10:00 The most useful program. 223rd series.
11:02 Do you know what ?. 43rd row.
12:03 Science and technology. 6th row.
13:05 “Military secret” with Igor Prokopenko. 999th series.
14:06 Security Council. 42nd row.
15:08 Documentary work. New scam: training for your wallet.
16:10 Small lists. Who will really suffer from the sanctions?
17:17 Black Panther
19:54 Doctor Strange
22:06 Ant-Man
00:22 Caged in time
02:23 Vampire
03:53 Chapman’s Secrets. 1018th series.
04:36 Chapman’s Secrets. Series 973.


10:00 Classic Comedy. 4th row.
10:59 Weather on TNT
11:00 Classic Comedy. 5th row.
12:00 Classic Comedy. 6th row.
13:00 Weather on TNT
13:01 Classic comedy. 7th row.
14:00 Classic Comedy. 8th row.
15:00 Classic Comedy. 9th row.
16:00 Classic Comedy. 11th row.
16:50 Classic Comedy. 97th series.
17:00 Classic Comedy. 12th row.
18:00 Classic Comedy. 13th row.
19:00 Classic Comedy. 14th row.
19:30 Classic Comedy. 15th row.
19:59 The weather on TNT
20:00 Classic Comedy. 16th row.
21:00 Classic Comedy. 17th row.
21:50 Classic Comedy. 43rd row.
22:00 Classic Comedy. 18th row.
23:00 Stand Up Outside. 23rd row.
23:30 Classic Comedy. 19th row.
00:00 Max Steel
02:00 11.6
03:40 Our Russia. 61st row.
04:00 Our Russia. Summary.
04:30 Our Russia. 2nd row.

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