Seafood, some wines and spirits will be removed from Tula’s restaurant menu due to sanctions

Restaurant Tatyana Astrakhantseva, restaurant “Respect”:

– When it all started, suppliers stopped for a day and then commented that we were expecting a price increase. Now prices have risen by an average of 20%.

We raised prices even before this whole situation – last year, the cost of shopping was rising, but we did not raise prices. So for now, let’s leave it at that.

As for alcohol, the distributor has not lost any of its stocks so far. He does not know what will happen next. It works with many European factories and will probably continue to work together, but the price will be different.

When it comes to products, suppliers question shrimp, mussels – while in stock, and will look no further.

In general, the situation is still quite stable. For most items the prices have not changed. As for our products, for example, our chicken is now delivered at a lower price.

The basis of the restaurant menu is vegetables, meat and chicken – all of which are produced in Russia. Yes, some individual fish species, such as dorado, may be removed from the menu. But overall it is a small loss.

In fact, we raise a lot of delicious fish. In the Tula area, for example, there is a catfish farm. Catfish is very tasty and can become the basis for new dishes.

As for vegetables, I think now our producers will quickly fill the market. Imports consistently took a large share and did not give them a chance to turn.

Sanctions could hurt those companies that operated mainly on imported products. We do not have such a problem.

If we are talking about imported alcohol, if its price increases, we will offer guests other wine options. There are many good winemakers in Russia. But due to the fact that often the combination itself – Italian wine – for many in absentia is a sign of quality, they simply refused to try the products of Russian or, for example, Georgian winemakers. Now the latter will have the opportunity to express themselves and gain the respect of wine connoisseurs.

I think we can deal with this situation. And everything will be fine.

Anna Napolok, manager of the restaurant “Spices and Joys”:

– Of course, there are difficulties in supplies, since most products, drinks, equipment are imported. The difficulty stems from both rarity and rising prices. Some of the products, unfortunately, have left the Russian market, for example, the Faroe Islands (the global supplier of fish), the alternative is the Russian Murmansk, but there are only two factories in the territory of the Russian Federation and therefore there is a shortage and increase of prices. Some suppliers have completely suspended the supply of imported goods.

Suppliers do not comment, the market is volatile today, prices are rising weekly.

Rising prices and the average check in cafes and restaurants will certainly increase, but by how much? We can not make predictions in this situation.

To date, import substitution is 50% of our ingredients, we try to find depending on the appropriate quality, we work with manufacturers in the Tula area. But Russian manufacturers are also raising prices for their products in connection with this situation.

Sergei McCartney, pub The beetles»:

– Difficulties not only in the context of sanctions, we have not yet fully recovered from the pandemic. There are serious problems with logistics, import prices have risen several times in the last six months. And now there are no supplies at all for many places. Today prices have increased from 20 to 100%.

If suppliers increased prices for imported alcohol by 20-30%, then for sugar, some sellers showed 100%.

In this context, we will customize the menu and the wine list. We are already refusing seafood due to price increases. There are “holes” in the wine list: these are whiskey, gin and other types. They just stopped the delivery.

It is difficult to replace with a home. Yes, and domestic raw materials are a myth: we have nothing 100% our own, from equipment to individual ingredients.

We are not currently using state support measures. We expect the government to fight against the speculators: this will be the best support!

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