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It seems that now is not the best time to open new facilities, but in the regional capital they are not afraid of difficulties – here, opposite the Planet shopping center, the Pan-Asian restaurant Shogun, however, has opened its doors. What will the residents of Krasnoyarsk eat at the new facility and what dishes on the menu should you see – in the Newslab material.

“We could not get out of the race at the finish line”

The new Shogun restaurant, which opened just across the globe, is the flagship project of the restaurant group, which has 9 restaurants operating under different brands in different cities of Krasnoyarsk Territory and a well-coordinated delivery network. Maxim and Elena Antipov, the owners of the restaurant complex, went completely “to Panasia” 11 years ago and in the last year are preparing for the opening of their biggest project.

Of course, in the last weeks of the re-piping, the residents of Krasnoyarsk have a stupid question – will the institution open, given the difficult economic situation not only in the region, but also in Russia in general. The doubts were dispelled by the owner of the network, Maxim Antipov, who described the difficult moment as an excellent springboard for entrepreneurs when they have to create and start something new, to discover new horizons and positions.

“I believe that we all have a bright future ahead of us. It will be difficult now, but I think we have to overcome it. We walked to the opening of our iconic project “Shogun” for a long time and it was impossible for us to leave the race at the finish line. We have overcome the crisis of 2014 and we have a good anti-crisis strategy. For example, the prices of some menu items will increase slightly – up to 10-15%, but our main task is to ensure that the price remains acceptable to the residents of Krasnoyarsk. In addition, you can “play” with recipes for dishes – we will adapt the menu to the products that will remain available, excluding some positions and adding new ones, also authors. Now we are glad that we implemented our project, in the development of which more than 100 people participated. “There were many difficulties and force majeure, but we overcame them all and the guests now have a slight euphoria”, Maxim Antipov shared his impressions.

The ribbon has been cut, which means that we will finally see what the new restaurant has prepared for the residents of Krasnoyarsk. And here is where you have to “wander”: Hall of Light Asiawhere the waterfalls sparkle, fresh flowers are arranged and there is an exit to the playground, which is going to open (here, by the way, there are two levels: soft for the little one and a belt on top with PlayStation for teenagers).

You can also consider tatami roomwhere guests can sit or even lie down on pillows and the tables are small and low.

Further – fusion room, made in red, blue and black, dedicated to progressive Asia: on the walls there are street sketches of different Asian countries (the artist painted them for two months!), a rock garden and a bamboo grove. the fireplace creaks a little and the hieroglyphics shine with neon. Although it is better, of course, to see with your own eyes:

What will they feed the new “Shogun”?

Sitting at a table in the hall of progressive Asia, we begin to “feel” the menu and look around. The first thing you notice is that the kitchen where the chefs work is not closed to the eyes of the curious residents of Krasnoyarsk, but is in plain view, right in the palm of your hand and you can see how different dishes are prepared. and the chef gives instructions to his team.

By the way, the restaurant team has its own separate kitchen factory, where semi-finished products, sauces and dressings are made. Here has been introduced a smart system of its own design, which has been improved on the network for six years: all work processes are connected in a single information system and the current tasks of employees are displayed on a tablet.

The gastronomic team is impressive: Denis Lim, who studied at a ramen school in Japan, worked in Thailand and Malaysia and was also involved in creating Shogun sauces, ramen recipes, poke and other dishes. Gregory Kim, the chef of the new restaurant in Vzletka, moved to Krasnoyarsk specifically to run the chain’s iconic restaurant. So did Alexander Aspednikov, who worked for a time in Vietnam and started several well-known projects in St. Petersburg and throughout Russia. We “caught” him to find out what is the most delicious in the new menu.

“There is simply no such pan-Asian cuisine project in Krasnoyarsk and we are optimistic about the future. Almost all the dishes are by the author, you will not try them anywhere else. All recipes are tailored to our taste buds, this particular Asia is not our story. As my specialty is Vietnamese cuisine, my favorite food is Boon Chon“although everything I developed was done with a love for Pan-Asian cuisine,” said Alexander Aspednikov.

Alexander also advised to try Ramen Tantanmen, created on the basis of coconut milk and fried minced meat in Tabajan sauce – the milk smooths out the spicy sauce and a cool symbiosis is achieved. “When I was an intern in Asia, I traveled a lot and once tried the Ramen Tantanmen, but for five years I did not have time to repeat it in Russia. It was in the treasury of my developments, but there was no suitable restaurant idea. “But I found it in Shogun, so I moved here and started working.”

Having collected recommendations from the brand chef, we decided to find out what the owner of the chain, Maxim Antipov, likes to order from the menu of the new restaurant. And he named the top 3 of his favorite items on the menu: “I always get ramen, I alternate a lot – I order either Gyu Chasu beef or chicken broth Tori Paytanή ράμεν Tantanman in coconut milk. I like I break spicy with Peruvian Nikkei sauce, and in third place on the list I will put rolls Nehan maki, is also our exclusive idea. Today our first guests order the most Oshizushi, Pan-Asian pizzaramen, as well as chicken in various sauces. ”

The Newslab reporter, after listening to gastronomic advice, whetted his appetite and asked the waiters who were running around with the dishes, he was not hungry. I tried chicken in spicy walnut and poke sauce.

Restaurant for the whole family

The new work of the restaurant chain is the common cause of the Antipov family, the restaurants work in pairs – Maxim Antipov is the general manager and his wife Elena is the deputy. That is, the new facility is a family business and the Shogun restaurant is a place where you can come to relax with the whole family at an affordable price.

In addition, the stars lined up on the day the installation began – and something very exciting happened at Shogun. Eugene from Krasnoyarsk proposed to his beloved, who agreed. The lovers will start planning their wedding very soon and the restaurant has already become a place where hearts are connected.

Krasnoyarsk proposed to his beloved

Video: “Shogun”

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And the younger residents of Krasnoyarsk will be offered not only to spend time in a free games room, but also their own menu without Asian bias – it will be possible to feed children with the usual dishes of vegetables, chicken and their favorite pasta. “Chicken bottle on a stick is very popular with children”, emphasizes the chef of the brand Alexander Aspednikov and one can only agree with him.

The new restaurant of the “Shogun” chain is located directly opposite the “Planet” – in Street’s 78 Voluntary Brigade, 23. The institution already receives guests and is open from 11:00 until 23:00. Phone: +7 391 219-19-19; website – segun24.ru, social networks: VKontakte, Telegram and Instagram.

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