“Berdyansk that suffers.” Hieromartyr Michael Bogoslovsky. Orthodox calendar for March 28

March 28 (March 15 according to the “old style” – church Julian calendar). Monday of the Fourth (Cross) week of Lent. According to the Church Charter, dry eating is blessed in the meal today – fasting uncooked without vegetable oil (relaxations in fasting are possible, but it is important for churchgoers to coordinate them with their confessor). The Russian Orthodox Church today celebrates the memory of the twelve holy martyrs, including those in the priesthood. Next we will talk about them briefly.

Hieromartyr Michael Bogoslovsky. Russian saint XX century, a saint of God from the new martyrs and confessors of the Russian Church, one of the heavenly protectors of the southern Russian city of Berdyansk, now located in the territory of Ukraine. This quiet resort on the Sea of ​​Azov has experienced many serious trials: punitive operations of the Ukrainian security forces carried out tens of kilometers away, civil and great patriotic war and atheistic persecutions 1920–30. He was the last to take the life of a holy martyr – Mikhail Bogoslovsky.

Berdyansk’s future confessor was born in 1883 in the province of Tambov. After graduating from 1909 The Theological Academy of St. Petersburg, with the title of Candidate of Theology, began to teach in the Crimea – at the Tavridis Seminary. As a disciple, Michael was distinguished by humility, a special prayerful attitude, and wise sobriety in his judgments. He decided to take holy orders at the height of the first wave of atheistic persecution. IN 1921 He was ordained a priest and sent to the Cathedral of the Ascension in Berdyansk. Father Mikhail successfully opposed the atheist rioters and also actively opposed the schismatic revivalists and Ukrainian autocephalists, for whom he was repeatedly arrested. Last time – inside June 1937.

In the mid-1930s, all Berdyansk churches were either closed or occupied by renovators, with the exception of Pokrovsky, who was presided over by Archbishop Viktor Kiranov. Fr. Michael helped the rector to organize a meeting of the parishioners who January 8, 1937 decided unanimously not to cede the church to atheists. However, the church was closed and priests Mikhail Bogoslovsky, Viktor Kiranov and Alexander Ilyenkov were arrested. In prison, the priest was severely tortured, but to all questions he answered that he had not pleaded guilty and had never done any anti-Soviet work.

After a long period of torture and intimidation, Father Michael died March 28, 1940 and was buried in an unknown grave. And today, not only in Berdyansk, but throughout the Russian Orthodox Church, the memory of this saint, who stands before the Throne of God, is honored, along with his two companions, the Hieromartyrs Victor and Alexander.

* * *

Witnesses Agapios, Poplios, Timolaos, Romilos, Alexandros, Alexandros, Dionysios and Dionysios. Early Christian holy martyrs who received the harshest tortures and crowns of martyrdom for their faith in Christ and His Church in Caesarea, Palestine during the terrible anti-Christian persecutions of the pagan emperor Basil the Diocletian (Diocletian) 284–305 from Christmas.

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Hieromartyr Alexander Pamphylias, priest in Sidi. Priest of the Church of Christ, who died for preaching the Word of God and steadfastness in the faith during the persecution of Christians organized by the pagan emperor Aurelian, who reigned in the Roman Empire in 270–275.

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Martyr Nikandros the Egyptian. A Christian doctor who, like the martyr Agapios and his associates, suffered during the years of Diocletian persecution. Because Saint Nikandros made the Christian burial of other sufferers, the martyr was peeled and beheaded. It happened in 302 from Christmas.

Hieromartyr Alexei Vinogradov. An orthodox high priest who died during the Soviet atheist persecution during the so-called “Great Terror” in a bloody 1938. He is ranked among the saints among the thousands of New Martyrs and Confessors of the Russian Church.

Congratulations to the Orthodox Christians on the day of those saints of God whose sacred memory is celebrated today! With their prayers, Lord, save us and have mercy on us all! To our deceased relatives and friends – eternal memory!

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