“Forest, sand, gravel – everything has increased in value. Why? “The Speaker of the State Duma again criticized the government of the Russian Federation / March 11, 2022 | Moscow, Daily 22.03.11

Today, in the plenary session of the lower house of the Russian parliament, the chairman of the State Duma Viacheslav Volodin again criticized the government of the Russian Federation in connection with the unjustified increase in prices for building materials. “Forest, sand, rubble – everything has grown. Why; .. It turns out that there is less revenue, but the cost increases. “This is outrageous.”

According to the correspondent RIA “New Day”, a heated debate broke out in the State Duma about the situation with the construction projects in the Russian Federation and the violation of the rights of the Russians. Specifically, the KKE MP Nina Ostanina drew attention to the fact that now the participation of citizens in decisions to develop filling in cities is actually reduced – officials are unaware of their opinion. Deputy from “Fair Russia – For Truth” Dmitry Gusev For his part, he stressed that in fact the government of the Russian Federation in the current circumstances is trying to avoid public and parliamentary control. “It is not right. It turns out that the Ministry of Construction itself makes investment programs, controls and evaluates the financial efficiency of these programs. We are talking about almost a trillion from the budget,” he said.

Member of Parliament – “Socialist-Revolutionary” Michael Deliagin, in turn, explained that even the current coordination of urban planning documents allows massive violations of citizens’ rights. The MP cited Volgograd as an example, where “normal houses are generally destroyed, throwing people on the street with minimal compensation, because the builder wanted it that way”. “You propose to simplify them even more. People today do not have the money to buy commercial housing and, as I understand it, there is no talk of social housing en masse. The workforce that is now massively employed in the building complex is guest workers, who are now a time bomb that is about to start exploding. I have a simple question. “I understand very well that your department believes that Russia should exist for the construction complex and not the construction complex for Russia?” said Deliagin.

The answers of the representative of the government of the Russian Federation on the situation in the construction industry did not satisfy even the chairman of the State Duma Viacheslav Volodin. “Based on the questions that were asked in the Chamber, it would be right for those who are preparing the bill, those who are talking, to talk about supporting the economy, the citizens, creating conditions for businesses, but not about restricting procedures that protect rights. “If what is heard in the questions is confirmed, we will submit the questions for discussion with the Prime Minister,” Volodin said.

“We are concentrating specifically, we are setting up a separate meeting to unite in the face of challenges and to adopt the laws that people are waiting for. And we are offered norms where control goes, to quickly resolve issues with good, you know, work where the road goes. This is wrong “, stressed the president of the State Duma.

In this regard, Volodin asked the deputies to carefully study all the bills proposed by the Russian government in terms of protecting the rights and freedoms of Russians. “We must work with you so that the economy can benefit from this and the issues can be resolved more quickly, but not at the expense of control and the processes in which the citizens themselves must participate … And now they will get us out of here. .. understanding the goals and objectives, how we can quickly legislate, let’s go to decision making. And then? “Volodin stressed.

The speaker of the State Duma drew attention to the fact that the government of the Russian Federation still can not adequately answer why the prices of building materials are rising. “Why has asphalt risen in price? The sand, which is used as a base in constructions, has increased in price by 100%. Tell me, what powers do you (the government) need here? We have just discussed with colleagues – we propose solutions that give the government such powers over basic goods. In this piece, what do you need? Because if the meter is expensive, this is not a solution to the problem, the meter should be accessible … We are waiting for these questions to help you solve, and you suggest us to remove the parliamentary control, to limit the procedure for public hearings “, Said Volodin and, extending his arms to the side, added:” Since you are silent, then… “

“Everyone repeats like a mantra – the market will adjust ξτε Look, there is an absurd increase in prices. Especially when we talk about materials used in construction. Forest, sand, rubble – everything has grown. Why; .. It turns out that there is less revenue, but the cost increases. This is where it gets outrageous. It is necessary to discuss these issues with the deputies … Take it and tell me why this is happening “, concluded Volodin.

Moscow, Maria Sokolova

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