“Marshak” festival, the film “Brother” and Stas Mikhailov

Voronezh. 25/03/2022. ABIREG.RU – Business Information Agency (ABIREG.RU) presents you an announcement for events for the coming Weekend that you will definitely like.

The working week has come to an end. We have prepared for you a selection of events for the coming weekend.

Friday, March 25

The long-awaited “Marshak” children’s theater festival starts on March 25. On this day, at 18:00, the play “Manyunya” (12+) will be screened at the Opera and Ballet Theater. A glamorous, sunny, funny and lyrical story for childhood, for two girl-friends Narine and Manyun, who constantly get into funny situations, the terrible Ba, the heroic Karinka and other residents of the Armenian city of Berd. And on March 26, at 16:00, at the Room Theater you can watch the play “The Ugly Duckling” (6+).

The play “The Grenholm Method” (16+) will be screened at the Chamber Theater on Friday. This is a psychological thriller about interviewing office workers. The director described the type of show as a “stress test”. According to Georgy Tskhvirava, this test is passed not only by the heroes of the play, but also by the audience. Start – at 19:00.

On March 25, Anna Egoyan (6+) will give a recital at the Philharmonic. You will hear true, honest poems that reflect the author’s experiences. The night starts at 19:00.

On March 25 on the stage of the Concert Hall the legendary rock opera “Juno and Avos” (12+). “Juno and Avos” staged at the A. Rybnikov Theater has long won the hearts of spectators around the world, so we can say with confidence that an unforgettable night awaits you! Start – at 19:00.

The “Gata” Theater invites you to the performance “Caught Swallow” (16+). This is a psychological detective story during the day. And we can not say more, so as not to open the veil of secrecy. The start is at 19:30.

On Friday night in the restaurant “15/86” you can dive in the amazing atmosphere with the live vocals of Olga Bondarenko (16+). Start – at 20:00.

On March 25, brutal and charismatic guys from Lipetsk will perform at the Pinta Haus – cover of The Stuff (16+). Start – at 20:00.

An exhibition of Ivan Dikunov and Elsa Pak (0+) is held at the Kirov exhibition space, 8. The exhibition will be here in free access until April 1.

Weekend March 26-27

On weekends, at the Star & Mlad Cinemas (Moskovsky Prospekt and Grad City Park), you can watch movies: the action movie Brother (16+) and Brother 2 (16+), as well as the cartoon Finnick (6+).

On Saturday, at 11:30 and 13:30, the Botanical Garden invites you to a spring educational tropical route (7+). For you, spring in the tropics and subtropics of three greenhouses, a collection of succulents, insectivores and vines and much more. You will travel with Sergey Bykovsky to the world of botany with fantastic insects.

The “New Theater” on March 26 invites you to the Actor’s House for the play “Waffle Heart” (6+). The show will be interesting not only for children, but also for adults who want to return for even a few hours to the magical world of childhood. Start – at 12:00.

On March 26, the Palace Complex of Oldenburg invites you to the “Spring Awakening” concert (12+). The program includes: arias from operettas, romances of domestic and foreign composers. The vocal parts will be performed by the leading soloists of the Opera and Ballet Theater. Start – at 14:00.

The play “Ghosts” (16+) will be screened at the Room Theater on March 26. Henrik Ibsen’s play was written in 1881. The play’s productions were accompanied by scandals – in the play, the author addressed issues that he considered unacceptable to talk about. Ibsen’s works are included in the golden fund of world drama. Start – at 18:00.

March 26 at the “Spartak” cinema broadcast of the play “Saturday, Sunday, Monday” by the theater. Vakhtangov (16+). The duration of the show is 3 hours with two breaks. Start – at 18:00.

On Saturday at the Concert Hall you will find the “Monsters of Classic Rock with an Orchestra” (12+). Classical rock legends will appear on stage with a symphony orchestra and perform the golden hits of major bands. Start – at 19:00.

March 26 at the club “One Hundred Ruchiev” presentation of the album of the group FLIP #dvanol with the participation of the Moscow team “The Best Day” (16+). Start – at 19:00.

On March 26, at the Kinza-Dza restaurant, the charming singer Elena Khaliullina will create an indescribable holiday atmosphere (16+). The evening starts at 19:30.

Annie Bell (16+) will sing for you on Saturday at the restaurant “15/86”. The night starts at 20:00.

March 26 on the stage of the restaurant Pinta Haus – Igor Kushch and the tribute to Sektor Gaza (18+). Start – at 20:00.

Art-show-restaurant Balagan City invites you to a disco of the 90s (16+) on Saturday. Start – at 20:00.

And at The Voda on March 26 – TTM & POLA – one of the most prominent artists of the contemporary music club (18+). The start is at 23:00.

On March 27, the ARTIST restaurant is expecting new chefs for a burger master class with an animator (0+). Start – at 12:00.

The restaurant Pinta Haus on March 27 invites you to a creative evening of an interesting and original group from Saratov “Paths do not lie” (16+). Start – at 18:00.

The comedy Money Like a Bucket (16+) will be screened on March 27 at the Cott Theater. The story of what happens to people when money literally falls on their heads. This is a new psychological comedy of the absurd in the French style from the duet of the brilliant playwright S. Tieri and the head director of the Kot theater Alexei Proskuryakov. Start – at 18:00.

The Nikitinsky Theater will present a play for teenagers and parents “Yura” (16+). A show about youth, first love, parties, the desire to be free. About disobedience to fate. Difficult relationships with parents. Start – at 18:00.

Have a nice weekend!

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