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In an atmosphere of secrecy, the designers design the KAD-2 route through protected forests and protected stocks.

Toksovsky Natural Park Photo: Arseniy Kashkarov / ooptlo.ru

Natalya Reiner, an environmental activist from the village of Toksovo in the Leningrad region, met people in the forest north of Lake Kavgolovsky who launched a quadcopter into the sky and noted something on a map. It turned out that they were employees of the state public institution “Avtodor”, who investigated the launch of the new ring road around St. Petersburg – KAD-2. She asked permission to take a photo of their plan, but when she was denied it, she sketched out what she saw: a route that could pass directly through the newly created Special Protected Area (SPNA) Toksovsky Natural Park, 500 meters from the shores of Lakes Kavgolovsky and Kurgolovsky. Further, the road goes east along the wooded shore of Lake Heppojärvi and cuts in two the forests of the Rzhevsky Polygon – the last large forest near St. Petersburg.

It seems, why was it necessary to peek over someone’s shoulder, if you can just study the official trail? But the fact is that it does not exist. The tiny maps published by the Leningrad region government in the autumn give no idea of ​​the forests and lake shores that Ring Road-2 will cross. Their topography is so blurry that it excludes any peculiarities: after all, as soon as certain elements appear, questions will immediately come. For example, those who are already concerned about the Toks asset, ie –

why, having just managed to create the “Toksovsky” nature park, the authorities rush to destroy part of it with a huge road construction site?

The intensification of work on the Ring Road-2 began after the reminder of Vladimir Putin, who made last summer a meeting with the governor of St. Petersburg, Alexander Beglov. After that, the competent departments made such a fuss that they abandoned the previously proposed routing project, which was proceeding on the existing concrete road A-120. In September, the governor of the Leningrad region Alexander Drozdenko spoke of him as the most preferable, as it minimizes the need to buy land. The selection was also good because there was a minimum registration limit. However, the performers suddenly abandoned it and chose another one – with a completely new path. The land market here will also be small, because the road will pass through the state forest. But several thousand hectares will have to be cut from the most valuable array in terms of recreation. And most importantly, the protected area, in the creation of which the active residents of Toxovo gave several years of their lives, will be sawed in two. Does it turn out that they saved the forest from private developers to give it to the state pier?

At the same time, the relevant services answer all the questions that there is no project yet, but there is only “development of tracking options”. But when it comes to the stage of the project, the audience will not listen anymore. Several formal public hearings will be organized in the settlements through which the road will pass, where twelve and a half retirees who have come “to take their comments into account” will be promised and documents will be submitted for further approval. The comments of the heads of the road departments are extremely sparing. Nobody talks about deforestation and destruction of protected areas, as if it does not deserve attention. GKU “Avtodor”, which does not even have a representative office in St. Petersburg, promised to transfer its materials directly to the Ministry of Transport.

That is, the fate of the Leningrad forests will be judged in Moscow.

In a press conference at TASS, which took place late last year, Sergey Kharlashkin, Deputy Prime Minister of the Leningrad Oblast’s Transport and Fuel and Energy Complex, confirmed that work on the route “is underway: The main task is to build the most convenient road near the existing ring road. , there is no talk of using old concrete. The new road will be much closer to the Ring Road. The route is planned to be designed in such a way as to have little effect on the interests of the inhabitants of the Leningrad region and the summer inhabitants of St. Petersburg. The route, which effectively eliminates the demolition of residential and industrial buildings, is a route that partially touches military test sites, and negotiations with the Ministry of Defense are already under way.

“Novaya” tried to get at least some information about the upcoming route by sending requests to all relevant structures. But for several months (!) We have not received any response from the project developers – the Ministry of Transport and Avtodor. The Communications Committee of the Leningrad Region was redirected to the same Avtodor, which had previously ignored requests and the road workers sent an extensive response: “Several possible options for crossing the future KAD-2 motorway are being considered today. “The final decision on the location of the new road has not been made at this time,” said DS Sedov, chairman of the road commission. Comparison and analysis of the technical and economic indicators of the options are carried out. Your suggestion (What? Suggestion not to touch protected areas? – About. ed.) was taken into account by the government of the Leningrad region. This issue will be taken into account at work and when making the final decision. The proposed option will be adopted by Avtodor upon completion of the necessary design and research work.

Photo: Arseniy Kashkarov / ooptlo.ru

Thus, it turns out that the design and research work is in progress, but no information can be obtained about it. Not surprisingly, the Internet is full of unconfirmed confidential information leaked from the bowels of design organizations, including Avtodor. For example, a shape where two variants of the path are shown with red and blue lines. It is easy to see that they both cut down vast areas of forests and settlements (including cottage settlements inhabited by very non-poor people, such as the Lake Residence on Lake Kurgolovsky). If we detect the red variant, then it goes clearly along the edge of Lake Shchuchye PA (Kurortny district of St. Petersburg), touches the existing PA Lammin-Suo Bog and the planned PAs Yakalala-Alakul and Lyublinsky (Vyborgsky district of the Leningrad region). In the Vsevolozhsky area, the planned Copper Plant – Chernaya River Nature Reserve appears for the first time on the route, after the Yukkovsky Forest, the Rzhevsky Forest Park and the Kovalevsky Forest, and finally the Nevsky Forest Park (the latter is now the status of not protected, but protected area – similar to a museum – reserve).

In the meantime, the blue variant is likely to hit Lublinsky as well, then pass through the existing Toksovsky Nature Park and, shortly before crossing the Neva, invade the planned Prinevsky Protected Area. After overcoming the Neva, both options merge. It is difficult to say which of these will harm the protected area system the most. Red as a whole touches more planned areas, but blue is guaranteed to cut a large active park. To the southeast of the city, the route passes mainly through the developed areas. Between Taitsy and Gatchina, the Pudost complex of planned Gatchina swamps and PA limestones may need to be hit. Further, the route will cross several complexes of the planned PA “Upstream rivers of Peterhof street parks”: “Ropshinsky forest and the Strelka river valley”, “Petergofsky water pipe, Nizinsky forest and Porzolovsky swamp” and “Ilyikov and upstream of the river Karasta “.

Only then will the road finally end its disastrous course, merging with the Petrodvorets Ring Road.

Why there were so many planned protected areas along the way is quite understandable. The dense necklace of the protected areas is in line with the recommendations for the creation of green zones around the cities, which appeared after the president’s meeting with the public during the discussion of the national project “Housing and Urban Environment”. In 2020, even the area of ​​в με. В.. The future green zone – 23 thousand hectares was announced. The estimated condition for the creation of protected areas to be included in this is 2035. However, as we see, the other side of power, acting autonomously from the first, is already planning to build a multi-lane highway along the same green corridor . And no public hearings are expected yet.

Irina Andrianova, “New in St. Petersburg”

Source: Novaya Gazeta

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