What to look for in Animal Character Design

Comics, video games and cartoons are gaining more and more attention, as there is a desire and need to create characters not only for entertainment, but also for a variety of multimedia content at a professional level.

This is the theme of Animal Character Design. Concept art for comics, video games and cartoons “by 3d Total Publishing with a foreword by Ivan Smirnov and the teachers of the Smirnov school.

It is convenient to create the characters from the beginning, that is, from the wording of the problem. The authors of the articles recommend, in any case, to take as a basis animals that actually exist. This is necessary for the study of their anatomy and the way they move, that is, every fantasy in every case is repelled by reality.

Additional features, such as exaggeration and the addition of humanity, should be included later.

It is important that the book is colorful, with good illustrations – in this case, this is especially important, because without it it will simply not be possible to reveal the subject, as the creation of characters is not only through facial expressions, but also through of work with a color palette. Of course, clothes, hairstyle and other details should not be overlooked.

Eight professional artists analyze the key aspects of character creation using their work as an example. You can get to know them through pages and websites on Instagram.

Quotation marks

  • When considering the appearance of a character, it is important to consider the habitat, the type of creature and the particular characteristics of the animal. Thus, for example, a nocturnal predator will have a different structure than a diurnal herbivore. If we have a beast that runs fast, then the design must display its lightness, speed and dexterity, if it is a huge elephant, then it is necessary to transfer the appropriate characteristics.

  • The first thing you need to do when you start any animal character project is to learn the animal anatomy. You can better understand the subject of the design by studying the structure of the skeleton, muscles and muzzle. Watch videos to understand how the animal moves or study it from nature, if you have the chance. It is necessary to draw up a specific set of rules for the image of a particular animal.

  • By designing a mythological or other imaginary creature, you can safely break the rules and create something unique. You can combine the characteristics of a variety of animals – there is no limit to perfection! A traditional depiction of a dragon, like this one, has the characteristics of a snake. Its snout looks like a crocodile, its wings are like a giant bat, its curved horns are like those of a cow and its legs and tail are like those of a dinosaur.

  • The idea begins to take shape. After listening to some Scandinavian folk songs from Swedish heavy metal bands, I realize that I can turn this big horse into a heavy metal fan.

  • Now that the basic design has been done, I can move on to dressing the character. To make it look more like a rock fan, I take some details from other sketches, starting with a denim vest with the patches of my favorite bands. The idea came to me that he listens to bands that are inspired by horses, so I thought of some logos with petals, carrots and more.

The book was donated by the publishing house “Petros”.

How good is the Joker book? The crazy king of crime “

“The Joker. The Crazy King of Crime by Travis Langley and Michael Uslan serves as a summary, a study of the Joker from its inception in 1939 until today.

This is not a comic or stand-alone graphic novel, but a collection of articles shedding light on the creation of the Joker and other characters in the Batman universe, including Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Robin, Penguin, Two-Face and more. It is funny that the evil and his inner world turned out to be in the foreground.


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