“Daughter” of “Rusal” developed a field in Buryatia with violations

Last year, Inform Polis visited in one of the largest fields of Buryatia, located in the Baikal region. This is the Cheremshansky mine of the Joint-Stock Company Kremniy, which belongs to the consolidated company Rusal (JSC Russian Aluminum Management).

Then we saw possible violations, which were recently confirmed by the environmental prosecutor.

License for 33 years

To the northwest of the village of Ziryansk in Baikal, visible mountains are lush with dense forest. But one of the peaks is covered with light yellow sand – this is the quarry of the Cheremshansky mine. It is so big that it can be seen even from space. Last summer we visited the stadium.

The company includes a checkpoint, several buildings and mining equipment, located in a large area of ​​high sand dunes. Around and inside these mounds there is a dense green forest. Somewhere below the landfill, shrubs protrude, seemingly alive, apparently the tops of the trees. About a mile from the mine, you can hear how active the work is.

JSC Kremniy is the only producer of refined silicon in Russia. It is part of the consolidated company Rusal (Russian Aluminum). It was created in 1998 as a result of the separation from the production complex of the Irkutsk aluminum plant (IrkAZ). It produces quartz silicon mined at the Cheremshansky quartz mine, which is part of the operation. The quarry is located in the Pribaikalsky district of Buryatia, 15 km north of the village. Turuntaevo and 8 km west of the village. Burle.

The Interprofessional Interprofessional Department of Rosprirodnadzor reported that CJSC Kremniy (now a public limited company) was using mineral resources in Buryatia under a license issued on 13/07/2001. There are no objects of adverse effects that are subject to federal state environmental control (supervision) in the designated area.

– The permit for the right to use the subsoil UDE 00712 TE was issued for the intended purpose and type of work: the extraction of quartz and quartz sandstones of the Cheremshanskoye deposit for the production of silicon, silicon carbide, glass and sand casting in the P Belarus. The license expires on 01/01/2034. The field has been developed since 1992. The area of ​​the licensed area provided for use is 4.45 sq. Km. The subsoil is located 10 km northwest of the village. Karymskoe. Payment for NVOS in 2018 – 2020 JSC “Kremniy” contributed on time and in full. The payer has no debt under NVOS, the department notes.

JSC “Silicon” mine “Cheremshansky” (fee for NVOS per year)

No. p / p

Reference year

Data for the year, rub.

Paid per year, rub.

Overpayment / debt *


















* Overpayments from previous periods are credited against payment for future NVOS periods

We sent a request for the project for the development of the Cheremshanskoye deposit and land restoration to the press service of the founder of Kremniy JSC – Rusal, but it remained unanswered.

Use the forest without permission

Last year, following our publication at the Cheremshansky mine, an inspection was carried out by the East-Baikal District Public Prosecutor’s Office with the participation of experts from the Trans-Baikal inter-regional section of Rosprirodnadzor and Rosreestr for Buryatia.

– The inspection found the installation of landfills by JSC Kremniy in the areas of the forest fund without a duly issued right of use. According to paragraph 11 of part 12 of the article. 25 of the Forest Code of the Russian Federation, mining is one of the types of forest use. State-owned forest plot can be leased for forest use for geological study of the subsoil, exploration and extraction, according to the prosecutor’s office.

Based on the results of the audit, the District Environmental Prosecutor Vostochno-Baikalsky sent a statement of claim to the Pribaikalsky District Court. He demanded that Kremniy JSC stop installing landfills in the forest area before concluding the lease. At the end of February 2022, the court granted the prosecutor’s request.

– According to JSC “Silicon”, now the company is taking steps to formalize the right to use the site. The lease contract for the forest plot is under consideration, the environmental prosecutor notes.

In preparation for last year’s publication, we made a request to the Republican Forest Service, which was involved as a third party in the case. No. 2-117 / 2022. And here is what they told us then about the Cheremshansky mine:

– The quarry, according to the forest management materials of 1991, is outside the boundaries of the forest fund. The contracts of use, as well as the issuance of licenses for the execution of works for the geological study of the subsoil within the limits of the areas of the forest fund, were not concluded with JSC Kremniy.

Last year, such a response from the organization caused controversy among us, because Cheremshansky is literally in the forest and has dense plantations in its territory. It is obvious that since 1991 the mine has grown and started using the forest fund without a contract, thus violating the animals’ habitat and, to some extent, destroying the Baikal animals themselves.

Then other natural questions arise. Why did Kremniy JSC not enter into a lease agreement with RALX on time? Why did the Forest Service not know what was happening with the state property assigned to it? And why did RALH not take measures to prevent the use of the forest fund without a lease?

Analyzing this case, we can assume that a similar situation develops in many developed deposits in the forests of Buryatia.

Curator of the socially important project “Environmental Approach” Danil Dagaev:

– Under this heading, we will talk about the accumulated environmental problems, the difficult environmental situation, how air, water and soil pollution affect the health of the population, how timely measures taken will contribute to the preservation of the natural heritage and in improving the quality of life of People. We will get the opinion of independent experts, we will show interesting practices for the preservation of the ecosystem of Baikal and the nature of Buryatia and we will explain what environmental rights the inhabitants of the republic have.

E-mail of the project “Ecological approach”: ecolog@infpol.ru

Author: Nomina Soktueva

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