Employees do not know what to do with the Dubrava VIP Hotel in Nezinka

After the reconstruction work stopped for some reason, Dubrava not only does not carry out any repairs, but the operation of the complex itself is suspended.

Remember that in the village of Nezhinka, in the Orenburg region, in a closed area of ​​a protected forest on the banks of the Ural River, the first secretary of the CPSU Orenburg regional committee, Alexander Kovalenko, ordered the construction of an elegant cottage. The VIPs who came to the Orenburg area once stayed there – Mikhail Gorbachev, Dmitry Medvedev, Alla Pugacheva and others.

Dubrava was also loved by top local officials: it makes sense, since there were buildings with hotel infrastructure, swimming pool, sauna, elegant restaurant and banquet hall and rooms with luxurious finish. In total, there are two buildings in the area (three floors 2 701 sq.m.. and one-storey space 14.5 sq.m.), boiler room (area 205.8 sq.m.) and utilities (treatment plants, water supply, heat supply, sewerage).

The plot on which Dubrava is located belongs to the Orenburg Region (region – 39,090 sq.m.category of soils – specially protected soils and objects).

Since 2016, the business center has a new user – the SUE “Orenburgkommunelektroset”. The plot was transferred by order of the Ministry of Natural Resources, Ecology and Property Relations of the Orenburg Region.

“Dubrava has been assigned to SUE OKES for the financial management right,” said Yuri Astafiev, the company’s general manager.

The Ministry of Natural Resources emphasizes that no funds were allocated from the regional budget to finance the complex.

This is in stark contrast to the data that emerged in 2019 and 2020. Then, remember, they told reporters that Dubrava was closed for repairs. An official request was sent to the chief engineer of the State Unified Enterprise “Orenburgkommunelektroset” Yuri Baido. We were interested in the size of the OKES revenue or loss associated with Dubrava maintenance, how much money was invested in the business center, how many utility bills, security services, and so on. What kind of work has been done there since the transition to financial management and, most importantly, how it is supposed to be used in the future. But he did not have that information.

At the end of 2020, in her press conference, the chief architect of the Orenburg region, Natalya Ibragimova, did not answer the question of the journalists about whether the company Architek was actually preparing a plan for the reconstruction of the Dubrava business center in the house. by Dennis Pasler.

After a year and a half, Komsomolskaya Pravda correspondents in Orenburg tried to find out if repairs had been started in Dubrava. As it turned out, no.

The Ministry did not assess the market value of the Dubrava complex. The design, reconstruction and repair of the properties are carried out by state-owned enterprises in the Orenburg region within the framework of their legal capacity as owners of regional property. They submit to the Ministry reports of the directors on the results of their activities as part of the annual / interim accounting (financial) statements for the respective reporting period. This information does not contain real estate information on the company’s balance sheet, including their maintenance costs, the regional Ministry of Natural Resources said.

The State Single Enterprise “OKES” stated the following:

The operation of the complex has been suspended, no repair work is carried out on the premises and the maintenance of the complex in operational condition is ensured.

Dennis Pasler, according to our information, has not appeared in Dubrava since last spring.

The complex was last renovated in 2017. Now “Dubrava” does not even always clear the snow. The hotel – puddles, as elsewhere in the city. And one of the “guests” who lives here on a permanent basis is the well-fed cat Vaska.

The Ministry of Natural Resources, meanwhile, does not know what to do next with Dubrava.

So far, no decisions have been made by the Ministry to determine the future fate of the complex and its use, – said Alexander Sambursky, Minister of Natural Resources, Ecology and Property Relations of the Orenburg Region.

Dear residents of Orenburg, what do you think should be done next with Dubrava?

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