In the Orenburg region, relatives and friends said goodbye to the dead in Ukraine

In several municipalities in the Orenburg region, the families of the soldiers who lost their lives during the military operation in Ukraine took them on their last journey.

In the village of Peiramatiko, 26-year-old officer Elaman Satpayev was buried with military honors. The battalion commander died a heroic death on March 9 while on a special mission. Elaman Aibekovic led his fighters to examine the bridge. They came under fire from enemy mortars. The officer went first and took all the blows on him. Covering the group with himself, he gave the children the opportunity to hide from the fierce fire in the ravine.

photo: “Tamdysay”

We learned about our son’s death on March 10th. It was possible to bury him only after 20 days. “All this time, the Ukrainian Red Cross did not give the body to be sent home,” said Elaman’s mother.

Despite the fact that the Satpayev family moved to the village of Experimental from the Akbulak region, where they lived for several decades, just a year ago and did not really have time to meet, the villagers realized the grief of this family with great empathy – more than three hundred people came to say goodbye to the dead officer. People from different parts of the region and the country also attended the funeral. This is not surprising, wherever Elaman was, he always made friends – a man with incredible energy, a strong core, a cold mind.

He was also an athlete with us, and he sang like a nightingale, he danced beautifully. “There is no such thing as not being able to dominate,” shares the mom.

At school, Elaman showed brilliant results. All his subjects came easily. In any profession, he could prove himself, but from his childhood he dreamed of becoming a soldier and defending his homeland. As a result, he entered the Neplyuev Pupil School in Orenburg and after graduation became a probationer at the Novosibirsk Higher Military School.

Most recently, Elaman got married. Eight months ago, his long-awaited son was born. To our great regret, he will now see his father only in photos and videos that have been left in the family archive, but he will always know that his father is a Hero.

The son was posthumously awarded the Order of Courage. Our son’s family, friends and colleagues believe he deserves a state award – the star of the Hero of the Russian Federation. We are sure that the son deserved it. “This is important both for us and for his growing child,” said the parent.

In the village of Panika, on March 29, they said goodbye to 22-year-old Anvar Khusainov. In 2018, the boy joined the ranks of conscripts of the Russian army and after signing a contract, received the rank of dean.

photo: Anvar Khusainov

Relatives learned of the death of their beloved son, brother and husband on March 12. Terrible news fell on the family the day his younger sister turned exactly 12 years old. All dreams and plans collapsed in an instant. In Orenburg, the guy left a wife and a four-month-old son. The last time Anwar saw the baby was when he was two months old. It originates from the village of Novonikitino, in the Oktyabrsky area.

Anvar Khusainov was posthumously honored with the Order of Courage. Relatives, relatives and friends remembered the fighter as a happy, cheerful and kind person.

In Sarakhtas, 21-year-old Eldar Muracin retired on his last trip. His life was cut short on March 9 near Kyiv in the village of Rusanov by a sniper. Eldar is originally from Orsk, but did not live there for long.

When the boy was seven years old, the family moved to Saraktash. After ninth grade, he entered Trinity Aviation College. After that, he planned to continue his studies at the university. He actively prepared for it, studied English in depth. But I did not have time – a pandemic, a lockdown and now an army call appeared before my eyes.

Having served in the military, in order not to waste time, Eldar decided to sign a contract. In addition, since childhood he dreamed of becoming a soldier.

The whole village said goodbye to the soldier, because there are no people in Saraktas who would not know the social boy or his relatives.

Along with the relatives and friends of the fighters who died in Ukraine, mourning has sunk today. Clouds and snowfall appeared despite the very favorable weather forecast. As soon as the children were buried on earth, the sun appeared in the sky and the wind went out.

The authors express their heartfelt condolences to the families who lost their loved ones.

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