Lively, aliens and pills: products of the future from science fiction

RBC Trends has compiled five variations of the food of the future, according to film and TV producer Sci-Fi. Some of them may enter our diet in the near future.

Vegetable meats and protein bars that once looked like science fiction can now be ordered in restaurants or bought in supermarkets. However, their first appearance appeared even earlier: in science fiction books and then in movies.

Beetles rich in protein

Insects, as a food rich in protein, have become a popular base for many science fiction filmmakers. Novelists suggest that in the future, when cockroaches and other insects are no longer a problem in people’s homes, the prejudice about the “bad” consumption of bed bugs and bed bugs will disappear. This food, which has been devalued in the 21st century, will take its rightful place in the diet of humans and other human-like creatures. Compared to traditional meat, insects have at least two important advantages: they multiply quickly, which speeds up the production process and the carbon footprint of the “worm bar” is much lower than the packaging of sausages.

For example, in the TV series Snowpiercer, insect protein bars have become the staple food of poor people, because of which they can survive in extremely cold conditions.

Photo: CJ E&M Film Financing & Investment Entertainment & Comics

Such exotic food is also found in the movies “My Enemy”, “Star Trek”, “Titan: After the End of the Earth” and “Galaxy Quest”. In addition, in the last film story, Alan Rickman’s hero must eat not crushed or at least heat-treated, but live beetles.

A scene from the movie “Galaxy Quest”

Tablets and semi-finished products

Bread from elves or lemmas, a piece of which is enough to make you feel full all day, does not exist only in Tolkien’s works. In science fiction movies, lembas replace food tablets that provide enough energy for a day. With this approach to food, its enjoyment disappears, but it saves time for both cooking and the meal itself. Food in tablets and capsules can be found in the TV series Lost in Space, Babylon 5, Doctor Who, and in the 1963 Czechoslovak film Ikar-1, where a single coin-sized tablet is considered a full-fledged meal for an adult.

Trailer of the movie “Icarus-1”

In other movie stories, the pills act as semi-finished products that, when heated, boiled or immersed in a special “microwave oven”, are easily turned into fried chicken or soup. This is how the creators of The Fifth Element and the movie Back to the Future imagined the food of the future, where for a large pizza for the whole family, it is enough to heat a pizza tablet the size of a palm in three minutes.

A scene from the movie “Back to the Future 2”

Formless mass

In the future, when the virtual world goes beyond the realm of realism, there will be no need to cook real food, say science fiction and TV show writers. Fine dishes of European or Asian cuisine, fast food, desserts – all this will be in the code, the projection and the head. And a semolina-like synthetic mass, with a set of substances necessary for the human body, will enter the mouth. The enjoyment is exactly the same as your favorite dish and the calorie content is calculated specifically for the skin and the load. In this case, the whole process of preparing a dish of any complexity is limited to the time of its choice and cooking and serving are done almost immediately. Such a realistic approach to food can be seen in Terry Gilliam’s Alien and Brazil films, where the food itself is a homogeneous, amorphous mass of pink, yellow and green, but is valued by the film’s characters as high-tech food. and served as a delicacy.

Photo: Embassy International Pictures

Photo: Embassy International Pictures

aliens and humans

When all the earthly tastes are known for a long time, you can turn to aliens for help. In addition, not just borrow their food, but taste the aliens themselves. The characters of the “Futurama” cartoon, who discovered the poplers, did the same. At first they tasted popples on a distant planet where there was no other food, but then they became a real delicacy on Earth, although their appearance did not differ much from raw potatoes.

To be fair, it is worth noting that the heroes learned about the extraterrestrial origins, intelligence and excellent communication skills of the poplers after they began to actively eat them. Even later, it turned out that the poplers were children of the powerful Omikronians and flew to Earth to avenge the killing of their children with human baby lives.

Photo: 20th Century Fox Television

Photo: 20th Century Fox Television

food stamp

The 3D printing of decorations for edible cakes is no longer a surprise, but creating food from the beginning still looks like a homemade tablecloth. Such a dish printer of any complexity and size (with ready-made dishes) in various modifications is presented in almost all science fiction movies. In the TV series The Orville, suffice it to say the name of the desired dish or drink; in Star Trek, the characters often lack the power of thought. Such printers are practical – you do not need to keep an entire kitchen or a single chef at home or on a spaceship and also throw away leftovers that did not have time to run out before their expiration date.

Photo: Paramount Television

Photo: Paramount Television

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