Magnetic storms in April 2022

What temporary disturbances of the Earth’s magnetosphere, known as magnetic storms, await us in April.

For the fourth month of the year, meteorologists predict 4 periods of geomagnetic explosions. Several intervals will be big and strong, some peaks can reach 6-7 points.

April 2022 magnetic storms by seasons

An accurate prediction of a magnetic storm is possible only for the next few days, the rest of the predictions are based on patterns of different periods, we will supplement / change the data as more accurate information is available:

  • From 02.04 to 03.04 quite remarkable activity is expected with impact force up to 4-5 degrees. This will affect people who are prone to headaches, in addition, patients with cardiovascular pathology can feel the changes.

  • From 13.04 to 17.04 – during this period, a severe magnetic anomaly with a peak on April 15 is possible. Even healthy people can feel the pressure.
  • April 25 to April 29 is another possible extended phase of increased magnetosphere activity, which can contain quite noticeable changes, you should take care not to strain yourself and maintain a uniform psychological mood.
  • April 30 – On the last day of the month, the magnetic fields may continue to “wave”, a final violent jump is possible, causing lethargy and irritability in people who are sensitive to the weather.

April 2022 magnetic storms during the day

After the appearance of more accurate data, the section will be completed, with a certain accuracy it is possible to predict geomagnetic activity only for the near future, the larger forecasts are based on the periodic activity of the sun and their accuracy is very approximate.

date / time 2:00 p.m.
5:00 p.m.
April 1st 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 3
April 2nd 3 3 4 4 4 4 3 3
April 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 2

Why you need a magnetic storm control

Magnetic abnormalities are thought to be quite dangerous for people who depend on the weather, as some sources report their association with heart failure, hypertensive crises and high blood pressure. During storms, a person may feel weak and oppressed. Other sources make it clear that the practice was not carried out.

According to observers of the problem, the effect of solar disturbances in certain periods is felt or monitored by up to one third of the inhabitants of the planet. Such changes are more difficult than others to withstand the following categories:

  • children;
  • people of the older generation;
  • people suffering from chronic diseases;
  • as well as pregnant women.

It is especially important for these groups to follow the meteorological forecasts, to prepare for a dangerous period and to adjust their daily habits.

How to minimize the effects of magnetic storms in April

On days when a magnetic wave is expected, it is important:

  • walk more on the street or actively ventilate the house.
  • Exclude from the diet foods that retain fluids (pickles, smoked meats, peppers and fried foods, alcohol).
  • add to the menu products that stimulate metabolic processes, blood flow and strengthen the walls of blood vessels (carrots without heat treatment, oranges, egg white).
  • suppress nervous stimulation and prevent sleep disorders with the help of favorite activities (reading, yoga, meditation, embroidery, pleasant communication).

For reference: geomagnetic fluctuations by their nature can be significantly shifted in the schedule. It is important to follow more accurate weather forecasts closer to the time of the problem.

Sources: Hismeteo, Kyoto Observatory, SPACE WEATHER FORECAST

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