Salom alaikum, Tajikistan! Announcements of events, a day in history, weather forecast for March 24, 2022


In the capital “Navruzgokh” at 10:00 the horse racing championship will start.

In the Gorno-Badajsan Autonomous Region at the Machmai Varzishi Sports Complex The republican national wrestling (gushtini milli) will be held, in which athletes from all over the country will take part.

About what other events will take place in the coming days in honor of Navruz in Sogd, Khatlon and GBAO – read in our material. And what are the main events waiting for the residents of Dushanbe on the occasion of the holidays, you can see here.


2011 – The President opened several industrial enterprises in Sughd, including the largest Olim-Textile spinning mill.

2012 The Presidents of Tajikistan and Pakistan, Emomali Rahmon and Asif Ali Zardari, attended the opening ceremony of the National Bank of Pakistan’s representative office in Dushanbe.

2015 – Emomali Rahmon laid the foundations of a new city in the Somgar steppe and proposed to name it Sayhun.

2016 – The President gave the opening of the Naftrason operation in Kanibadam, which is the first production of deep oil refining.

2019 – Athletes from Tajikistan won bronze medals at the Sambo World Cup in memory of Anatoly Harlabiev in Moscow.


1915 Tajik singer and musician Jurakhon Iskandarov was born.

1932 – The Russian-speaking writer of Tajikistan Shavkat Kharisov was born.

1940 – Writer, journalist Zukhuriddin Suyari was born.

1956 – Art critic Sultonali Khudoyberdiev was born.

1959 – The Lokhuti Otabek Goibov Prize-winning journalist was born.

1961 – Lawyer Nazira Gafforova was born.

1963 – Journalist Abdurazok Salimzoda was born.

1973 – Journalist Fakhriddini Holbek was born.


Today World Tuberculosis Day. By decision of the WHO, it is celebrated every year on March 24 – the day that, in 1882, a German microbiologist Robert Koch announced the discovery of the causative agent of tuberculosis

139 years ago, Robert Koch made a shocking report – he managed to isolate the bacterium that causes tuberculosis – Mycobacterium tuberculosis. This disease was then the scourge of all Europe and not only, in Russia it was called “consumption”.

In 1905, Koch received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his research and discoveries in the treatment of tuberculosis.

Robert Koch, a well-known German physician and bacteriologist in professional circles, was in charge of the laboratory of the Imperial Ministry of Health in Berlin. In addition to the tubercle bacillus, he also discovered the carbon bacillus and vibrio cholerae.

According to the WHO, almost 4,500 people die of tuberculosis every day and almost 30,000 people get sick from it. Tuberculosis is still the leading cause of death from infectious diseases in the world.

And even today – World Depression Day. “Age of melancholy” – this is what doctors call modernity. According to the World Health Organization, millions of people suffer from depression. The reason for this is the intense rhythm of life, the emotional stress, the lack of personal space.

Depression is a disease characterized by a persistent state of despair and loss of interest in activities that would normally bring satisfaction, as well as an inability to do daily activities for at least two weeks.

In addition, people with depression usually have many of the following symptoms: lack of energy, decreased appetite, drowsiness or insomnia, anxiety, decreased concentration, indecision, anxiety, feelings of worthlessness, guilt or despair.

March 24 is also celebrated International Day for the Right to Truth about Blatant Violations of Human Rights and the Dignity of Victims, approved by the UN General Assembly.

The purpose of the Day is to remind the importance of the right to truth and justice. In cases of massacres, enforced disappearances, missing persons, child abductions and torture, victims and their relatives demand to be informed of these events.

March 24, 1896 120 years ago Alexander Popov made the first radio broadcast.

123 years ago, the first American car was sold.

Manufactured by the Winton Motor Carriage Company, the first Winton was sold on March 24, 1898. The car was purchased by 70-year-old mining engineer Robert Ellison of Port Carbon, Pennsylvania, who paid $ 1,000 for it.

Ellison saw an advertisement for a “horseless” vehicle with a leather roof and gas lamps in Scientific American magazine. At the time of purchase, there were only 4 of these cars.

The company that designed the first car was founded by Alexander Vinton. The first cars of its design stood out from the competition with authentic painted side walls, soft seats, gas lamps and leather roof.

The company stopped making cars in 1924, but continued to make marine and stationary diesel engines. In June 1930 the company became part of General Motors.

As for the fate of the first Winton model sold, after Allison’s death, the Winton Motor Carriage Company bought the car back and donated it to the museum.

219 years ago March 24, 1802, received by the English inventor Richard Trevithick first locomotive patentmoving on rails analogous to horse-drawn carriages carrying goods on a cast-iron railway.

Proving empirically that the friction force of a locomotive’s smooth wheels on smooth rails is perfectly sufficient to move the locomotive even if it has to tow a train with loaded wagons, it revolutionized the transport industry.

In 1803, Trevithick designed a locomotive for the railroad, and as early as February 1804, it carried out its first test.


With Sughd area Cloudy with glades in the lowlands, in places from time to time rains, showers (rains, snow) in some mountainous areas. West wind 5-10 m / s, in some areas stronger up to 13-18 m / s. Temperature: in the lowlands at night 2-7 warm, during the day 10-15 warm, in the mountains 0-5 frost at night, 8-13 warm during the day.

With Khatlon area Cloudy skies with clean skies in places, occasional rains, in places thunderstorms. West wind 4-9 m / s. Temperature: in the lowlands 5-10 warm at night, 18-23 warm during the day, at the foot 2-7 warm at night, 9-14 warm during the day.

With Gorno-Badajsan Autonomous RegionCloudy with clear skies, in places precipitation (rain, snow). West wind 4-9 m / s. Temperature: in WGBAO at night -4 + 1, during the day 3-8 warm, at VGBAO at night 5-10 frost, in places up to 12-17 frost, during the day -1 + 4.

With areas of democratic subordinationCloudy with glades in the lowlands at intervals rains, showers (rains, snow) in some mountainous areas, in places thunderstorms. West wind 4-9 m / s. Temperature: in the lowlands at night 4-9 warm, during the day 15-20 warm, in the mountains 0-5 frost at night, in places -1 + 4, during the day 9-14 warm.

Around the city Dushanbe Partly cloudy, with occasional rain at night, with no significant rainfall during the day. West wind 3-8 m / s. Temperature: 6-8 warm at night, 16-18 warm during the day.

Around the city Khuzand Cloudy with glades at night, light rain, without significant rainfall during the day. without rainfall. Westerly wind 4-9, sometimes stronger up to 13-18 m / s. Temperature: 2-4 warm at night, 10-12 warm during the day.

Around the city BokhtarPartly cloudy, with no significant rainfall. West wind 4-9 m / s. Temperature: 6-8 warm at night, 21-23 warm during the day.

Around the city Khorog Cloudy with glades, rains (rain, snow). West wind 4-9 m / s. Temperature: -1 + 1 at night, 4-6 warm during the day.

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