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In Crimea and on the shores of the Black Sea in the Krasnodar Territory, where heavy rains began yesterday, work is underway to eliminate the consequences of the disaster. Houses, streets and even entire neighborhoods are flooded. Authorities are urging residents to be prepared to leave as the weather worsens.

IN Krasnodar Territory, where it is raining heavily for a second day, meteorologists warn: rainfall and winds up to 23 m / s will increase by the end of the day, possible thunderstorms and hail. Due to the risk of flooding, mainly on the shores of the Black Sea and the Sea of ​​Azov, all emergency services in the area are on alert. In some settlements, sirens sound in the morning, residents are urged to pay attention to emergency service signals.

Modernize: In Krasnodar Territory, it continues to rain in the second half of Friday, the weather forecast is disappointing – in the coming days heavy rainfall is expected in the form of rain and hail in the area, with wind speeds of up to 25 m / s and the formation of tornadoes in sea, said the regional Central Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

The head of the Krasnodar Territory, Veniamin Kondratyev, held a teleconference with the mayors and explained that, according to meteorologists, the weather will worsen in the coming hours.

In particular, the head of Novorossiysk, Igor Dyachenko, announced the introduction of a local state of emergency in the village of Yuzhnaya Ozereevka and called on residents to take measures to protect homes. In Anapa, a state of emergency has been declared throughout the municipality. On the outskirts of Anapa, in the village of Utash and on Pionersky Prospekt, there was a risk of flooding of houses and health resorts, the mayor of the city, Vasily Shvets, ordered the urgent start of construction of additional evacuation points in the resorts of Vityazevo. and Suko.

After a night rain, whole neighborhoods, house cellars, private yards were under water, in some places the water reached half a meter.

Water has already been pumped from 37 yards and two kindergartens, but in the evening heavy rain is expected again in Anapa.

A state of emergency has also been declared in the worst-hit Temryuk region, with more than 800 houses flooded there, said Fyodor Babenkov, the mayor of the area, which is preparing to evacuate residents. In Yeysk and Slavyansk-on-Kuban, firefighters draw water from flooded neighborhoods and streets.

Sergei Les, the head of the Krimsky district, which was hit by a catastrophic flood in 2012, warned residents that the unfavorable forecast was confirmed. “Water will come to the city. According to preliminary data, more than 100 millimeters of rain will fall in the Ano Bakanka area. This water will come to the village of Verkhnebakansky and to the town itself. “We are checking the situation,” said the mayor.

In the Krymsky area, since yesterday, began to prepare for the evacuation of people from flooded areas, many temporary shelters have been developed.

IN Crimea Heavy rain again led to the Kerch flood. However, in contrast to the flood two months ago, the city authorities manage to deal with the data. First, the main streets of the city suffered from bad weather: Samoylenko, Borzenko, Eremenko. However, the rain intensified, and the water got closer and closer to the houses.

Kerch’s deputy chief of staff, Svyatoslav Brusakov, told reporters this morning that thanks to the efforts of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and utilities, the city has been able to maintain a more or less stable situation. “At night, heavy equipment was clearing the Melek-Chesme River and other troubled areas that created a barrier to water withdrawal from the city. Today the service brigades continue to work, the city manages it alone. “There are no flooded houses yet,” Mr Brusakov told reporters.

According to him, the weather conditions are expected to worsen in the afternoon and that is why the citizens living in low areas of the city and in places prone to floods were called to prepare for evacuation.

People are asked to collect all the necessary documents and supplies, medicines, items and food supplies.

The evacuation sites were assigned to transport company No. 14313 on the highway Vokzalnoye, 44 and to the fire and rescue team in Komarova, 1.

According to Kommersant in the regional Ministry of Emergency Situations, rescuers are ready to quickly deploy about 30 temporary aid points in the east of Crimea. The concentration of the emergency department forces in this area of ​​the peninsula increased to almost 600 people and 200 pieces of equipment.

Modernize: As of Friday night, according to the Crimean government, 98 private households and 193 adjacent areas in the Kerch area and nearby villages were in the flood zone. “There remains a high probability of flooding of settlements, socially important facilities, healthcare facilities and residential buildings,” Yuri Gotsanyuk, the prime minister of the republic, told reporters.

The first ten people living on Vokzalny Lane were evacuated from the flood zone by being placed in a temporary detention center at 30 Voikov Street. Later, people promised to be accommodated in a hotel. The evacuation continues.

The Crime Department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations predicts an increase in the water level in the rivers, possibly to dangerous levels. Rescuers have increased the concentration of forces and are preparing to quickly deploy about 30 temporary relief points.

However, according to the assurances of the Crimean leader, Sergei Aksyonov, there will be no recurrence of the events of June-July, since the principles of democracy are ready for any scenario.

Alexander Dremlyugin, Simferopol; Anna Perova, Krasnodar

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