Winter weather forecast: this time it will be different

Already looking forward to winter? The past became very hot all over the country and it was amazing. Even meteorologists noted that the 2019/2020 season was extremely mild and there was very little snow. Many hope that now everything will be exactly the same, and maybe even warmer.

This time, however, it will be different. According to the meteorological forecasts, this season we can expect a mild winter. However, at the same time, they promise us a lot of snow, although we will certainly not expect intense frosts, as we once did. It is true that in terms of unusually high temperatures background, this winter will certainly not be the last.

As the saying goes, “we will see”. After all, it is necessary to believe meteorologists with caution, not always their predictions come true, and sometimes the exact opposite happens.

Winter weather 2020/2021 in Moscow. Long-term weather forecast

Moscow will start early in winter 2020/2021 – snow and frost up to minus 3-5 promise here from late November. December, even in the evenings, will not be very cold, but the snow will fall, and the avalanches will surely sweep. Daytime temperatures in the capital are expected to be minus 10-12 and at night the thermometers will start to drop in places to minus 18. So the New Year will be celebrated by the residents of Moscow and the Moscow region with a real winter, something that has not happened for a long time – this alignment should please many.

January will be a little colder. But the frosts of the Epiphany can not be expected: in Moscow, the thermometer will not fall much. During the day, the minus will be insignificant – 15 degrees Celsius, and at night, especially in the area, it can freeze up to minus 20. Heavy snowfall is not yet promising, although snow will still not, no, even our spray.

February will fully justify its historic purpose, reminding that it is the snowiest and most stormy month of winter. Snowstorms, blizzards, drifting snow, heavy snowfall will hit the area of ​​the capital until spring.

From the second decade of the last calendar month of winter, a slight warming is forecast – the thermometers will go up, but against the background of a rather cold wind, this will not be noticed.

Weather forecast for winter 2020/2021 in Siberia

“And the train puts me in the frosts of Siberia…” sang Vladimir Kuzmin. But not this coming winter. Of course, frosts are predicted, but not classic Siberian ones. This time it will be different. Siberia, according to meteorological forecasts, will blow with hot air almost all winter.

So, only on the night of December can you really expect frosts – up to minus 25. But during the day the air will cool to a maximum of minus 18, and then in some places, and not for long. On average, the temperature background throughout the winter will be at the level of minus 15-17.

But it will be possible to just drown in avalanches, because the snow will start to pour, practically without stopping, and the three months will calm down only a little until March.

January is expected to be cooler than December, and there will also be plenty of rainfall, while February seems to decide to pour out everything it did not add to Siberia in previous years.

Winter weather 2020/2021 in the Urals

But in the Urals, meteorologists promise a real winter: frost, snow, everything is as it should be, without much deviation from the climatic norm. According to the forecast of meteorologists, the west of the region will be under the force of cold air during the three months of winter: snow and frost, the thermometer is at least minus 20 and after midnight and below minus 30.

But in the eastern Urals, the warmth will be somewhat exceeded. But here a lot of snow is expected and it is worth preparing shovels for digging trails in the private sector, and motorists understand how to look for their cars in avalanches in the morning, well, workers in the housing and community services should not be surprised and you are prepared for snowfall.

February will be the most unpleasant in the Urals. Upon arrival one should expect any natural anomalies from the strongest snowstorms to a sharp drop in temperature.

Weather forecast for winter 2020/2021 in the Crimea and the Krasnodar Territory

The south of Russia and the south in winter – what else can I say? Residents of Kuban, including the seaside resorts, as well as visitors to the area, will see the first snow closer to the New Year holidays and it is expected to be wet, with rain and very unpleasant. A disappointment from such a winter.

Until the New Year itself, they promise another cold with light frost at minus 5, maybe a little lower. Wet snow and water will turn to ice, so you need to be extremely careful when traveling on the streets as pedestrians, and most importantly, as motorists. Meeting the holidays with broken legs and arms is not a gift at all.

But those who want to ski in the winter can be happy. Snow will fall at the foot from early. Your favorite ski resorts are waiting for their guests.

Winter in the Crimea is not usually very winter, and it is understandable – the same south. This time, however, things will be different. The mild climate will be combined with heavy rains, frost due to sudden colds after them and sharp fluctuations in temperature. This also has its advantages – you can take a lot of great photos when a crust of sparkling ice covers the palm trees of Yalta or catch a freezing wave in a raid on the coast.

January will excite the Crimeans and the numerous tourists with calm weather: light frost, light snow, the sun just peeking through fluffy clouds.

But February on the peninsula will already be quite spring – from the beginning of the last month of the calendar winter, the weather will turn on the heating and turn into spring: no snow, no frost – warm, sunny, everything is melting and glad it’s over winter.

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